05-07-11     KY
Absolutely feel free to add this on. Yes I was talking about the natureday products. Question though. I had used the cream for a very short time. Was actually very skeptical on it actually working. It did, and it sustained. Very small a cup I think. And while I do not quite want breasts yet. Cause I do love women very much and honestly do not think women would like a fairly well fit male with b cup breasts lol I had halted on furthering using the cream. But I absolutely adore the way my nipples feel. Since stopping months ago I have noticed my nipples are no longer hard at all times or feels as good when played with. Is there anyway I can bring that sensation back or grow my nipples, not necessarily the size of like a half dollar like womens but create the sensation of a womans without actually growing my breasts larger from it. Or creating puffy nipples.