I love my feminine feature

03-29-11     I love my feminine feature
As you know I have emailed frequently especially in regards to possibly minimizing the growth of my breasts. I am 24 and after seeing this amazing product take effect I had second thoughts. I have stopped well over 3 months ago and my breasts are still there, although muscled from working out but softened due to the breast tissue throughout my chest. Can't deny it, I love it! Although I am only an A cup and my shirts poke out cause of the sides now it seems as if no one truly notices except me. It caused a ton of questions even surgecial alternatives to have what I had done, to be corrected. With time to think and wait due to consultation waiting time delay I have noticed I love my breasts. Sure I'm a young man and in an age where image is almost key for attraction. But I love my feminine feature. It is amazing and I absolutely wouldn't change it for anything now. Just hope next girl I meet doesn't notice and if she does, does not mind lol. The feeling and softness of my chest is amazing and the nipples are outstanding. Although not much growth came about with those, though they are hard 24/7. Anyways its not much but its definitely some growth. Thank you for putting up with my emails and hope I didn't cause any head aches.