I feel so sexy all the time

04-02-13     I feel so sexy all the time
I have been on your liquid, pills and cream for about a year and a half. I have grown one cup. I just turned 83. Judging by the pictures and comments on your testimonials, I guess I'm about an A cup. Of course they feel good. My nipples are hard 24/7. I feel so sexy all the time. I am not gay (I love women). I have noticed there is a little more fat on my hips and my butt is a little bigger. I absolutely love these changes. I have also noticed that men are kinda flirting with me and I catch myself flirting right back! Maybe I'm turning into a she-male, I don't know. But, whatever, you are a good company and I thank you so much for releasing my inner woman. You may give my email to anyone requesting it. Ro