Both nipples seem to be just a little larger

01/30/2018     Both nipples seem to be just a little larger
I am thrilled with the growth, albeit a little slow. I have been using the products for 2 years now and maybe it is a little slow because of my age (late 60's) and because I still drink a little coffee (not excessive). I ran out of the cream and drops 2 months ago and have just been using the fantastic soap and coconut butter since then. Do you have any suggestions for me to try and get a more pointy profile. My breasts are now large enough to be noticed under a tight fitting top and they have some bounce when I exercise. Both nipples seem to be just a little larger but it may be my hope or imagination, however they are becoming increasingly more sensitive. I have submitted 2 testimonials in 2016 and will do so again after the new shipment arrives and I have a chance to give them a boost. I really hope to have more success this year with an ok photo. I am hoping for a special on the drops sometime as they seem to be very effective especially when rubbed on my breasts as I am using the enlargement cream. Thanks again and sorry for the long email, especially when you are probably extra busy. Kind Regards