my breast were growing from saw palmetto use and liquid

11/24/2018     my breast were growing from saw palmetto use and liquid
I actually found you the first day. I realized my breast were growing from saw palmetto use and liquid. Always keep an eye on your site but did not do anything until my next realization, they continued to grow and started off saggy. That´s when I ordered one of each to try out, and I can say that you products does not leave one discontented.I know from own experience earlier in my life how powerful natural things can be, they helped me and my family many times before with different illnesses that normal medicine can’t deal with or deal with and get side-effects. Yes, it’s nagging, but still the reality, they all give side-effects that in many cases are extremely unwanted or even dangerous, so thumbs up for natural stuff once again! I started with the intention to only firm and fill and have done so all too well. Didn’t see anything happen for the first week, so thought I kick-start it by following your normal suggestion, you know, 3 times 3 and all… It worked a little too well, actually. This was when I first wrote to you. Then, started to see real change and I measured myself yesterday… About ¾ of an inch/3 cm in only 2 weeks. Too fast, this was not the intention, so stand on the breaks! Mayday! Oooops… Now I also know why I react so easily to saw palmetto and fenugreek seeds, I’m highly sensitive here too, so need much less than most others to achieve the same result.I’ll continue to use your products, they are for real and they work, don’t take my word for it, se all testimonials and do your homework, search the web, read books (Yeah, know. Old fashioned, but they still work. No electricity and all…) and have a fair share of skepticism and you will come to the same conclusion. Or simply use them and you’ll see for yourself. Today I will use them gently in small amount to prolong the time the development will take, by then, point of no return, I probably go the whole mile at once, but time will tell. The fact that they help me balance my body in most other areas is only a big advantage. I have a different point of view and a different reason and goal with this than most others, I can’t chose. Life have chosen this for me and for me it’s about doing my best and have as fun as I can on the journey of life. Some males wants breasts and they chose to get them, to all of you I wish you all the best and have fun. I can’t chose, but do not value what is female and what is male like most others, so I’ll have fun, too.  >>>> Please, feel free to use this as is, as a testimonial and/or (Hopefully. My wish.) publish this on its own, if you want. Only, remove unnecessary things, like this sentence and references to me (name and country and so on.) and I’ll looking forward to see what impact it can have. I do accept questions if you get any and I’ll answer my best if you relay. I wish you all a wonderful day and future. Thanks again, all my best wishes.