have lovely breasts

01-19-17     have lovely breasts
Every morning i wake up and just look at my chest. I am so ecstatic and flooded with joy that a "normal" male like myself can have lovely breasts soon enough without killing my hormonal balance and experiencing the crash of energy, libido and function that hrt otherwise would cause. I see the areolas raised as the skin forms the under bust and i hope every day as i use more when the soap comes in that that area will continue to develop vs sag. To my understanding natureday doesnt allow cooper ligaments to develop since its solely on the meticulous expansion of tissue vs overall chemical reassignment of male to female, but nonetheless i see jayme and that man from france who have developed HUGE boobs and look feminine vs large sagggy man boobs. I get so excited about my shirts getting tighter and while i was once crazy insecure about them being noticed which led to all those returns and cancellations i now find myself in an oasis when i feel the tug on my chest and when i touch my chest and where once was soundand solid is now soft and mushy. I just wanted to say thank you!!!! I know my wife would never approve but i can't help it at this point i truly feel this has went from desire to identity and it makes me feel whole. Even if no one understands it and even if 1 in however many men are like me. I hope to have C cups and am naive enough to think they will still be concealable. All in all i just want to cry and weep joy knowing i will soon have genuine female looking breasts. Maybe not the areolas as i see almost no one experiences that with ND but nonetheless soft, bouncy, jiggling with every move beautiful boobs. Thank you so so so much!!!!! I LOVE NATUREDAY! going forward all I want are sizable B to C cup breasts. I am naive in thinking they won't be too noticeable even though I'm pretty well in shape but for whatever reason, I just feel like boobs would look delightful on me. Most men may look weird and ehhhh but to me I feel breasts on my body just fit, and when I tough my once solid now soft and handful chest I get so excited realizing that this is ACTUALLY happening. Nerves still come in here and there when I look down and see my shirt tenting out a bit and realize that the more they grow the more they will be undeniably there. But a part of me, which is the majority of me just DOES NOT CARE. I am so thrilled and overwhelmed with joy knowing that natureday is the reason my chest is rounding out, projecting out, and softening and firming up. It is Natureday that makes this dream a reality. I sometimes wish I were single as I know this kind of thing is not really cool in the sense of keeping it secretive but I cannot be happier knowing that when I take my shirt off and lift my arms that my chest now doesn't move with me and I can see definitively where the tissue is building up and growing. And when I move my hands and arms, they move, and when i massage them they hurt and it's reassurance that there is legitimate growth going on. So thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU for putting up with me, and dealing with my ridiculousness and keeping me open to being a customer cause at this point in time all I want are breasts and you are all making that a reality which is making me and incredibly, genuinely, very happy man!