y nipples do stay erect throughout the day

07/31/2020     y nipples do stay erect throughout the day
Tina, In the mornings I put a whole dropper into a bottle of water. I shake that up and use it to swallow 3 of the pills. Toward the evening before I go to bed I massage the cream into my breasts. About half an hour before I take my shower I wet the soap and massage it into my breast area in wide circles. I don't drink coffee, or sodas, at all. I mostly drink water, and sweet tea during the day. Every now and then I would feel some tingling sensations. My nipples do stay erect throughout the day (but not all of it). When I started, my breast area measured 49". The current measurement has me just behind 51 1/2" now so I do know something is happening. Even with the growth, I'm not really seeing it. I have kept a journal, and taken pictures, every week since starting too. I have several bras ranging in size from A to D cup. When I wear the A or B cup bras, my breasts don't really seem to fill them up like they should. I have some B cup breast forms so I'm gauging my breasts by them I guess. I hope that I'm not doing something wrong. I based my intake by what I read on the website, along with the blog about "Watch Kelly's Breasts Grow". That blog brought me some great inspiration. If you have any more questions for me, please let me know.Take care,