GLBTQ My Breasts Are Growing Fast ⚀�

03/10/2017     GLBTQ My Breasts Are Growing Fast ⚀�
Hello, I'm actually Ordering, because I'm getting to the level of not wanting to take Doctors Prescription Hormones, because it's taking too long of time to see breast growth. I was feeling the effects of them growing and in the beginning of my 5th month, it's like are these stupid female hormones still working or not. I have been on Fulfillment Liquid and it just seems to me that I feel that working more than the female hormones. So I've decided to place an order for more cream. If I get desperate enough I'll order the complete package early next month and tell my Doctor thanks, but no thanks on female hormones, because I don't really want to risk myself for serious side effects. I kinda want to do this the all natural way. Don't get me wrong female hormones can do a lot, but the side effects I'm getting worried about, because of how my body is been feeling depressed and I don't want to feel that anymore. So I placed an order for the cream I still have the liquid. Funny I don't put drops in my mouth, I drop each drops on breast and rub on then let dry on skin and the smell is so strong, I let the smell enter my nose and breathe in the sent so my breasts are growing fast if I rub it in or inhale it while it's on my breast skin. So that's my trick, thanks Tina G. And Amy you ladies have an Awesome Company in the world ⚀⚁⚂⚃⚄⚅⚘my New Symbol for the summer, helping support GLBTQ Community for 2017!