I keep going about this breast growth journey.

02/07/2021     I keep going about this breast growth journey.
Good morning ya'll. Hope all is well. I have been using the new soap you sent a couple weeks ago daily as I'm super excited as I keep going about this breast growth journey. When receiving it i had minor space in my b cup bras and now i am completely filling them. While they are certainly not in your face when wearing a shirt they certainly are much more noticable from a month and a half ago. And while not unbearable it is quite annoying when at the gym now running and not wearing a bra to keep in place. Besides seeing the development, feeling it in such a way is quite wonderful. It is quite exciting to no longer just be using your product but really seeing the benefits and results of it. As I have become accustomed to doing, I was going to order another bar of soap today to have by next week as I generally notice the soap lasts me 3-5 weeks when using it continually. Before putting an order in today, unsure if you're even there on Saturdays, I was curious if there were any coupon. You all have done so much already in gifts and kindness that I always feel like such a bum for asking but always feel it's worth to see. Have a wonderful day and thanks again for always being so great and having such a wonderful product that allows people like me to truly feel good when they look in the mirror.