Review of Natureday Breast Enhancement S

07/06/2017     Review of Natureday Breast Enhancement S
I have only used the breast soap and absolutely love it. Hey, I ordered soap a few weeks ago and went on a vacation and took it with me but sadly left it there by mistake. So I ordered more but here's a bit more growth. Not much but as any growth happens I like to update. The crease and fullness in the breast is becoming quite apparent at least via picture idk if others see what I see or not but figured I'd share. Here are the requested pics with the product. I have only used the breast soap and absolutely love it. I was very low on my old soap and ordered a new one hence the 2 stuck together. Am a bit nervous as the growth is getting to where shape is occurring and volume is gaining and shirts are getting much tighter but it is so addictive. I absolutely adore natureday and all that they have done with customer service and product. I could never have imagined being a guy with breasts nor do I truly know why i continue wanting them. However laying down and seeing them hang and move as I love and on my side now giving definitive cleavage is exciting and feeling the weight as tissue grows is thrilling. My wife would never be okay with a man wearing a bra and just hope she comes around to it as it's getting to a point where a bra is getting to be somewhat necessary for comfort. Thank you natureday you are amazing in all you do and looking forward to continuing use of the soap as it runs out.