I have so much pride in developing breasts.

05/25/2020     I have so much pride in developing breasts.
Just wanted to run an update to the most wonderful company :) I had just finished the most recent bar of soap I had received and wanted to thank you for again such a great product. My chest is feeling much fuller and clothes are getting much tighter and when wearing my under shirt tank tops I am spilling out the sides. It is a great feeling. Years ago I would have been so nervous regarding showing but now I have so much pride in developing breasts. Some men work on cars, others work in the yard, play poker etc and some just want boobs haha. I was at the store the other day standing in line in just a standard t shirt when a friend came up and we talked. I have known her for years and we are always very candid. She looked at my shirt and said what’s going on there? I said what, and she said your chest is looking a bit like and left it at that. I shrugged it off to not make it a topic but it made me super excited for the summer and fall to come. I can’t wait until they start jiggling and bouncing. Seeing them round out and project out now with the fullness going on is absolutely exciting. Covid has taken its toll on finances with side streams of revenues coming to a halt and wifes business coming to a halt and risking closure. It’s a terrible time for everything and sucks when it hits home. That being said. I’d love to purchase my next bar of soap but was wondering if there is a promotional code to keep aside to use for any discount. As I’m sure your company has been hit by this as consumers tighten their spending habits. But thought I would ask. I am just so excited to keep growing and showing and am at a point where I feel I have finally made some real progress in filling out. Anyways thanks for always listening to our rants and novels of emails. Hope you are all safe and doing well.