Feeling my breasts and the fullness that is expanding is thrilling.

08/31/2020     Feeling my breasts and the fullness that is expanding is thrilling.
Good morning. I am nearing the end of my current bar of breast soap and it has been amazing to see/feel how soft my chest has become this time around. While I'm no where near my C cup goal I am pleased with the fullness and shape i'm seeing take place and am confident with another round of soap that I can at least get in to my B cup rang I'd be comfortable with, but not fully satisfied regarding size desired. Measurements have me at a 36a and while i'm so tired of being an a cup I know patience is a virtue and consistency is key. Feeling my breasts and the fullness that is expanding is thrilling. I am so thankful for your product. I wrote down the coupon from before that you were kind enough to offer but can't seem to find it. Does the coupon still apply? Also about the soap. I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday who came over for a drink after work who I haven’t seen since pre Covid and I have grown a bit since then. He knows a few years ago that I mentioned using breast stuff to grow boobs and laughed it off then. I’ve known the guy my whole life and feel comfortable that it wasn’t gonna go anywhere. And I was the first person he came out gay to so I trusted him. He came over and I was wearing a workout tank top and we were just hanging on the patio catching up and he said “dude not to be funny but you got some serious side boob for a guy” I told him it’s cause of natureday. He said you were serious about that s—- back then? I said yeah I just finally gave in to it and it’s pretty awesome. He asked if he could actually see the effects I said sure. Didn’t think it’s anything different if I were to swim and just pulled the tank top to the side. He was pretty impressed. Noting they aren’t huge but definitely look like small boobs. And went about the business of conversation. A couple hours later he text me asking what the company was called as him and his bf are looking for some extra fun and thinks this could be fun for them to try for him. So I told him and he said he’d look in to it. I told him I had 2 bars of their soap and if he wants to try it he’s more than happy to try. I figured if a donation turns in to a customer it’s worth it. I hope that is ok and doesn’t hinder me from things. Anyways I’m going to re order another bar of soap in a week or two now that I am back to one lol. Here’s hoping he is more committed than I initially was and buys from y’all.