I love playing with my large nipples

07-14-13     I love playing with my large nipples
Tina, this is my current report to you since (three months).I have been using the pills 6 per day the cream twice a day,the liquid in my drinks and straight on my breasts massaging it in. Using the soap every day and the results are outstandig.My breasts have filled out quite nicely. I hit my second growth cycle and I love playing with my large nipples as often as I can. I cannot keep my fingers off of them. the measurements I gave you back in april were 40/45. Now my breasts have filled out to where I have clevage by the pictures my wife just took. I am continuing to use all the products as I have been unless you have a better way to getting better results.I have 3 different styles of bras in my drawer and the best one I love to where is the 38B that has a very nice fit and holds my breasts in place very nicely.I would like to send one picture with it on. My T-shirt bra fits just as good, but it really lets the girls be noticed alot!!! The knit bras work very nicely for everyday use esp. at my outdoor work doing landscape work,using heavy equipment and having the girls bounce around in my t-shirts makes my nipples stay hard and erect all the time making me stand up and out and I like that.The size of the knit bras are a 40AB. I fill these bras out very very nicely. So thank-you for the Good product that has given me my breasts that I have at this time!!! I am going for alot more,like a 38C or 40C or a38D.thanks TDO