top results using your fine products

07/20/2018     top results using your fine products
Hi. S checking in. Wanted to let you know that so far I have had over the top results using your fine products. I have just passed the 3 month mark. I cannot believe how large my breasts have grown. Everything I read on your reviews is true. The growth is slow and yet steady. The feeling of my new breast tissue is awesome. I am taking 4 pills a day. Switching on and off with the liquid and cream. My nipples have tripled in size. My breasts are full and rounded. They also have a uplift. I do find growing very addictive. My breasts stick out now. It is getting hard to hide the fact I am making real changes. A button down man shirt now straight across from breast to breast. Now wearing a B cup bra. Full cup. I will be ordering another complete package in about 2 weeks. Please feel free to use this in your review section. I plan to send photos after my 6 month grow plan. Again..i am very pleased with natureday products. As I grow and grow, I wonder just how large I can get! Very exciting. Thanks