james aka janet

06-29-11     james aka janet
hello natureday crew ever since back in the day in elementary sghool when all my female classmates were developing breasts and getting their first bras i also wanted to develop breasts and get my first brai went to my mother and asked her how come my breast were not developing and how much longer before i got my first bra and of course mom said boys dont have breasts and wear a bra bui i insisted i wanted breasts and get to wear a bra mom then gave in and let me wear her bras i began stuffing my bra but for my 18 birthday i bought my self a set of c cup falsies and for my birthday present mom had bought me a one year supply of natureday and it worked rapidly where i went from flatchested to a full c cup size 44 i just love and adore my girls i cant tell you how much i just love having hugh breastseven more love filling my bra it took a little while getting used to wearing a bra but i am so used to wearing a bra now that i feel funny when i am not wearing a bra which is almost never because i am much too large to go braless and i owe it all to natureday for which i say thank you for the very fine program