04-21-13     Capt
Like most of these other testimonials on here, I have the same results. The tingling, the swelling, the aching feelings in the breast area. After the first two months is when the growth started to make an actual physical appearance for me. Slight, but it was there when i turned a certain way in the light. After 6 months, growth was apparent, swollen/fatty areas around the nipple/areola areas and under the arms; and it took about a year for an actual chest to grow, to the point that I could actually squeeze my tits together and make a minuscule amount of cleavage. Growth was very slow, but I managed to take a daily regiment of 3 pills (1 each at meals), one dropper, 1 daily soaping for 10-20mins, and 1 daily breast cream application for 1 year and 6 months. After that loooong amount of time my chest has grown to a noticeable two lumps of jiggle fat (and let me tell you, the jiggle is lovely. Riding in a bumpy car and feeling the bouncing of tits on your chest is great.) I wouldn't say that I need a bra for support, but coming from a completely flat chest to an A cup is amazing. The product actually does work, and my suggestion to any man that wants a pair of tits for her/her own (and has the time and determination) should give Natureday a try. I would have liked to see more results, and perhaps I will order more in the future, but for now, my cravings for caffeine are just too much to resist. I would imagine that I would have more results if I didn't have a fast metabolism, but I think it would be great to take a break and enjoy the growth that i have for right now. Good luck to you all. Please keep my email private, please use this testimonial.