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Female Testimonials
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10-21-14     my breast already feel fuller and heavy

I use the Liquid & cream on my breast. I just started to use the liquid 3 times a day along with the cream. It's only been a couple weeks & my breast already feel fuller &heavy. My left breast is smaller. What can I do to make the left breast even & speed up the process with these 2 products?

10-15-14     Thank you!

Hi I have a question as a recent customers. I recently bought a bottle of your drop because I wasn't sure if the product will actually work. To my surprise, it worked better than I had expected. Now that I have a bottle of drops I would like to purchase another of your products. However, the products I want to buy are the pill and the cream but I noticed that the pill only comes in a dual pack with the drops. My question being is if I was to buy a dual pack is there a way I can get it with the pills and the cream instead of the drops? Thank you!

10-03-14     Is it growing pain

Hello Tina, I have been using your cream along with liquid for last 3 – to 4 months and getting some result. In last few days I am getting little pain underneath my nipple when I touch . Is it growing pain? Thanks in advance for your assistance. Thanks

09-11-14     I have noticed growth from your product

hi I have noticed growth from your product. I have taken a few others with no results. your product actually works! I cant believe they have grown but they did. ty

08-28-14     common

Hello! I have been using Nature Day for about 3 weeks & I am seeing results. I wanted to know if sore nipples are a common side affect?

08-25-14     I need a new bra!

I took the two droppers of the liquid each morning for close to two months, reduced my carb intake and massaged 1-3 times a day with the cream for about 5 minutes on each breast. I grew a lot fuller around each breast as a whole and grew about 1.2 inches from almost 30 inches to 31.2 inches.So far so food. I purchased the 6 month supply and am now back to taking one dropper in the morning so havent tried the pills yet. Heres to hoping this continues!!! I need a new bra!

08-24-14     My boyfriend has been very satisfied with your products

Hi, My boyfriend has been very satisfied with your products, he bought both the pill and the liquid products that you offer. This made me interested in also testing one of your products.

08-18-14     SOOOO MUCH

Hello, please do not disclose my name. Thank you! First off, I was a little skeptical when I first came across the natureday website. I have been searching for a natural breast enlargement regimen since October 2013 and finally came across natureday! I'm happy to say that after using natureday I have seen significant growth. During the first month I did my best to try and not compare my breast. I didn't want to go by bra size so I simply measure my bust and I was 31 inches all around. Going into the second month my breast were more tender and sore. During the 3rd month when I was almost out of product I decided to measure the growth I'd made, I was 34 inches all around! I'm so much happier that my breast are fuller and more rounded! I look forward to ordering more natureday products to further my breast growth! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH NATUREDAY! You have given me hope to love my breast, thank you thank you thank you!

08-12-14     astonishment

Please do not post my name or email. I used to take a birth control that had bad side effects because it made my boobs bigger. When I finally got off the birth control my boobs shrank to a small B cup. I was very self conscious because before they were always much fuller. Many people were even making comments to me. So I decided to look for alternative safe options to increase my breast size. After using 10 liquid serum bottles for just 2 months by breasts are already a full C cup. And now if anyone comments on my breast size its always a comment of astonishment. I am extremely pleased with this product and would recommend it to anybody! I have already referred many of my friends!

07-28-14     Overall

I'd like to keep my name and email private but my message was that despite the fact that I've only been using the products for three months I have already seen great results! I got the champion package and have been taking 2 droppers a day along with cream once a day. I lost a lot of weight in the past months through exercise so in the before picture my boobs are slightly more deflated than they used to be, whereas now they're nice and round and full again, and have definitely grown a already! Overall I'm really pleased with the products so far and will continue using them.

07-25-14     THANK YOU so much for helping me

Dear Nature Day, I am 46 & a mother of 4 & have always been small breasted...even while I was pregnant! Today, I am sending new photos and I'm proud to say that I now wear 36 C!! I've been taking your product for about 4 months now (3 pills twice daily for first month, then 3 pills & one dropper daily). Also, another huge difference I've noticed is my breasts are perky, firm, and rounding out. They actually get in the way of my arms cuz I'm not used to them! I am going to continue taking the product, and will be sure to keep you all updated. THANK YOU so much for helping me get back some confidence. My boyfriend can't keep his hands off me. In fact, he massages them for me at least 3 times a day. I have already sent in a photo which was taken early March; I wore size 36 AA bra. Please. Do not show my email address. Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

07-15-14     it's working beautifully, and I'm already feeling results

Hello! I am a recent customer of NatureDay, and I recieved my shipment of the Six Month "Success Package" set (5-7-2014). I first want to say that it's working beautifully, and I'm already feeling results! My question for you is this: I don't want my breasts to get too big, so what do I do when I get to the desired size? Should I just stop taking NatureDay, or is there a process involved on getting them to retain at the favourable size? Thanks for reading, and thanks for such an amazing product!

07-10-14     Voice
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07-10-14     Voice
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07-10-14     Voice
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07-04-14     I was shocked to have some kind of cleavage

This product really works I was blessed with a thin figure with a flat chest AA bra size to go along with it in my twenties. After I had my son, and gained a few pounds that I was glad for, my chest size increased slightly. It wasn't till I was in my 40's and started strength training on my body that my boobs started to perk up. Wow I was shocked to have some kind of cleavage. In my mid 40' I was measured at Victoria 's Secret for a bra size and was surprised to find that I wore a 36D! I didn't believe it and bought 36 C size bra. Still my boobs were pretty saggy, I considered a boob job, but was not too keen on surgery, so I started to look for a non surgical method. I tried another product pills and cream for three months, but did not see significant improvement. I found this product in November of 2013, and wow, what a difference. I felt the initial difference right away within two weeks, and they just seem to be getting bigger. I haven't told my boyfriend, but he is definitely more attentive to my boobs, and has made comments of how they seem to be heavier. I feel the difference in that my boobs are just fuller, more plump even my nipples appear more plump. I haven't been back to Victoria Secret to be remeasured, but I'm sure I've gone up in cup size. Finally at 49, I have the firm and perky breasts that have always alluded me, who needs surgery now! Thank you NatureDay, from a former AA, you have improved and enriched my life with Fulfillment! V~

07-01-14     I started with an aa and grew to an a cup

This product is amazing! My friend bought me the pills and cream and I saw growth in 2 months I was so excited! I started with an aa and grew to an a cup my goal is a c cup. I can't wait to see the end results!

06-23-14     Looking forward to your help.

Tina, I have used NatureDay for over a year. I used another natural breast enhancement company's product (pills only) before NatureDay. Then, I started using a third company's natural breast enhancement products (pills and cream), overlapping NatureDay's four products for a short while. However, I have not even closely experienced the success that so many others have testified about. My small breasts grew about one-half inch and became firmer, but I still do not fill an A cup bra. Do you have suggestions as to what I can do to get much better results? Would it help to take more pills, drops, etc. to make a stronger formula? Before ordering your four products last year, I read most all of your testimonies and looked at the Before and After pictures that some had submitted. So, I was very excited to start your program of products. Looking forward to your help.

06-22-14     faster results.

Please do not post my name and email. I have always felt uncomfortable with my breast size. i wore push up , padded bras all the time and i never wanted to be in bikinis. I had low self esteem. I thought that nothing could fix them except for expensive surgery. I look for natural ways to enlarge my cup size online and i came across natural day. I have been using natureday breast enhancing cream for 2 months now. My left breast is naturally smaller than my right breast. I apply the cream on my left breast twice a day and once on my right. As you can see in the picture, i was much flatter in the before shot. In the more recent after picture, my breast are noticeably fuller. i am so happy i tried natureday. I will continue to use natureday cream and hopefully will start using the liquids soon to achieve faster results.

06-22-14     My nature day experience has been really amazing

Please don't use my name or email on here! My nature day experience has been really amazing. I've only been taking it consistently for about 13 weeks now, but the transformation is crazy. I feel my breast getting rounder and heavier. They fill out some of my bras better than before. I've been using the liquid and the pills and just ordered my cream after talking with amy through email (thanks Amy!). I will continue with this product until I reach my goal of a small C cup, I'm an A now. Love this product!!!I want to be ANONYMOUS and to only post my testimonial note, not our email exchanges. Thank you again:) Sent from my iPhone

06-21-14     I am so greatful to have found nature day products

My PRODUCT testimonial : I am so greatful to have found nature day products. I was very insecure of my petite stature and small breasts. I always felt like I looked like a kid and the comments of strangers justified it by asking if I was 12 when I was 19 . I felt like a woman in a child's body. Nature day however has made me embrace my short stature and gave me the curves and confidents of a woman. I am always asked if I am older than I am. I used to stuff my brah with hella and padding to make them look bigger, now they are two cup sizes larger! They look fuller and rounder- and HUGE. I was embarrassed of my tiny pale nipples and they are larger and red. I love my body! I love my breasts! and I love me! The old and new. This one just got sexier ;p Thank you Nature Day products! Sent from my iPhone 9920140129230236

06-16-14     I am seeing some growth

Hi, I ordered two bottles of liquid and a bottle of pills a few weeks ago and recently ordered a jar of cream. I have been taking the recommended dose for better results of one dropper and three pills once daily, then started adding in the cream at night after my shower. I feel I am seeing some growth. Is what I’m doing ok to see results in a fast amount of time? Or would you recommend more of the liquid. I have read so many different ways of taking the products, I am not sure which is the best. I am flat chested and have a fast metabolism so I am just wondering of a dose that would be best for me if not what I’m doing now. Thanks!=

06-14-14     my bf has being enjoying the increased sex drive

My left side is starting to catch up. I know my bf has being enjoying the increased sex drive. I can't wait to continue my growing journey. Pss. ..

06-11-14     great progress

Hello, I've been using your product off an on for about a year and a half with great progress. i would like to know how to make my breast full out more. please don't use my name or email thanks

06-05-14     I have got some slight growth

I have a questions, I have been using your liquid for 5 months now, starting from one dropper a day for 2 months, then 1,5 dropper a day for another 2 months and 1 last month - 2 droppers a day. I have got some slight growth (half a cup)So I just wonder would you recommend to have a break for one month or so?

06-04-14     buying your products again

Hello, I have a few questions. I was using your product a few yrs ago. In 2011. I actually sent an after picture. I was over joyed with the results. I went from a 34 b to a 34 c. I don't remember how long I took it for, but I want to say around 6 months. That being said, I'm still a 34 c but my breast aren't as full as they were when I was using the products. I'm considering buying your products again. This time I want to reach my original goal of 34d. I believe it can happen because your products work. So saying all that, my question is, once I reach my goal, what can I do after that to maintain the roundness of the breast? Do I have to take the products here and there to keep it up, and is this normal,To loose the roundness of the breast but still keep the size? Any info is greatly appreciated... Thanks,

Response: If you apply the cream once a day one jar will last about 3 months. Maybe apply the cream and or liquid after you are done for a little longer to sustain the growth. We are happy to hear you grew a lot last time.

06-03-14     From a 32AA to a 32A!

Please do not show my name or email. I bought three jars of the cream, three bottles of the liquid, and one bottle of the pills. After about 4 months and a half I've already gone up a cup size! From a 32AA to a 32A! I used the liquid for the first month while also using the cream on my smaller breast to even it out. It actually made my smaller breast bigger than the other one now. They aren't even yet, but it's getting there. Now I'm using the pills and the cream. The cream will actually last about two months and the liquid will last a little over a month. I'm definitely going to using this for a few more months! I'm feeling so much more confident in my clothes now. My boyfriend and I are very happy! Thank you so so much!!!!

05-29-14     I did notice that my breasts filled out from a 32A to a small 32B

I used Nature Day a few years back in 2012 and purchased the soap, breast cream and liquid. I did notice that my breasts filled out from a 32A to a small 32B in just a few months. I stopped using Nature Day due to greater financial responsibilitis but then started using ND again this past March. So far, I’ve consumed 4 bottles of the liquid (just started my 5th) and 1/2 container of the cream. I’ve also just purchased the pills to take with the liquid. For a few days I felt a slight tingling sensation but then nothing. I’m wondering if it has something to do with being on a new birth control because my diet hasn’t changed. I drank coffee with the ND both times (only one cup a day). I don’t drink much alcohol so I can’t figure out what else it could be. Do you have any advice/guidance regarding whether BC might be hindering the growth? I know it worked once before but now I’m going on my 4th month with no sign of growth and I suppose I should stop taking it soon but has anyone else experienced growth and then absolutely nothing? Sincerely, J

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05-29-14     Voice
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05-27-14     sooooo happy

I've been using Natureday since mid December within 20 days I got one inch! I also massaged 2x a week. For years I was a 34aa now i completely fill a 32b !! I'm sooooo happy I can feel comfortable in swim suits now! Hopefully I can get a full 34b then I'll be completely satisfied . I love Natureday , I used pumps and a cream called mobutta which did absolutely nothing thanks Natureday! And the shipping only took 3 days

05-14-14     Thank you so much!!

I've been taking NatureDay liquid extract for 3 weeks, 1 dropper each morning as soon as I wake up. I started out as a 36AA - my bust measurement was 81 cm - and my chest was basically flat. Now, I'm starting to fill my A-cup bras, and with a pushup bra I have some visible cleavage for the first time ever! My bust measurement is up to 84 cm, and there's been some rounding and fullness developing, and my nipple areolas are getting larger too. I'm really excited to see progress so quickly!! Thank you so much!!

05-07-14     fuller

Hi I am wondering why you can't have coffee with your products. Can I have decaf coffee? I have had the soap and cream I have noticed the difference just using them. Have become fuller I will. Be getting the 8mth supply in the next couple of weeks thanks

04-30-14     have not seen anymore growth

Hello, I have been taking the pills and drops since the end of February and grew almost an inch in 3 weeks, but have not seen anymore growth since then. Is this a common occurrence? I’ve been taking 2 drops and 2 pills everyday on an empty stomach. I know that growth comes in a 2-8 week span, but its been 8 weeks and I haven't seen growth. Do you have any suggestions or comments to this? Thank you!

04-28-14     persistence is key

I just submitted a note but I'm not sure I added my email, so I'll do this again. I've used natureday products before and seen some growth but I was always inconsistent with the usage. I've been using the liquid drops and cream religiously for 5 months now and I'm very pleased with the results so far. before my breast were not full at all. Now, in the second picture they are noticeably more full and perky. I feel out my bra a little better now. My goal is to reach a full B cup. I just have 1 question.. After using the product for 6 months will the growth be permenant?? Either way, I know persistence is key!!! I'm excited to continue on this journey.

04-14-14     I am noticing a difference already

Hi! First off let me start off by saying how much I love these products and I am noticing a difference already. I first used the liquid and then went out of town and ran out and my breasts shrunk, until I got home and had my 2 month package waiting. I used the liquid first, two + droppers a day, and ran out a couple days ago and started the pills. This time around they are growing quicker and faster! I wanted to know what you recommend the treatment be to get the best results? I haven't used the cream or the soap, just the liquid and the capsules. I'm an A and I want to be a small C. is that possible to achieve? And if so, which products should I use most and for how long? And will the results be permanent? I'm about to order another package, what do you recommend I get? Okay sorry for the 21 questions:). Oh! And please don't post our email exchanges on your website or any of my information, thank you!

04-07-14     I saw a much more bigger difference

I spent so much money on pills&creams from different companies in the past few months, and then I tried natureday. I used the liquid extract and the soap for 1 month and I saw a much more bigger difference in this one month than in the past fews. My breast is already a bit rounder and bigger, and much more firmer, the touching is amazing! I'll definitely use other liquids extract and try the pills!(don't put any name please!)

04-04-14     growth again

Hi, so I've been taking the liquid (2 droppers full a day) for a little over a month now and have experienced tremendous growth but as I head into the second month the growth seems to have slowed or maybe even stopped altogether. Is this normal? Should I be worried? Is there something I can do to begin seeing growth again?

03-13-14     I gained almost a cup size

i did take a before picture but i lost it when i got a new phone i sent in a picture now but i will take a before and finish my bottle of pills and send in a before and after picture! I ordered the three month supply and I gained almost a cup size so I will send in a picture afterward. Thanks.

03-07-14     I have noticed my Brest are firmer

I have noticed my Brest are firmer I had four kids and they were saggy before I took fulfillment your products really work I take three pills twice a day/ liquid and it has only been three weeks my boyfriend massages them twice a day for five minutes.

03-06-14     my breasts got so swollen and huge that I almost felt embarrassed

Hi, Please don't show my email and name. I started taking natureday liquid extract from 1/14 to 1/27. For those 34 days, I finished one bottle. I think I took like 3-4 droppers a day. Since my period started on 1/28, I am taking some break like 4 days now. I will take it again this week. I am 34 year old aian woman and my bra size is B. and I am telling you now, I am going on a bra shopping today for C cup. If it didn't happen to me, I would never ever have believed this. third week, I thought it was growing a little but didn't feel dramatic differece. However, during the fourth week, my breasts got so swollen and huge that I almost felt embarrassed and a little worried because it was so new to me. My breasts were one day very tender, then next day sore. I felt all kinds soreness(pinching, just general sore, everywhere in my breasts) in the second week. Every morning, my breasts surprised me. To some people, it won't, but I felt my breasts were huge. As soon as I came back from work, I took of my bra since my breasts were spilling out. My breasts get bigger before my period but this time, I knew it was nothing like that. Oh, I stopped drinking coffee(I took natureday liquid instead in the morning as soon as I wake up) and drank protein shake every day. Now that I am not taking it for like 4 days they are not as huge and swollen as before but it is still big enough for a new bra and still give me some growth pain. My left breast is larger and so my goal is putting the cream only on my right breast. I will update my progress here. About the picture, I did not take before picture because I was not expecting this fast growth!

03-03-14     I'm very happy so far!!

I've been trying so many pills and stuff for breast enhancement since the past few months and nothing worked as the natureday liquid did. In three months, I can see my breast much more fuller, rounder, bigger and firmer!! I was flat as a board. Now I have breasts. I've lost a lot on money on other companies, and I was thinking about the implants, but natureday was my last try. I'm very happy so far!

03-03-14     seeing results!

Hi Natureday! I've been using your breast enlargement cream for about a month, and I'm happy to say I'm seeing results! I'm still an A-cup but I fill out my bras much better and I've noticed that my areolas are pinker and healthier looking. I'd love to try the liquid formula too (and continue growing!),

02-21-14     WOW this really works

WOW this really work!!! i can not say anything but WOW!!!

02-03-14     awesome results from this product! omg I'm excited

I have a few questions! :) I just ordered the liquid, i read after i get results i can take the pills after, with or without the liquid. I know someone who has been taking this for 2 years and they have had awesome results from this product! omg I'm excited! lol can you please give me a step by step instructional on how to take The liquid?

02-02-14     she bought it and her boobs got so big

never tried this before i hope it works i hurd alot of good reviews about it and my friend told me it works she bought it and her boobs got so big

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01-07-14     Then I discovered Natureday

Hi! I've tried all kinds of creams and pills to increase my breast size. I've spent $100's over the last few years and started to believe that surgery was the only way. Then I discovered Natureday! The first month I didn't notice any significant difference. The second month of taking the pills my breasts began to feel more tender. I am now in my third month of taking Natureday and I can really feel the difference! They are fuller and heavier then when I first started. It seems now that I have reached this point that I can feel the progress more than before. I'm so happy to have found an alternative to harsh surgery. I plan to keep taking Natureday in order to see even happier results! :)

12-31-13     Omg this is unbelievable

Omg this is unbelievable I've gotten an inch in 20 days!!!!! I also have before an after pics? Should I let my body rest for a while then restart taking it? Do you think I can get another inch in 20 days ? Sent from my iPhone

12-30-13     it did a great job

My sister brought some of the breast enlarger cream and used it twice then she felt pregnant and gave the rest to me. this is just 5 weeks using it every second day in the morning and at night after a shower. i think its great stuff, im blown away from it, i didnt think it would actually work but it id, and it did a great job.. i dont have any left I need to order more. TY

12-23-13     Thanks Natureday!!!!!!

Hello Natureday am really really happy about my result so far i just ordered the cream today invoice number 9920131223204828 please when will it be shipped out? Thanks Natureday!!!!!! [...]

12-14-13     seen results very quickly

I am very happy with your product because I have seen results very quickly. I'm actually about to order more cream. I have been flat chested my entire life. Im past my teenage years so it's extremely embarrassing now as a young woman. But I think your product may be the fix. Thanks [...]

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