I hope to get my breasts bigger with Natureday.

08/03/2020     I hope to get my breasts bigger with Natureday.
Hi this is April i am a 65 yr old male crossdresser ever since I was younger i wanted to be a woman with big breasts. I have been using other creams on my breasts but to no avail. And i was giving up trying. Thats until I discovered natureday this cream and soap changed my whole outlook. Natureday has given me hope so i can fulfill my dream and i would recommend your products to all my friends. You have made me so happy. So here are a few pictures of my growth using natureday. I hope you like and use them. I hope to get my breasts bigger with Natureday. Please let me know Thanks again April ......................................................................................... Dear tina and natureday its been 2 months since i started using your products basically the cream only i did try the soap but to me the cream works best . I have to let you know before I discovered your products i was losing hope in achieving my goal having breasts. Then came natureday and wow the results are awesome. I started your cream when i was measured at a store i was somewhere between a 42 a or b cup . Today i measured myself on 8/19 and i am proud and excited to say i am a 42c. And i will continue to use your products to get bigger. Right now i cant hide my breasts and i love it i just bought a new bra and my breasts look beautiful in it. I am going to post my pictures i hope that you post them both. Again thank you tina and natureday and i will keep you posted in the next month. Oh by the way looking forward in buying your nipple enlargement product soon.