I'm a transgender male in transition

07/28/2018     I'm a transgender male in transition
I've been taking the liquid, pills, and cream and occasionally the soap since the start of April this year. I've seen slow results as I slightly expected, but it still worry if I'm not doing all that I could to help my body out with growing larger breasts. In the 4 months I've seen only about 2.5 to 3 cm in growth. I started with a fairly flat chest. Since I started I have seen most of the growth in my upper breast area and in my left breast. My left breast is taking on a more distinctly small feminine shape, but the right is not doing much. I'm a transgender male in transition and wondering if I should be taking more saw palmetto to block testosterone or other herbs like fenugreek. I've also read that some people are taking protein shakes.Im currently taking 2 droppers of liquid a day, 3 pills, and applying the cream 2 times on both breasts. Is there any help that you could advice to improve my routine? Are my results thus far ok? Thanks you so much for reading my email. I'm so far satisfied with your product and want to write a review. I honestly was hoping to see a little more results when going into my 5 month. I still feel that patience is key.