Progress report

04-21-13     Progress report
My measurements are unchanged; however the appearance of my breasts have changed. Over the past 5 months I have seen my bust measurements go from 41.25" to a solid 42". Not sure if you can notice the difference but my belly seems to be smaller. Not ready yet to give the girdle credit. I have noticed a fullness on the underside of my breasts. My nipples are no longer looking south but are rising up to the occasion. I know there isn't much difference from last week to this week. However the nipples are beginning to raise. I don't expect at my age to have perky 16 year old breasts but they look awesome for my age. I have decided to slow down a bit and just use the liquid twice a day and not use any supplements. I am relying solely on Natureday liquid breast enhancer. Photos are located on my blog called Secret Desires on the page entitled "My journal". Natureday staff you may use my email address and or blog address: