I now have small developing breast

04-25-11     I now have small developing breast
From the time i was just 7 or 8 years old i wanted breast of my own, Just like all the other girls but i was told i am a boy and boys don't have breast =( I was very sad and mad, For a long time all i would wish for is to become a real girl but my wishes never came true. SO.. At the age of 28 i took matters into my own hands Taking the natureday's fulfillment pills+liquid. I been using the pills+Liquid for about 11 weeks and the cream for about 3 weeks, I now have small developing breast, If i had to guess the cup size i would say a small Acup if not just a training bra size, I am working on getting to a FULL Bcup by the end of this year...I hope =P When i start seeing more development i'll Send more pictures =) Don't use my e-mail, Thank you.