Nipples Are Sexually Sensitive and your product works on men

03/17/2017     Nipples Are Sexually Sensitive and your product works on men
Hi Tina I started 1/20/17 I used 7 bottles 3-4 droppers daily just to see if your product worked I stopped my chest work outs and as you can see I have cleavage and protrusion I also see the nipples protrude and get hard all the time the tissue around my nipples are soft and spongy and bounce when I jump now I know your product works. I want 6 more bottles as soon as possible I don't know what my plans are but it sure turns my young wife on thank you Tina. Also did I mention it helps with libido Hi Tina should I use pills with liquid or will 3 droppers daily give same results. Also my nipples are protruding and what use to be solid muscle has become heavy and soft fluid like they bounce like a girl just growing breast. How long before I notice a big change in size and roundness like shemales have I have used 8 bottles in 8 weeks and a jar of cream and soap. Thank you for your reply and help John I have been using liquid fulfilment 9 bottles in 2 months my results was solid muscle now it's breast tissue hard protruding nipples and jello like feeling breast I went from 38" model chest to a 42" chest my nipples are very sensitive to the touch and they drive me crazy down bellow to be touched my libido is amazing I  just purchased 6 more bottles of liquid and also finished the jar of cream. I love the feel and look of my breast they look hot on my body type and no there not man boobs I was flat chested with 30" waist to give an idea of my weight 175 lbs. If I take more than 4 droppers daily will I see results quicker and if so what's max dose I hope to see more results. thank you Tina fast response and delivery Nipples are sexually sensitive to the touch they are protruding out and erect. They are spongy now and bounce up and down. When I touch the nipples it a direct link to my penis for sensitivity and increases my libido they feel like a girl with small breast your product works on men. I only wanted to try fulfillment Natureday to test your product and see if it works. I love what's happening I used 8 bottles of liquid and ordered 6 more and cream thank you Tina and staff The skin is getting loose and what felt like muscle is now soft and mushy like water balloon I just don't know what a growth spurt is I use coconut cream on my breast as well my wife says they feel and look like IV filled in more This is the before picture. I am so excited seeing how much I have grown!! Nipples are bulging extruded out of body.