growth is significant

05-03-11     growth is significant
Today is my four-weeks testimonial day. My 1st photo and today's photo are attached. I've been exclusively on the liquid extract until yesterday when I received and applied the breast enlargement cream also. I used the heating-pad/saran-wrap method for 10-minutes. My total growth is only 1/2" (42" below and 44.5" over the nipples. However, the side (below my armpits)growth is significant; the aerole has widened 1/4" to 1 1/4" and has darkened. My nipples are sensitive and double their original size when aroused. When I lay on my side, my cleavage is considerable. I'm continuing daily with the liquid and the cream and expect to soon add the pills to my regimen. I mentioned about a month ago that my wife isn't aware of my project. I have had my regular visits with two of my Dr.s and asked if I had a breast problem. They both checked me out. One advised that if the growth continues , I could have a surgeon remove tissue. The other said he wouldn't consider the surgery unless I experienced pain from the growth. I was able to share this topic with my wife who is sympathetic and mostly unconcerned. Protein -shakes and bars are now on our shopping-list because I must have read that that my be helpful to my condition. So, I'm "outed", sort of. I'll up-date again when we're further down this path I'm now on. Thanks for your product and support.