I am very pleased with these products

07/09/2017     I am very pleased with these products
These are great products! I am taking vitamins/thanks for all you have done I received the order thank you / will send picture soon / added 2 drops twice a day with cream use soap one a day leave on about 2 hrs getting so sensitive / can not keep for playing with them / DD here I come / thanks for all your help / do you still want me to send pictures for time to time / thanks terry / if you have any more advice please send / terri using a noolgleberry unit / or do you know a better to help my breast grow a little faster / thanks I am very pleased with this product / started with the cream 3 mo ago/ then got cream liquid & pills have gone from a small B to a full C / I am trying a small D today  / need a lot more to fill this / started using the  soap this mo   hope for a full D this summer / DD this fall thanks for all you help Tina / will send photo in bra & with Cream soon / wear a bra every day & love it Terri This is a great product /been using 6 mo size c+ going for dd / please post soon thank you.