Female Testimonials

Female Testimonials
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02-07-06     started my new order

I just started my new order of pills/ liquid a week ago and I just started working out too, about 3 times a week, moderately. Is it okay to work out while taking the pills or will it slow down growth too much? I try to do a light work out. I started out taking two dropperfuls of the liquid again for just 3 days, then I took one dropperful of liquid and 3 pills a day. After 5 days I gained a half an inch so I think the combination is best for me. Still, I don't want excersize to get in the way and I'd hold excersizing off untill I gained my desired size. (answer: exercise will actually help you to grow faster, so it is fine.)

02-11-06     noticed some results already

I ordered your product and started taking the liquid a week ago. I got the complete package and have already used up my first bottle of liquid. I have noticed some results already. My breasts are fuller and less saggy than before. They also tingle and are more sensitive than they were before.............

02-17-06     have grown half and inch already

Ok i was very nervous thinking that this would not work, but its been 14days and i have grown half and inch already!!!!! This product works! I love it! I was just wondering hat how much longer would it take me to reach a 36C? Im at a 34B right now. (answer: About 3 to 6 months.)

02-21-06     I have reached the size I want

Morning Amy. I have reached the size I want, how often should I use the breast pump and cream? Your Products are really great. I can no longer hide the mounds under my work clothes now. Please reply and have a great Day!!!!!! :-) LOVE RONDA Amy I am so pleased with your products, I can not say enough about how good they really are. Love Ronda... :-0) (answer: You can use the pump and the cream one time a day, for faster results use them more often.)

02-22-06     I could not believe it actually worked

I have been using just the liquid for about 2½ weeks. I have already gone from a 34B to a 34C. I could not believe it actually worked! Thank you so much- I look forward to even more results in the coming future (my husband looks forward to it as well!) Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. please don’t use my name

03-03-06     From A to B cup

HI!! I have been on fulfillment for a little over three months now. I started out with barely an A Cup. Now I am almost to a B Cup. I feel more confident wearing a low neck tops and tanks. I really love your products. I wish I knew about it sooner. can you give me suggestion on how I can achieve faster growth. I am very anxious. I change my dosage often, and I am not sure if that's the case. I started out with just the liquid, then a couple weeks afterward I added the pill, then another couple weeks later I added the cream, but sometime I do not double up the liquid or cream. So you see, I tend to change it a lot.

03-10-06     so pleased with the liquid and pills

Hi again Amy!! I have been so pleased with the liquid and pills that I have now added the cream. I am REALLY wanting to get to a full C cup. I'm at about a 34B right now. I was wondering if you could give me some tips or helpful advice to ensure that I reach my goal. Thank you so much for everything. This is truly a WONDERFUL product!!! Andrea

03-17-06     I have grown at least a half of an inch

Hello, I've been taking Natureday for almost a month. I take 3 pills a day and 3 droppers full of liquid once a day. I am currently a small 34b and believe I have grown at least 1/2 an inch. I was wondering if you have any suggestions to speed up my results?

03-18-06     very perkie and well developed breasts

Good Morning Amy. I just wanted to let you know I have reached 10 CM using your breast pump. I now have very perkie and well developed breasts. I am still using the cream twice a day along with the pump. Thank You so much. I now can wear sexy tops and not feel under developed. Love Ronda 3/18/2006

03-22-06     i have seen growth in my breasts

Hi Amy,hope u are doing fine.Yes am writting after a long time now.Am on my 6th week of liquid and pills and i have seen growth in my breasts, am filling a 32A bra perfectly now and am very happy about the results. Am hoping to see more growth in the follwing few months.I still have 2 pill bottles and 1 liquid bottle to finish. i have been doubling and tripling on the liquid fulfilment and sometimes i just take i dropper full in the morning and 3 pills one time a day.I can say am one among those happy customers of yours now,thanks a lot for being here YOU CAN TAKE MY MESSAGE AS A TESTIMONIAL IF YOU WANT

03-23-06     the liquid is working

Amy, I have to admit the liquid is working! I have been using it twice a day (Please improve that God-offal taste!) since this last Monday, and I can feel a puffiness appearing in both Breasts! ... I like what I see so far! Have a nice day! Amz

03-28-06     My breasts have become firmer

Hi Amy My breasts have become firmer, and about an inch bigger on each and I am running low on the 6 month supply which I am in 3rd month now of using the Natureday. I may have taken the too much amount of dose in a short time, however I would like to gain more growth, and I wonder what is next, the breast pump, or 2 more bottles of liquid and cream to maximise the growth I would like to achieve quickly.

03-31-06     This is a Miracle in a bottle

All I can say is "Oh MY Dear God!" This is a Miracle in a bottle. After 2 weeks of use, I have gone from a Bcup to a FULL B cup. My goal is a Full C cup. Amy, YOU NEED to make a miracle pill for the BUTT!!!!! (lol) Thanks, H-Town

04-02-06     truly is a great product

i would only like liquid in that package. thank you again for helping me out. espcecially saving me money!!! This truly is a great product I have already recieved results!

04-07-06     first week of month four and I have seen results

Hello Amy! I am going into the first week of month four and I have seen results. My breast are defintely more round and are still filling out it seems. It is hard to say what size I actually was before because my bras were always big and I had to wear padding. I'm assumming that I was somewhere around a 32a to 34a. I recently measured and if what I measured is correct I seem to have grown about and inch and a half. I'm urrently wearing a 32B and some 34B's. I'm hoping to fill out more on the top as I've seen filling on the sides and nderneath but none on top it seems. When I wear a 34B I cannot fill out the top part yet. I purchased the 6 month supply and I'm on the pills now. Do you have any advice for me. I'd like to be at least a full 32c by summertime. Thanks!

04-09-06     no doubt that my breasts have become perkier

2 months have gone since I started the Fullfillment pills and liquid. There's no doubt that my breasts have become perkier. I've only taken the liquid, varied the amount of drops. From 5 to 10 per day.My breasts have gone from barely an A to an almost full A-cup. The growth is slower than expected. maybe it has something to do with my genetics..? My mom has small breasts. I envy my sister because she inherited my grandma's big and full breasts [her bra size is 80C]

04-10-06     my breast are getting bigger slowly but surely

I have been using the natureday liquid for one month and i notice that my breast are getting bigger slowly but surely. I was 34 A before and now I am 34 B and my 34 B bras are getting tight. YEHEY!!! I am just so happy especially that I am an asian women. I have tried 3 kinds of pills before and they never work and they were expensive I am so glad I tried natureday which REALLY works and I can afford it

04-12-06     I woke up and looked more swollen or bigger

Hi Amy, I have just finished my first liquid and bottle of pill, my size increase inches, I can't say exactly but maybe a cup or more... it's miracle, especially for asean women. Thanks, I feel more confident now. But now I feel it grow slower but I hope to have a better result at the end of this summer to full B. I have 2 liquids and 2 bottle of pill left and a jar and half of cream. I use liquid 2 times a day, cream one time a day, pump 3 times a day, and if I want to have faster result what should I do? I want to order more, could you please send by express for me (in vietnam have DHL and Fedex), I will pay for the fee for this, you can count and inform me when I order? I do want to receive my order follow this way, I can pay more for the express cost, because it's better than I have some trouble with vietnamese custom (as I told you before). And as I known there's another vientamese want to order from you but did get through. I did successful for my first order and I wonder if this happen to me? Thanks again for your fulfillment, it's realy great! N.

04-19-06     my 36B bra fits better now

THANK YOU AMY!! I just started using fulfillment 10 days ago. My breasts deflated after breastfeeding my twins. I was a 34B/C and have already noticed a change. My 34C (Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy) is getting tight around the band; the 36B fits better now. I have used four different types of pills with no results, your product is the only one that has worked. I’m excited about the results I’ve achieved so far. I started with 3 drops of the liquid and 3 pills a day. I am now taking up to 10 drops of liquid (3-4 drops with each meal) and 3 pills; is that too much? You can use this as a testimonial if you like. I can’t wait to send my before and after pictures. Louise

04-23-06     I only have 7 days left of pills

Dear Amy, Fullfilemnt has worked very well and I want to order more...I only have 7 days left of pills and I was wondering how long shipping usually takes?...I live in Va...so do you think if I order on Monday it will get here within 7 days? Thanx So Much, D

04-24-06     I was really shocked when I measured myself

Just thought I'd send a quick update. I've been on Fulfillment for slightly over a month now and have been changing dosages and trying everything. I have cream, pills and liquid, lthough I haven't purchased a pump yet but just thought I'd tell everyone out there to keep on because although my growth has been slower than some people, today I was really shocked when I measured myself because I'd gone from am A to a B...I've noticed that I'm filling out, but had no idea that I'd changed by a cup size and it was really exciting as I've been a bit disheartened not to go as fast as I'd like...but I'm blaming pesky genetics. Thanks Fulfillment, Good luck to everyone out there. Mel

05-01-06     me and my sister and sharing the product together

Hi i have been useing ur product for a while now and have seen a great result but me and my sister and shareing the product together so it almost run out. so i order 2 package of 6 months supply, one for me and one for my sister...............I'm the one who from Thailand. Thanks.

05-02-06     already noticing a difference

I am using your breast enlargement cream, and am already noticing a difference! I've been on it for a few weeks now. But I have a couple of questions:

05-11-06     already started working

Hi there Just wanted to tell you how surprised I am that it is already started working It seems I thought it was going to take a lot longer so very good thanks I am taking about 2 and a half droppers a day in the morning I will keep you updated on more progress as time goes by.

05-12-06     she's loving it

Thanks. the last order was for my friend Tash who tells me she's loving it.... thought you might like the feedback. Thanks Again. Cheers, Thaya

05-17-06     My husband is quite happy

I have been using your product now since the beginning of March and I am very satisfied. I cannot tell you though how much my breast have grown, but I do know that they have. My husband is quite happy! I started with the pills and liquid and have kept on that program and about a month ago ordered the pump. Although it I am only able to get that done once a day so far, how many times a day can you use the pump? But like I said I am very satisfied so far and cannot believe it really works! You can use this as a testimonial just do not disclose my name please. B.

05-20-06     i love the results

hi i've been using the liquid for 1 1/2 months now and i love the results. after i gave birth my breast became , well i can't really say sagging b/c i dont have any breast to start with, but it felt as if there was no breast tissue at all. whenever i lay down i was flat... nothing sticks up what so ever. but thanks to natureday my breast became a little fuller and firmer and when i lay down i actually see something . My right breast was always smaller than my left but now i think it's finally catching up. will update next time. Thank you soo much

05-22-06     my bras are starting to feel tight

Hi! I ordered 2 Fullfillment bottles, and I just wanted to ask if you would send my package as a gift and say it's supercheap (like you did on my last order)? I would like to avoid the extra fees. Thanks in advance =) PS! I love your products, my bras are starting to feel tight (a-cup), gotta start buying size b, yay! I've taken 2 droppers (20 drops) of the liquid for the past 2 weeks and i'm amazed... my breasts did get perkier with only 8 DROPS but i still thought the growth was slow, so i increased my intake with 20 drops.

05-26-06     growth I have gotten in my breast

Hello Amy, I have a question for you. I have been using the liquid and the tablets now for 6 months and can’t believe the growth I have gotten in my breast. It’s just been amazing. Looking to place another order soon. Would like to just take either the liquid or the tablets only so what I need to know which is the more concentrated of the two. Being a chemist I would suspect that the liquid would be.

05-31-06     Natureday is exactly as advertised

Product is exactly as advertised thank you very much. We are very excited!

06-03-06     noticed an increase in both size and firmness

dear amy, i just wanted to let you know that i had been taking fufillment for about a month and a half . i noticed an increase in both size and firmness. but being a single mom i ran into some financial problems and couldn't order any more of your product, but i have not seen any kind of "shrinkage" and its been several months since i have stopped taking it. i wanted to let your customers know that your product really does work and you don't lose what you gain once you've stopped taking it !!! 6-3-06 trish

06-07-06     I am ecstatic

Amy, I am so excited, this morning I woke up and looked more swollen or bigger, so I measured myself, and I have grown an inch and a half!!! I am also alot more firm, like I was before I had kids!!! I can't believe that this has happened in about 2 1/2 weeks. I can't wait to get the pump and cream, and for a few more weeks to go by, I am ecstatic. I tried on a sexy shirt that I bought a year ago but have never worn because it requires me to go braless and it just didn't look that great with no boobs, so I tried it on this morning, and its filling out, I think by the middle of the summer if things continue growing, I'll be confident enough to wear it. I do however feel more confident in myself already and actually have cleavage in my bras, and my girlfriends are noticing a difference in me too. I'll definitely keep you posted, and feel free to use any of my questions, or feedback on your testimonial page ~ just don't use my last name or state!!!!

06-08-06     very satisfied with what I have gained

Hi! I just placed another order with you guys and I am very satisfied with what I have gained so far! I was an underdeveloped, very small C, and now I am almost a full C cup! I have been on fulfillment for about two months now, and I'm not completely done yet! I just wanted to give an update on my progress. Being an herbal remedy freak, there was no doubt in my mind that this would work! Thanks! -Jackie

06-13-06     REAL proof that your products work

This is REAL proof that your products work. I've never been on any other type of breast enlargement pill in my entire life. Your products are my first, and I'm so glad they're working because then I don't need to throw my money away on other breast enlargement pills that don't work! Just wanted to inform you that my boyfriend finally noticed that my breasts look and feel bigger..! And he doesn't even know that I'm on Fulfillment.. *big smile on my face*. I've taken your products since February. The growth was slow in Feb, March, April and May because I only took 8 drops a day :S They got perkier, a little rounder, but not as much as I expected. But then, luckily I contacted you and you told me that 2 or 3 droppers meant 30-60 drops! And now, since I received your 2 liquid bottles on June 2nd and started taking 20 to 30 drops a day I've really noticed a change! Although I've also been skipping the liquid for a day or 2. I can't stop looking at my breasts :) They're fuller and rounder, and they've each grown 1 and a half inch. My tops fit better, my breasts are starting to stick out and form nice and small "mountains" beneath them... :) I like it very much. But they're sensitive though. When people accidentally come near them, I can really feel the sensitivity! Especially when my bf touches them.. Wow! I'm expecting them to grow bigger throughout the summer, My breasts are getting bigger and bigger each and every day.. I've already taken a picture of my breasts and I hope they'll get bigger so that I can in the nearest future take a new picture and send it to you! Anyway, just wanted to ask how long I have to wait for them to grow into a c-cup? Thanks Amy and Natureday! Sincerely, Anna from Europe

06-18-06     I am happy with the results

I have been using your product for just 1 month and I am happy with the result! They haven´t grown so much larger ( I hope they will! ) but they are more firm and fulfilled, and I´m happy with that for the moment. I am 53 years old and probably it will take some more time with older breasts. :) Anyway I`m happy with the result after this short testing time! By the way, since I am in the middle of climacteria I have noticed that the pills even give an ease to those problems. I do not sweat anymore and I do not get those embarassing swellings. Happy! :)

06-21-06     my fourth day of fullfulment and breast becoming large

Question: I am on my fourth day of fullfulment (Liquid) and my breast mass is already becoming larger. I started taking the liquid saturday (3droppers mixed with orange juice for the first seven days) and already I can see growth in my breasts. In fact they are begcoming, although small, quite defined.Can i also use the cream with it? Julia

06-22-06     Thanks for your great products

Thanks for your great products. I started with the pump and the cream on May 20, with small ‘A’ cup breasts. I added the expedient package last week and have now reached nearly a full ‘B’ cup. Thanks again, WJH

06-22-06     My breast finally fills up 34A bra with cleavage

Hi Amy, Since my first testimonial on 09/23/05. I started with a 34A small cup to a 34A full cup. My breast finally fills up the 34A bra and with a cleavage...this is great...how many inches have I've grown? I was using the liquids and pills on my first 2 orders and the cream is my third order. I must be the odd ones with slower growth then most people on your testimonial. I am down to only 1 bottle of the cream and I'm thinking on the 4th order. I love your product. I haven't reach my goal yet. I would like to be at least a 34C. I was thinking of trying you breast pump and maybe another liquid. What do you suggest?

06-29-06     been using my second order with continued results

Hi Amy, I've been using my second order with continued results. It's great. :) I've got another question: After the influence of the herbs is gone, will the accumulated tissue be possible to burn off through exercise? I'd like to get in a shape a little more, but I worry that I'll lose all I've gained in the process. I'd also like to not need surgery if I ever wanted to reverse this... LOL Thanks for the support!

07-01-06     in 2 weeks my breast have become much fuller and firmer

I have been taking 3 dropfuls of the liquid and 3 pills a day for 2 weeks now and so far my breast have become much fuller and firmer. About 5 months ago I started loosing weight and when I finally got to my goal of 125lbs all my breast were gone. So I'm starting out at a small 32A my goal is to be 32C I know I have a long ways to go but I am very excited with the results so far:):) IT REALLY DOES WORK!!! You can use this as my testimonial if you would like and I will write again in a few weeks I also have another question while I'm here. I exercise(high impact) on daily basis just would like to make sure that it's not working against me in any way. Thanks again,Tracy

07-02-06     went from 34 inches around to 36 inches

Hello, I just wanted to update that I have taken the 2 bottles of liquid and working on the pills for 19 days now. I already went from 34 inches around to 36 inches. What should I order next for the best results? Thank you

07-04-06     i will be ordering again soon

thanx for replying i will be ordering again soon, i am delighted with wht your product has done i have been asked if i had surgery! keep up the good work x

07-05-06     WONDERFUL product

Hi Amy,I just wanted to give another update I have been using your WONDERFUL product for 17 days now and when I first measured I was 33 inches and today when I measured I was 34 inches So I grew 1 inch in 2 1/2 weeks. Your product is truly amazing:) Also I just placed another order on the 1st,just want to make sure it was sent out. Thanks Alot, Tracy

07-11-06     have been getting results

I take 3 dropfuls of liquid in the morning and 3 pills at night.I have been getting results this way,just want to make sure that I'm doing it the best way for best results:) Thanks,T

07-12-06     saw approx 1 inch difference

Thank you so much for your reply—I’ll try the 2 droppers and 3 pills today---one of my friends got me started and she’s been doing this for 6 weeks and already saw approx 1 inch difference!

07-17-06     I have grown another half inch

Hey Amy, Just wanted to give you an update. First I received the liquid package. Second, I have grown another 1/2 inch! Its been a good month or so since the last growth. Taking the six pills a day was a bit much for me, so I dropped it back down to three and separated the times I take them. I take the pills in the morning, and the liquid in the evening before bed.

07-18-06     slower growth

I've discovered that I'm one of those who has experienced slower growth, but never the less I have grown 2 inches. I have had some difficulty deciding what bra size to buy. When I first started I measured 34 around and the fulliest part of my breast while measuring 29 under for the band. I know typically they say to add 3-4 inches depending on whether you measure and odd or even number. Now I am meauring around 36 around the fulliest part of my breast. I was hoping to be at a 32 0r 34 C by the end of August, thanks. Jen

07-22-06     my breasts have started to develop

Hi Amy: I am really happy so far (Little over a month) by the way my breasts have started to develop. I am taking Liquid once a day, pills three times a day and cream morning and night.

07-28-06     I've grown about 1 inch in 2 months

I ordered some cream and I think I'm going to start taking the pills 2 times a day along with 2 droppers of liquid. I've grown about 1 inch in 2 months. Not as fast as I had hoped but I'm happy with that! :) Thanks, Kristin

07-30-06     Im a full 34b

I started out as a full 34a and now Im a full 34b!! im so excited. I haven't reached my goal yet but with a little more time, im sure I will!! Thanks. P.

08-01-06     my breast have grown 1 inch

Hi there, I have been using the liquid for about 1 week now and my breast have grown 1 inch. I was always 39 inches and then I started exercising and taking diet pills. My breast shrunk to 36 inches. I was disappointed and ordered your product again now I am 37 inches. I am thrilled!

08-02-06     seen another 1/2 inch of growth

I actually have seen another 1/2 inch of growth! Also that lactating feeling I mentioned before is back, but obviously I'm not lactating!!! So my total growth so far has been 2 1/2 inches. I"m starting to feel alot more confident going braless, so I am continueing the cream at night. Got a really weird question though. Yesterday I went out and bought a 32 B bra, and can almost fill it out, but 32 a is getting snug. and when I tried the 34 A bras on, they were too big, does this make sense? and if so why? Truth be told, lately all bras hurt when I wear them, so I am going braless around the house. I am guessing that this is normal, and means that I'm still growing. Let me know what you think. Thanks M

08-04-06     small diffrence so far

I am almost to the bottom of my first jar of cream and liquid. and I can see a small diffrence so far and I can't wait to continue my use of Nature Day Solution. You have been so helpful, I have never had customer service be so helpful and quickly to answer my questions as you have. Is there anyone or anywhere I can express how helpful you have been for me? Your manager? Thank you so very much for all your help. Britt

08-04-06     I can both see the difference and I love it

Hi Amy I've been using the fulfillment pills and liquid for a little over a month and I've gone from a small underdeveloped 34A to a full 34 A. my boyfriend and I can both see the difference and I love it. Im going to order more bottles of the liquid and Im hoping to be a 34 B by september: )

08-10-06     shes grown to a FULL 42C cup and still wants more

Laura ordered some more breast cream today. Don't know what shes up to, But I can tell you now shes grown to a FULL 42 ( C ) cup and still wants more. Your girl friend love M

08-14-06     starting to see an improvement

AMY!!! i'm soo excited. i've been taking the liquid and cream for 12 days now and finally i'm starting to see an improvment. I think they are definately a little bit more full. just a quick question, how much of the cream should i be putting on?

08-20-06     it's definitely working

Slow progress, but it's definitely working, gone from just under 33" to just over 34" nearly a full B cup now in 3 months and much rounder. It's worth keeping going with it, even if dedication fluctuates sometimes. I'm from the UK and I have had absolutely no problems with this company delivering what they say they do and at a much better price than some of the other sharks out there. Goal is to reach 32/34 C. Have periodic spurts taking the capsules, but for some reason I can't seem to get into the habit of taking them regularly - much prefer the concentrated alcohol liquid drops and cream. Thanks, Amy

08-24-06     My breasts are rounder and feel fuller too

Hi Amy, I've been using the cream for a little over 4 weeks and have finally begun to see a small difference. My breasts are rounder and feel fuller too. They're also very tender and a bit sore. Is that a normal sign of growth? Should I continue with the cream once a day? Thanks! Jenny

08-25-06     your product it really works

have been using your product for 20 days and I have seen results definitely in the firmness and uplifing area. My question is how much of a result do you need to see for the free 3 months supply and what do you get with the 3 months supply meaning liquid, pills, cream. I have grown an inch and wanting more. thank you for your product it really works. please let me know so I can decide what to do about sending the pictures. thank you Stacy

08-26-06     I HAVE GROWN 1 INCH SO FAR


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