04-15-13     michelle
i am a male who has always wanted big female tits i started on the natureday program but did not tell my wife i was doing it like the others as a male i started out flat as a boardafter my titties had developed to a large a cup i summoned up the courage to lift my shirt and show off to my wife much to my surprise my wife said she really liked them and began to play with them and feel me up in the same manner as i do to her even telling me nice rack now a few weeks later after contined use of the natureday program i am proud to say that i am now at best a very large b cup or small c cup once again being very proud of my new growng tits i have again lifted my shirt to show my excited loving wife upon seeing my tits my wife just winked at me and said oh my god you should be wearing a bra hearing her say i should be wearing a bra was music to my earsi wa very happy to tell her ok buy me a bra and i will start wearing a bra my wife measured me for a bra and my bra size is 44 c cup as i now wear a goddess kiera style bra thank you much natureday for the very fine program and most of all for giving me the tits i always wanted have a great day love michelle