03-19-11     Declan
Dear natureday, I am writing to thank you for providing a product that actually does what it say's it does, Amazing. My boyfriend and I have been going together for almost 3 years. I told Ben a long time ago that although I am a gay man I really enjoy the large breasts that women have.. Go figure. Without telling me Ben started using your product and it was not long that I started seeing a change in his breasts.. It was at that time I asked Ben if he was using something and hopefully it was not hormones. Ben is a very masculine guy and I would not want that changed in any way. Ben told me about Natureday.. Ben is almost a 36 C Cup now and his breasts are firm and beautiful. The increase in his nipple size is totally awesome and his nipples are constantly hard. Ben is still my big masculine man but with a set of breasts any woman would love to have. So, Just a big thank you and guys if you want beautiful breasts and not change the masculine man you currently are.. Go Natureday. It really does work. You may use my E-mail address if there are any men out there that want to ask any questions. Declan [email protected]