My breasts are now beginning to plump

04/19/2017     My breasts are now beginning to plump
Dear Tina, first I want to say "Thank you!" for your great service, you are offering people like me. It's marvelous! I am now in my 8th month and I notice, my hips or my buttocks became a bit wider, because my panties do not fit very well anymore altogether. I am also tending to tug my member between my legs, balls underneath. So is it normal or harmonically guided? I didn't feel that tending before very much. My breasts (I wrote you) are now beginning to  "plump". The base is very broad, the peak is broader than before, also my areolas widen, but the tits altogether are relatively plump. I have taken your suggestion to mix up the cream with the liquid and it has helped a bit. Unfortunately I am now out of cream and liquid (I'm waiting for the next delivery). My breasts are now tensing very often, sometimes less, sometimes more. Mostly in the lateral parts of my under boobs. I'm swallowing now three pills in the morning, shortly before breakfast, and three pills at night before I'm going to bed. Besides I am now nearly complete out of coffee (perhaps 5 cups a month, I hope, it is okay?). I had become a consumer of good fennel tea, sometimes black, sometimes green, up to 5-6 cups a day. Does that fit or should I reduce? With love and respect W.