04-29-13     TDO
Dear Tina: A couple of weeks ago I sent you a testimonial on my breast progress. Here is another one. I took measurements when I first started using natureday,the measurements were 42/44. my breast started filling out as I indicated in the testimonial and today I took my measurements once again. I work outdoors so i have been exercising my chest area and usig the pills,cream,liquid,and soap daily so my assets have changed.The better me now is sitting at a good measurement of 40/45. they are quite firm,bouncing when I am on any type of equipment working os this is keeping my large nipples quite hard all the time. My mom also has said something about my breasts. I told her wore a bra to keep the girls steady and under control.I told my size and she was shocked at the size they have become.Now I plan on using the products more to continue to getmy Breasts a lot bigger. TDO