man boobs but actual breasts

08/31/2018     man boobs but actual breasts
Yay my chest used to be flat standing up and now there is actual shape. It is so surreal to think in a couple of months I could have legitimate breasts not just growth or man boobs but actual breasts. It's so nervous and so exciting ugh I know everyone who notices will be like omg you have boobs and not in a way to go look at you bro kinda way. But that's okay. I'm to the point where I just gotta do this for me and take the crap that comes with it if it does. I am so thrilled to look down at my shirts someday soon and see them pushing out demanding to be seen....THANK YOU!!!! I will be sure to send pics with products soon/ Thanks. I am so grateful for your company and your patience with me over the years. I know I used to be a headache which I'm sure over time you may not even be the one who dealt with all my cancellations and returns and indecisiveness. But I am do grateful for your service and product. I put my shirts on and see the curves that werent ever there. I see the projection, I see the chest bounce and jiggle and see how the volume may not be shaped as breasts yet but see how full they are and filling bras now with ease and how I dont have to constantly mold my breast swooping and scooping often cause they stay there in the cups now cause there is no more room to move in my a cups. I see the creases in my skin where tissue has expanded and caused folds in my skin when I put my arms a certain way. I see my reflection and wonder who else sees my shirt sticking out. Then there is the guy a couple weeks ago in the gym I mentioned before who talked to me in the sauna and ended up saying I'm too young to be growing breasts in what I assume was a joke about him being elderly and older men having the issue. And when I said I know it can be embarrassing (not really meaning it) he said dont be they dont look like man boobs more like a womans. And apologized for it being improper. All I'm saying is a bunch of words that mean nothing to customer service reps but mean everything to a normal every day guy who is weird as hell because while others want this or that I want breasts and natureday is giving me that reality. As nervous as it may be when they are too big to hide, as weird as it will be when I realize I'm a guy I cant wear a bra all day every day like women, as odd as it may be to address when people ask what is up with my chest cause last time they saw me I didn't have tits, and as difficult as it may be when loved ones ask me to explain it, I am thankful still for natureday and it's amazing products that is allowing me to develop my own set of breasts, naturally and quickly.