how fantastic it is to have breasts

08/10/2018     how fantastic it is to have breasts
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I just got a text that it is actually in town now and should be delivered by today OMG!!!!!! I'm so excited to start using these two products and so effing excited to in time of using them to feel the growth of more tissue and weight and I just hope with these two products my chest finally goes from fleshy to definitive feminine breasts....AHHHH!!!! :):):):):):)Just ordered and can't wait to make these things bigger I am going to take a video after making sure I abide all guidelines to not get it flagged. I want so many men who are like me who just want breasts to know what an amazing product you all have and how fantastic it is to have breasts. As odd as it may seem to not desire being a woman at all and yet still want breasts, pecs are over rated, flat chest is over rated, a soft curved hanging swaying bouncing chest is what is a must ...thank you so much for your products I love them and love y'all for your patience of my past to allow my present to feel so good