04-08-13     Here
Hi Tina It's been a while since my last update, didn't have anything to update until now. I measured myself this morning, as I do every Monday, snd found my measurements have changed. I have gone from 39X41.25X41 to 39X42X41 wahooooo this is progress. I really haven't noticed any dramatic change in my breast appearance yet. However for the past week or so I have noticed and increased sensitivity in my nipples and periodic itching sensation in and around my areola. I did not achieve the fast results that others have, and I am not sure why. I will continue on with the program until the 6 months bench mark. I did buy a Genie bra size XL/1X and find I fill it very nicely (with pads removed) in fact the bra does seem to compress my breast a little. I am trying something to redistribute the fat I have on my belly. If it works or shows promise I will let you in on it. I am very pleased with the 3/4" increase in breast size. I check my weight and found it has remained approximately the same. With no real weight change I can confidently atribute my growth to your product, namely the liquid, which I have been using as you recommended; one dropper 3 times a day. I am on my second bottle of my last purchase and will be ordering more. Thanks Natureday.