04-11-11     Rebecca
Dear Ms. Amy, Hello and How are you. Well I hope and The family also. I am writing you because of something I think is great. A year ago when I first started this I read about a young fellow who applied low heat to the breast before and after applying The breast enhancement cream. At first I though it was just a fluke. Well the last 60 days I have been doing a controlled experiment on myself. After washing and drying my breasts. I applied the cream and rubbed it in. I then applied heat for 10 minutes to each breast. I did the heat twice a day. The cream only once in the am. The way I did it was 1) wash & dry well 2) apply cream (natures day enhancement cream). Then I put a piece of saran wrap over my breast in order to keep the wrapped heating pad clean. Then I put the heating pad on for ten minutes. Prior to doing this my breasts were very thin with no substance. Now, they are full and fit my bra very well. I am going to continue to do this until I reach my goal. I just want to look good for my size body and height. Thanks to your products and or friends I will have this without going into a risky surgery. I have a girl friend who and breast implants and is not doing well with them. She will have to have another surgery. And I will save a lot of money I don't have. I love that part. I think even if I was rich I would still do it "the natural way with Natures day". I want to thank you. I gave that free jar to the girls at the seniors center where I go. They all like it. I guess from what they have talked about they all (4) split the jar. They had their husbands rub the cream in. Well They are a lot happier now. The girls come n on Monday and Friday with a smile on their faces? Thank you again for everything....Rebecca Anne. Maybe I will send you a photo of the finished product?