I continue to see growth

08/19/2017     I continue to see growth
I've been using your products for several years. I've taken the capsules and the liquid. I've applied the cream and the soap. For fast growth, I found the combination of the capsules and cream most effective. Currently, I am only using the enlargement soap and continue to see growth, especially a new roundness on the sides. I love what Natureday has done for me, allowing me to grow beautiful breasts of my own. I've gone from a dream to a pair that jiggle when I walk. Recently, I went to the pool and had on a swim shirt. When I got out of the water and looked down, I saw distinct breasts and I was thrilled. Thanks for your support, encouragement, and great products. Can you post these pictures with the attached text?  And add it all to my page? On a whim, got out a bra this morning. My girls are almost too big for this A-cup. Ecstatic! Thanks, Sent from my iPhone