the volume is amazing

02-02-17     the volume is amazing
started using fulfillment liquid 3 droppers daily. I love how big they are getting. I'm only wanting to add that teenage breast look to my already fit body and I'm already feeling and seeing the difference IV gone through 6 bottles. with applying it direct to my breast area and butt and penis. The affects of the libido are amazing my orgasms are out of this world the most orgasms IV had in one time has been 7 and the volume is amazing as IV shared with the natureday staff IV noticed increase in sensation below the belt and I'm horny all the time my erections are firmer and im more confident. I will continue taking liquid fulfillment I just ordered 6 more bottles. I'm looking forward to when I get nipples protruding forward like a young women. What a turn on. The staff tina has been very helpful and shipment is fast. Thank you so much looking forward to my sexy body this summer as my nipples hang out and my bubble butt sticks out. Thank you Tina I'll keep u updated.