Breasts Developing Slowly But Constant

03/05/2017     Breasts Developing Slowly But Constant
Dear Tina, I have a little problem and perhaps you can help me a little bit. Beneath my breasts (which are developing slowly but constant) I also want to transform my tits to a more female shape and size. Up to now (I'm taking your pills and liquid yet for over six months) my tits have the shape of a cone: broad base and small tip(but larger then what they were. When I'm touching my tits the feel like swollen, but since about two months there is no change in shape or size. To support a bigger size I also had used niplets, but it is only a short-determined help: after a few hours the size is like it's been before. So, could you give me some advice or are shape and size of the tits genetically determined and you could not change them without surgical treatment. with many greetings yours W