Female Testimonials

Female Testimonials
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11-17-13     buy new bra's to match the fullness I have achieved

Dear Tina; Thank you for for getting our order to us. I have become a convert to natureday because over a long period of time I have used a couple of different products without much, if any success. My girlfriend suggested your company and my husband agreed to pay for the products but only if we saw some kind of results over six months which we did, and now does he have to continue paying for your products but also buy new bra' s , to match the fullness I have achieved. Thank you so much. Ps my husband will not allow me to post pics. Kat

11-13-13     my breast are growing slow

I would to thank you for all your help in getting the product to me because i made a misstack. I lost connection with the internet when makeing my order. I recived my order on Nov 5th. You did a good job my breast are growing slow but i can feel the growing pains and it feels good hope to get to a 38b size. Think you Fay.

10-22-13     Very happy in AZ .

Tina..thanks anyway. I decided over the weekend that I am VERY satisfied with where I am and won't be ordering at this time. It seems that just as I was asking you about the growth along came the 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch and that is what I wanted. I may want more in the future, we'll see how they feel.

10-22-13     my breast are growing. I am so excited

I've been using your products for 11 weeks now and I noticed that my breast are growing. I am so excited and will continue til I reach the size I want. I am a coffee drinker and I stop drinking since the day I start using your products. Is decaffienated okay to drink? Hope to hear from you. M

10-03-13     starting to notice more fullness

I started with three droppers of the liquid for the first week then 3 pills once a day. I then read the liquid works faster so I ordered more of the liquid and did three droppers once a day, along with the 3 pills and cream two to three times a day. I think I am starting to notice more fullness so I ordered more of the liquid. Also do you recommend taking organic flaxseed oil vitamins or is applying the actual liquid form better?

10-01-13     my bra's are filling and fitting better

I am firmer and my bra's are filling and fitting better, thank you so much it's been awhile since I have felt this good about my figure and myself. Sincerely, Ka

09-30-13     in a month in a half i was able too fill up a B cup

Well i would like it if my name wouldn't bee mentioned :) but in the beginning i was not comfortable with my breast size because my friends were bigger and i wanted to look good for my boyfriend I wanted my breasts to increase and i found out about the nature day product i began to use it and in a month in a half i was able too fill up a B cup and was so happy of how my boobs looked and how soft they felt my boyfriend even noticed the difference :)! I would like to say thanks to Tina for helping when i had questions and for the nature day product making me feel better of how i look

09-18-13     I am noticing some results

Thank you for the update. I do plan on submitting a testimonial as I do believe that I am noticing some results since beginning the program 2-3 weeks ago. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

09-15-13     I really like your products

I have been using your drops and soap for 8 months. But quality products cost money, and I am on a limited income, so in searching for a less expensive alternative, I came across a large bottle of Fenugreek capsules for less than $5.00 at a local superstore that begins with a 'W' and ends with a 'Mart', and have been taking them along with your drops and soap. This has also been helping to give me thicker hair. I have had a hysterectomy and must take regular hormonal supplements to keep my hormone levels balanced and I wanted something to enlarge my breasts that wouldn't interfere with that, and so far your products along with the Fenugreek capsules seems to be working with no ill side effects. I really like your products. I do feel, however, that the breast cream and soap would fit my lifestyle better than the drops and soap, should you choose me to receive a free 3-month supply. Even so, I shall continue to buy your products when my finances allow. I am very pleased with the results that I have had, and I do not believe that it is due to the Fenugreek alone. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. Please keep my real name private. Here again are the pictures.

09-09-13     Czech Republic

Hello Tina, 17.6.2013 i did order complete package. 2.7.2013 the order arrived and since then the result is just incredible, in just 2 months my breast has increased by 2 inches and are more fuller than before, i am definitely more confident and happier, thank you :) I'll today order. The order will be to Czech Republic again. Have a nice day.

09-06-13     my breasts became more supple

i started natureday 2 mo ago. I use the supplements and cream. i have increased half a bra size, amost a whole size. i immediately noticed a difference because the skin on my breasts became more supple and my aereolas went from brown and flat to pink and perky. my breasts are more round now also which is a great improvement. i am very happy with the product and will continue its use. if you can use my after pic let me know, and thank you! i have greatly improved my perception of myself and could not be more grateful to all of you.

09-05-13     I feel very confident now

Very verryyyyyy reliable! I've been taking the pills/liquid for 19weeks on and off. I was a 34B I fill in a C. That's incredible I feel very confident now, I am very happy with MY results I think my boobies look beautiful. Thank you so much.

09-02-13     Love my boobs. :)

Thanks Tina, As slowly as I've increased the size of my breasts from flat to what I have, I'm amazed at how well your product works. Natureday is Grrreat! What is it you mean by 1 dropper = 3/4th of a dropper. Isn't a dropper a dropper? Oh at 3 droppers a day how long will my bottle last. Thanks, Love my boobs. :)

08-31-13     I used to struggle with a saggy

I used to struggle with a saggy b now i am a plump c!! thank you soo much NatureDay. i noticed results within in the first two months, i will continue using the drops and pills. :)

08-26-13     i've been getting alot of tingling not soreness

Okay cause i've been getting alot of tingling not soreness and i can tell there's a little bit of growth so your product does work just takes awhile so i will keep buying more till i reach my goal.

08-24-13     I LOVE the results

I have been using Nature Day for around 5 or 6 months. I LOVE the results. Before I was barely fitting in an "a" cup; now im filling a "b" cup very well. I use the liquid (2 dropper full) and cream in the morning and before bed take 3 of the pills. I told my best friend and she loves it!

08-18-13     It will be time for me to reorder soon

I have been using Fullfillment now for three weeks. I used three droppers full for the first 10 days and saw immediate swelling, firmness and felt tingling, soreness and tenderness in my breasts and I saw about 1/2" - 1" growth total. After I completed the one bottle of drops I switched to three pills a day and I continued to have the same results for the first 4 or 5 days, but after that it seems like my progress is reversing. My breasts are small again and I'm not feeling the same fullness, tingling, soreness, etc. It will be time for me to reorder soon and I was wondering if you recommend me doing anything differently with my dosing. I plan to purchase the Success Package next time. Thank you in advance for your advice and assistance! St

08-15-13     there has been an increase in fullness in my breaststhis first month

Hello there, as I already said in a past email there has been an increase in fullness in my breaststhis first month. Throughout this second month I have upped my dose of liquid to 60 drops and added cream into my regimen. Throughout this second month there have been a few little pains and burns here and there but nothing dramatic. I think I am around 20 days into this second month and have not really seen any more changes although I have been doing more. My question is how do the growth spurts work? Are they supposed to come gradually throughout the month or do they come randomly and in larger amounts than they would gradually... Like one day you sort of wake up and they are bigger? I was just wondering because o thought adding more to my dose would do more, and I am sure it will do more eventually I just do not know if it is a gradual or random thing. Thank you for your wonderful product, I know so far it has at least given me a little more cleavage :)

08-14-13     I finally got a very nice growth spurt

Hello. I shook up and opened a new bottle of droppers and added two dropper fulls to a glass of water as I have been doing every day. I noticed immediately that the mixture tasted VERY different than I have noticed in the past four months. It was extremely sweet and very strong. Is there perhaps something wrong with that particular bottle? I also wanted to add that I almost gave up 3 months into taking the product but then shortly afterward... I finally got a very nice growth spurt! Very exciting. D..

08-13-13     I felt firmness and swelling

I have been using the whole range of Natureday Fulfillment products since the beginning of April 2013, it is now mid August 2013. Within the first few weeks I felt firmness and swelling before my period as would occasionally happen in the past while not taking any NBE herbs. The firmness and swelling decreased after my period but each month it seems that my breasts are getting fuller, firmer and heavier then the last. In my after photo you can notice my right breast is fuller and rounder while my left breast is more lifted and less saggy. I will keep taking the the pills, drops and using the cream and soap and hopefully the changes I have noticed will stay permanently!

08-12-13     had fantastic results

Hello, I placed an order with you almost two years ago and had fantastic results. I recently lost a lot of weight and I'd like to purchase your product again. I am a very loyal customer and have referred a few clients to NatureDay. The only thing is, I wanted to order the 6 months package, but in that package it includes too much of the liquid. When first ordering the product I found that I achieved great results without much use of the liquid. I also could barely stomach the liquid and found that I did not use it very often. Because of this, I wanted to just take the 3 bottles of pills and replace two of three liquids with the enlargement cream instead. Is this possible? So in total, it would be the 3 bottles of pills, 1 liquid, and two jars of the cream. Also, if this is possible, does the soap still come with the package? I'd like to make my purchase as soon as possible! Thank you in advance, I look forward to speaking with you.

08-05-13     i started your wonerfull product about a month ago

So befor i started your wonerfull product about a month ago i wos practicaly flat as a wash board, no shape...nothing realy even worth taking a picture of.Now after a month (of two dropers of liquid and one or two pills a day) i have started to develope proper shape and feel a little heavier every day realy. Im so happy with the results that im seing and feeling and want to continue use of your product (THAT ACTUALLY DOES WHAT IT CLAIMS! ) For many more months.I couldnt even fit into an A cup befor i began ,but to my delight i now can :) i hope to get to a B cup with continued use...iv always had small breast and due to that a very low self esteem about them...my self esteem is slowly geting better as i see results. If i can get to a B cup my low self esteem about my breasts will b GONE and i no then i will defenantly b able to say "thankyou natureday,ur product has changed my life" . I no i can get there and im so exited to.

07-27-13     I have see a great improvement in my breasts

Hello, I have been using natureday for 10 weeks now. And I have see a great improvement in my breasts, they are rounder firmer. I am very happy with the results. I have one question for the past 2 weeks or so my breast are very tender, sore is this normal? But even though they are tender I still keep my schedule with using the cream, pills. Thank you Natureday Sent from my iPod=

07-26-13     boyfriend told me that my breasts seem fuller

Do you guys know if the order even went through? I'm really worried about all this :/ in better news my boyfriend told me that my breasts seem fuller... Like theres more cleavage :) I've onlybeen on your products a little over a month and there's already a change. That's why I'm so eager to continue use of your product! Thanks so much for everything, have a good day!

07-25-13     this there is some growth starts in my breasts

Hi my name is jaspreet from patiala,Punjab(India). I lost my breasts after delivery of my daughter's when stopped breast feeding I already send my photo of last month before use of fulfillment liquid which was brought by natureday. I really feels lucky to take this there is some growth starts in my breasts , I thanks to natureday for this.

07-24-13     I grew a full inch in the first 5 weeks

Hello, I started using your liquid and pills about 3 months ago. The first 4-5 weeks I took 3 droppers full twice a day. When the liquid ran out, I switched to the pills and took 3 pills twice a day. I grew a full inch in the first 5 weeks or so, including gaining a lot fullness. I started the cream about 2 weeks ago. I've tapered the liquid and pills and am now down to one dose a day as per the instructions, and I use the cream twice a day. I then started taking flax seed oil after reading the other testimonials, and I've noticed that my breasts are now shrinking. I've always noticed some slight shrinking around my period and have noticed that the growth has really slowed, maybe even stopped. After starting the flax seed oil, I've notice a considerable reduction in size, and I am close to my original size before starting your regiment. Please let me know what I should be doing and how I can get my growth back! Should I increase my dosage? Thanks, D.

07-22-13     my tiny little underveloped breasts have felt atlot better to touch

I couldnt help but send these in!! Its only day 15 for me and iv defenantly thought my tiny little underveloped breasts have felt atlot better to touch but i didnt realy think to much wos going on (its only been two weeks so i wosnt loosing hope) but when i looked at these pictures side by side this morning i couldnt help but smile! The front on pics dont realy do the justice but the side on ones shows that just from the end of week one to the end if week two, they are rounder and fuller :) im am so happy that this is the results iv seen after only two weeks! I am pleased with your product so far it does what you claim! Im exited to continue use and looking forwad to hopfully actually filling out my little Acup bras properly very soon. :) Sent from Yahoo!7 Mail on Android

07-15-13     I feel some 'thickness' in my breasts

I think this would be my first grwth spurt. I feel some 'thickness' in my breasts, and a lot of soreness around the nipple. I've been taking the cream and liquid, and I've just ordered the pills. Will the pills help increase the spurts?

07-12-13     Voice
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07-12-13     Voice
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07-02-13     your site was a very good company and in good standing for many years

Thank you so much Tina! My testimonial: Working in computers I researched for days and came across your site. I then researched the site credibility and found that your site was a very good company and in good standing for many years. So I placed my order. All I can say is I love your products and the liquid started working for me within a week. I also did some extra things to speed up the process. Also later I purchase the soap, pills and lotion. After nursing two baby's for 4 years with hardly no break in between, the damage was done. After a month of use I was no longer saggy. I was on the small sized to being with, a small B cup. Now I am a small C cup and still growing, YAY!!! The small C came within a month of use with your products and some extra steps. I mix the tincture with my homemade all natural lotion I make and every time I applied it I felt tingling or burning sensation. I know that is a sign of growth, because the next day I am a little bit fuller! Natureday is a great company. They exchanged the lotion I purchased because of some of the ingredients didn't agree with me with the tincture. They suggested the exchange I never thought it would be an option. They respond to my questions and concern quickly. This is not normal business practice anymore these days. Thank you so much for making a wonderful and affordable product. And for having such AWESOME customer service! Thank you. Please do not share my name and or email. Thank you I am glad my testimonial was good! You guys seriously earned it!! Also, I wanted to correct my testimonial. I started out as 31 1/2 inches and now I am 34 inches. Thank you!

06-26-13     im still so happy with results

I hope these wrk better. I was an A32-33 now im a B34. Been using ur product since March. im still so happy with results. I have 1bottle of drops & sum pills left. really wanting 2 make it 2 a C36. Now thanks 2 u Natureday, i know that goal isnt impossible! Ty so much

06-25-13     How fast could I see two inches

Hello, I used your pill/ liquid 6month supply 6 years ago and was very happy with my results. I have recently lost 20lbs (yay!) and my breasts have started to sag. I would like to perk the ladies back up and gain another 2 inches. I know its very possible with your product but would like to do it quickly. My questions are... How fast could I see two inches? Which package would you suggest with which dosage? (I was leaning towards the 8 month but doing it in 6 months time) Would my continuing weight loss slow this process down? (10 more lbs to go!) Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers, MN

06-24-13     im still growing a little

ty very much. im still growing a little. 3wks ago i was a B34. Now we think C32 by measure but we are going bra testing sometime this wk. i will give u an update.

06-17-13     they have gotten fuller and more round and perkier

It's only been 2 weeks but I can feel they have gotten fuller/ more round and perkier!:) can't wait to continue for months use and see the growth!!!:) Sent from my iPhone

06-16-13     I am a happy customer

Hi, I just want to say that I am a happy customer and have seen little results only in a matter or 8 days and am very happy and wish to continue using your product. I put an order in for the three months supply (tablets and two liquids) on the 30th of May 2013 and received it after one week. It came in the mail very quickly but the name on the box said bar soap but in the package was my first three months supply I had ordered on the 30th July 2013. I haven't received the bar soap yet which was my second order made on the 1st of June. I also made another purchase for a three months supply again on the 3rd of July 2013 and that has not arrived yet either. I just wanted to know if my items were posted yet as I received my first order only after a week. Each three items I ordered were paid separately My location is in Australia and I am just very keen to use more of your products which is why I am worried about whether there has been any mix ups. Thank you Invoice Number: 9920130603091710

06-14-13     your company and products have done sooo much for me

You and your company and products have done sooo much for me, the least I can do is get the word out there! More women need to kno! I also wrote a more indepth review on my tumblr. I wish I could work for you guys and hand out business cards are something. Lol Well anyway thanks for a lifetime of confidence! -MG

06-14-13     really happy with the results. im so excited. feel better bout myself

I was a A32 bk in 2011. I had started Nature Day. i have grown ovr a cup. i started taking Nature day in March 2013. Im really happy with the results. im so excited. feel better bout myself but i am wanting 2 make it 2 a C34 or 36. Im almost out of pills & drops so i plan on trying 2 get more. ty soooo much natureday. really changing my life & self esteem. ty ty ty.

06-10-13     I wanted to say again how much I love this product

So I've already left feedback before, but I wanted to say again how much I love this product. I've been on the pills, liquid and cream for a year now and I am so much happier. I started off at a deflated 32C, 31 inches around the fullest part of my bust. I am now in a 36D, 35 inches around the fullest part of my bust. The company it's self is absolutely amazing! They are always quick and courteous. Sometimes when I order, it ships the same day! I'm continuing my progress for awhile longer, haven't decided what size to stop at, but I'm enjoying the adventure! Keep my email private please. =]

06-07-13     looking for some natural breast enlargement product

Sometime ago i was desperately looking for some natural breast enlargement product, i came across this site, and today i am extremely glad i found natureday. It's a dream come true for me. After reading the testimonials, i thought i'llgive it a try. just 3 weeks ago i ordered the expedient plan, the drops have finished, and i still have some pills to go, and i already feel my breasts becoming rounder, fuller, and heavy in weight then before. i am a mother of one, and after having my little one, my breasts came down from A size to AA. But now they've become stiff and tender again. i'm starting to feel my breasts again.if your planning to try this, i have to say, don't think again. these products are a MUST.

06-05-13     only product where I've actually noticed a difference

Hi. You can show my first name, but please don't show my email. I started Natureday in March, having brought it before then but not actually starting til then. I started with the liquid and the cream, and by the third month added the soap. This is the only product where I've actually noticed a difference, and I've tried several breast enlargement products. I am really pleased and amazed by my results in a 3 month period. My breast may not be a lot larger, but they are definitely fuller. I added a photo along with my Before and After pic to show how I now fit in one of my bras. It's an ordinary bra, not padded or anything like that. Before I fit it normally, now I seem to be busting out of it lol. Like I said, this is the only product where I noticed ANY kind of result. I was on another only pill regimen before this and didn't get any results whatsoever, and I was on that for 6 months(cause that's how long my supply lasted).... I've been on Natureday for half that time. I can't wait to see how I'll look in another 3 months!!! Natureday possibly might not work for everyone since were all different, but I definitely think it will work for most. My honest opinion is, if your gonna try any product, Natureday is most likely your best option. There is also surgery of course, but for me personally I whether not risk surgery. Good luck with your success ;)

05-31-13     I AM NOT FLAT ANYMORE

Please don't use my name or email. After breastfeeding my 3 beautiful girls my breasts became very deflated. I was a very flat AA and didn't feel very womanly at all. I wear a size 34B bra so that it looks like I have breasts. I looked into implants but felt the risks fall outweighed the benefits plus the cost and possibility of another surgery in 10 years wasn't appealing. I stumbled upon the natureday website and was so surprised by all the positive reviews. I was so happy there was something that really worked and it was naturally done!!! I bought a bottle of fulfillment and a jar of cream from amazon with a gift card I had in April. I took 2 droppers of liquid per day for the first week and used the cream twice a day. Then I switched to 1 dropper a day and cream 2x a day. I also took 1 tsp of flax oil a day, cut out all caffeine, and ate more protein. After 5 weeks I have much more volume in my breasts! They are more rounded and are starting to fill out! I AM NOT FLAT ANYMORE :)!!! My husband has noticed as well and he was soooo skeptical of the cream/herbs working at all, not anymore! I was so happy with the initial results I ordered the complete kit which came today. . . 5 days after I ordered it! Thanks Natureday for making such wonderful products, I am so glad I found your company first. I will update in a couple of months.

05-23-13     noticed a little result

Hi! I've been using this product for almost a month now and noticed a little result. It's not much but my breasts look and feel fuller than before. After having two kids and breast feeding, my breasts just shrunk and lost its shape. I was considering breast implants but so scared of the risks, not to mention, also expensive. I would like to continue using natureday to continue growing so that I can have more confidence and wear sexy outfits. Thanks natureday day! P.S. Please don't include my name and or email...just my intitials is fine.

05-21-13     i am a satisfied customer

hi! i found out it was delivered to the wrong address. i went to neighbors' houses asking about my package. finally, one neighbor, who is an elderly man, said he had my package but couldn't remember where it was placed. so i helped find it in his garage & it was there. :) i do have a question.. i am a satisfied customer who has gone from an AA due to breast feeding to a regular A. i've only been able to take the pills/liquid a month at a time, then may skip a couple of months before ordering again due to financial hardship. i had my first order at the end on July of last year and it is almost a year now. is it possible to still get to a B cup if i'm doing that? or do u you think everyone's breast stop growing after a certain point and will no longer grow no matter how many pills are taken? please let me know, .thanks! :)

05-16-13     my boobs grew and became more round

I used natureday for three months and WOW it made a huge difference! Within the first week I could already tell that they looked and felt more firm. After three months of the liquid and pills and one month of the cream my boobs grew and became more round and more firm! I have no doubt in my mind that if I ordered another supply they would continue to grow. That's exactly why I plan on ordering more. I don't just believe this product works I KNOW! I feel out of bras way more and feel a lot more comfortable in a bathing suit and even have more cleavage! I have told all my friends about this product. Thanks nature day! I feel a lot more confident with myself and I'm glad that my boobs are more firm round and bigger. You can tell the roundness and perkiness in these photos and we all know pictures never lie. if your reading this and doubting this product DON'T JUST PURCHASE!

05-14-13     Even my boyfriend noticed they are rounder

Please do not show my email. The pictures I have included are of my progress after just 4 weeks. 2/25/2013 I started at 31" at my bra line 33 1/2" in the middle and 32" on the top cleavage area. After four weeks 3/18/2013 I remeasured at 30 1/2", 33 7/8" and 32 7/8". I know from typing it out the measurements don't sound like much but the pictures don't lie. Even my boyfriend notices they are rounder, firmer and perkier. I have always had issues filling out the cleavage part of my bra and I am finally filling them out. I bought the soap, cream, liquid and pills. I did 2 full liquid droppers in the morning in a small glass of soy milk. Water just isn't enough to cover the terrible taste. I applied the cream once in the morning and once in the evening. I massaged for 10 minutes then used a heating pad for another 10. I took 3 pills in the evening and used the soap every time I showered leaving the suds on for about a minute. Its important that you stay diligent with the regimen. Using the same time frame every day really helps. I do not have pictures for my progress from 3/18 to 4/22 but the measurements are as follows 31", 34", and 33 3/8". As you can see I still grew but the growth was less rapid. The program said this was to be expected because the greatest growth is in the first 6 weeks. I will continue to use all products in the program until I have enough cleavage to fill out that little black dress. I have noticed a huge difference in their shape. I am very happy with the extra roundness and the bottom and in between the cleavage area. This will take time but the price is worth it. I have tried bountiful breast and breast success. This is the ONLY thing out there that works. These testimonials are the real deal. I suggest keeping caffeine intake to as minimum as possible and try to eat a lot of protein. Any woman looking for an answer that rules out surgery this is as far as you need to go.

05-05-13     Nature day is amazing

Nature day is amazing!! After reading other testimonials I really couldn't wait to start. As soon as I started it was fairly slow and I started loosing hope, then they started hurting non stop and I was so exited even though I couldn't touch them. And I didn't see any change but I had been watching them allot to see if I could see any difference... And then my friends started saying to me " wow! Growth spurt much" and etc. and that really boosted my confidence. I have gone from a C cup to a D cup. It actually works! So if your reading this testimonial I say go for it! It will boost your confidence and I'm guessing why your already at this site your wanting to have a change. You won't be disappointed.

05-05-13     I started to feel fullness

For about 4 years, I was constantly wearing sports bras. I would wear them with my nicest clothes and pretty much with everything. This is because I didn't have the right size boobs to fill a normal push up bra. I would search all over for my 34A size bra, but very little stores had them. I have been using the breast cream and enhancement soap for the last 3 months and right away I started to feel fullness. I can now fit in a 34B!! I now love wearing push up, lacy bras. I feel a lot more confident in myself! I am going to keep using Natureday! This product without a doubt works!!

05-02-13     I found something that actually works

Iam glad I found something that actually works,I was a full B but when I had 2 pregnancys in a row my chest was deflated didn't feel comfortable taking off my bra infront of my husband anymore, till I found this site ordered Da cream,pills, and liquid and I was surprised that I had results I wanted after a month...iam so glad I found these products and hope everyone who is hesitated to use this tries this cuz it works!!! Now iam back to my full B and loving it as well my husband

04-27-13     3 months with more growth

I took herbs for breast growth for 2 1/2 years with some growth. I have taken your product for 3 months with more growth. I will finish my latest order tomorrow except for the cream. When done will I still grow some more?

04-24-13     I am very pleased with the Natureday's customer service

Hello Tina - thank you for your quick reply. As always, I am very pleased with the Natureday's customer service. A++++ Just to let you know I love your product. I have seen growth and will continue to buy the products until I reach my desired size. Kudos to the makers of Natureday. You can use this as my testimonial but please don't use my email. Thanks!

04-22-13     my breast so much perkier and fuller.I just filled out a B

HII!! I Started using your products a little over two months ago. I love them! They made my breast so much perkier and fuller.I just filled out a B before, but now they are popping out of a 34 c! I would love to continue using your products and sending you updated pictures. I'm so excited! :) I attached an after picture, please don't use my name or email, if if possibly cut my face out of the picture. Thank you tons!

04-21-13     AWESOME!

Hello. I bought natureday around a month ago. (first time). I finished the liquid and now I am taking the pills. I love the results, my breasts became fuller and firmer. I wanted to know how long it would approximately take for my order to arrive in Aruba. My second order was shipped on the 4th. I wanted to thank you for natureday. It works very fast and I never thought I would be able to love the way I look. You guys are AWESOME! Have a great day and I'll be waiting for your reply.

04-18-13     Oh my goodness

Please dont show my name or email but Oh my goodness! Ty soo much! I didnt think it was possible! I have been using FULL PACKAGE for 45 days now. i have grown a full cup size. was a A33 & now B33. Trying 2 get outta that inbetween size. still difficulty with bras. lol. In past i tried BreastActives full package (6mo.). it made me go fromA32 to A33!! That was it! Made it horrible! Big waste. My body can b vry difficult. Still tryin 2 wrap my head around that ive grown. hubby has more fun. likes make them jiggle. im still going 2 keep taking everything. we thinkin a big C. unsure but now i know its not an impossible goal! TY TY TY SOOO MUCH!!

04-17-13     i have results already

I am so pleased with the results that NATUREDAY has given me. For years i have been so insecure about my breast. Thanks for changing that this product is phenomenal its only been 26 days and i have results already.

04-08-13     very happy customer

I just wanted to say thank you. I really love your products. Good day, Thank you, that is very kind of you. I just wanted to say I am a very happy customer. I will be continuing all my needs through Natureday. I am so glad that I had choose your company. I think you and your staff are very comforting. Yes, please send my order out on Monday so I can continue to grow.Thank you so much.

04-08-13     I had picked Natureday was because, the honest testimonials

Good day Nature Day:I'm am so happy that I picked Natureday. I had read a lot on the internet and did my research before, purchasing these products. Natureday of course. The reason I had picked Natureday was because, the honest testimonials had made me realize that the company is not FAKE AND THEY DON'T TAKE YOUR MONEY AND RUN WITH IT. I had purchased a three month supply on March 14th 2013. Now I be gosh darn it is working. I have been so flat I could pass for a guy. I have been so depressed because, I really wanted full breasts(for my husband as well.) I was always wanting full breasts for self esteem. When I started it, it did take about two weeks and it showed promise as my breasts were feeling fuller and firmer. I follow the directions to the t.Well I did go a little overboard but, I did slow down it works best that way. I have to say to men and women when you read this it is what I have experienced. I never thought it would work because, of the negative words on the internet. I was willing to give it a try. I have had positive results. I just ordered a new supply of the biggest package they have available. That is how positive I'am about this company. Remember I had read a lot and the other companies seemed to be fake and a lot more expensive. I'm staying with Natureday. I will update in April 14th 2013. (A month of use.)

04-08-13     BOTH my breasts are a lot fuller, perkier as well

Hello all, I have been using natureday now for 4 weeks and have gotten AMAZING results!! I am 18 years old and have always been very self conscious about my breasts. Before I started using this product, I was always shy about wearing bikinis or wearing low cut shirts because one of my breasts were larger than the other. They were also not as perky as other people's I had seen. That was a HUGE problem to me. 18 years old and already having a bit of a sagging problem?! Not cool!! I stumbled upon Natureday's website, of course with doubts, and then decided to order it. All I got was the cream just to see if it worked. I took a beginning shot and measurements. 4 weeks later I measured again and took another shot and WOW!! I started off for 2 weeks just putting the cream on the smaller breast, then put it on the larger one too for the other 2 weeks. Not only are BOTH my breasts a lot fuller, but they're perkier as well!! One breast is still larger than the other, but I plan on buying the pills and liquid to see if that helps. I am so pleased with my results. I wear a bikini now in confidence and even my Fiancee noticed. I, without a doubt, will continue using Natureday's products! Thanks, Natureday, for helping me down the right road to solving a problem and gaining confidence!

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