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Female Testimonials
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08-31-12     The cream is already working

Oh wow thank you for the prompt response Tina...im looking so forward to trying the liquid..in two weeks im gonna get some soap too! The cream is already working...the sides of my breast are spreading I swear and its only been 11 days. The top is still flat but they seem to definitely be filling in. I will be happy if I could achieve a full firm bursting 36c coming from a loose saggy and flat at the top 34b. I will keep you guys posted! Please keep my email private Hi: I decided to lace the order and just do the regular shipping. My order is #9920120830190801 and please switch out the pills for the liquid extract. Thanks in advance!

08-30-12     im filling out on the sides at the bottom

Been on the cream since Monday (a week and a half ago)(3x per day) and im filling out on the sides at the bottom! still want more firmness and fullness especially at the top but im gonna stick with it! please keep my email private T

08-23-12     Natureday is definitely working

*please don't show any of my information* I've been using natureday for 2 months now and plan to continue to use it longer. I noticed my only growth so far within the first 2 weeks I was only using the liquid but taking 2 full droppers. Then I went to 1 full dropper plus 3 pills but I haven't noticed a change again since then so now I am back to 2 full droppers plus the pills. Natureday is definitely working. They are more fuller which you can't notice that much in a photograph but it is definitely happening. I'm going to continue to use natureday for at least the recommended 6 months and I think they will fill out more if I stick with it. If you are hesitant to buy, my recommendation is definitely the liquid if you don't want to spend too much it's so far the only product that I know for a fact made my breasts grow.

08-18-12     Mz.Big n Bouncy!

You know...I must say, if you are reading this and wondering if you should give it a try, do not delay a week to look around at other products. Your search is over. I started out a flat long 38C, now I'm a 40 DD. I 1st bought the cream and drops in August 2011. Then ordered 5 times the cream drops and soap Oct 2011. Then bought current cream in June 2012, still have a half bottle of drops from Oct 2011. I frist noticed the tingle everyone talks about the first time I used the cream. Then after 2 weeks I saw fullness coming in. So i started the drops too. I was also using flax oil capsules for the first 3 months. Then they started feeling waaaaay more sensative and my nipples stayed hard. FEELS GREAT by the way. :) So, by the time I finish my cream and drops from my first order on Aug 2011, it was almost Oct. I used it every other day at recommended dosage and cream once a day, at bed time after a shower. In that 2 months I stopped all caffeine intake. I had gone from the flat 38C to a much fuller 38D. I was satisfied and decided to try the soap drops and pills in Oct 2011. Boy o boy...it seemed like I just woke up one morning, about a week after this order and it felt like something heavy was laying on my chest. When I stood up, I realized it was my boobs!!! They where super heavy and full and sensitive as heck!! I rushed to the mirror and my jaw dropped...they literally had a huge growth spirt over night. Actually, it sort of shocked/scared me. How could this be? So, I was due for my yearly mammogram and I was nervous that they would say something was wrong with them. I normally have questionable mamms because they are naturally dense. Had a biopsy 2 yrs ago for what turned out to be a cysts the size of a tiny green pea, like half the size of a green pea. So I was shocked when they said my mamms looked great and nothing odd this time!!! That was a bonus for me. So after the shocking gain only one week after starting the pills drops and soap in Oct 2011, I stopped taking all of it. I was now a bulging 40D. I didn't want to get any larger. My hubby was convinced I must be pregnant and just not showing a belly yet. Haaahaaa! I assured him I was not. I don't have children, I have 2 yorkies :) and I'm 40. Ok, so now I'm not taking anything and I give my remaking pills & soap (kept the drops) to my best friend who swore I had an enlargement. LOL! Now she is hooked! Fast forward to June 2012. I decide to buy some more cream to see if I just put it on my nipples would they get bigger. Haaahaaaa, I should have know better not only did they go from being about the size of my pinky finger nail to the size of my index finger nail in a month, but now I'm a 40 double freakin D!!! This stuff reacts to my body chemistry very very well! I'm not disappointed with this gain, but unless my boobs start going down, I wont be buying any more, any time soon. My nipples are super sensitive and large (which makes for really easy orgasisms ladies, let me tell ya!) And they are still soft and very bouncy when I move. I would sell this product in a heartbeat if I could open a store in my town! Ok natureday, time to make a clitoris enhancement too! I would surely drive my hubby insane, because my libido has already been boosted into overdrive just from my nipple sensitivity! THANK YOU FOR A PRODUCT WELL WORTH THE MONEY! (Don't show my email address.)

08-16-12     I am now a solid 44A

I used Fenugreek and Saw Palmetto for two days before your order came in. Since that time, I've been using yor soap, cream, liquid concentrate, and pills. I love he smell of your soap and cream. The liquid concentrate... not so much so :( I rubbed the liquid on my breast and nipples twice. And that's about it. A few weeks later there i found something going on. A little burning, maybe some tingling, and tenderness, especially near the nipples. This is very, very different for me. I know my body, and it has never done that before.I'll admit I had little mounds on my chest since puberty, and when I started my transformation a few weeks ago, I started as a male with Low-T with a bra size of 44AA. I am now a solid 44A. Maybe I was highly affected by your treatment. I think the hypnotheraphy helped too. Had been doing tat for a week before your box arrive. I'll keep you informed. I don't understand the chemistry, I only see results. And I like what I see. Thank you Natureday, thank you so very much. I feel like I am becomming a woman, more and more every day, in every way.

08-03-12     wonderful product

Hi I've decided to wait til I grow more then I will send my pictures. It is a wonderful product. I have tried other products and none have worked for me like yours. I will be placing another order very soon. Thank you.

07-28-12     I really wanted breasts implants but they said I couldn't get them til I'm 22

So here's my story, I have always wanted bigger breasts, ever since I was 12 and they never got bigger than a 34AA. Out of everybody I know mine are without a doubt the smallest making me the most self-conscious person ever!! whenever my friends would talk about their breasts, or guys would talking liking breasts, I'd get really quiet and self conscious. I hated it soo much, I really wanted breasts implants but they said I couldn't get them til I'm 22, which was last year but getting surgery kinda freaks me out, so I found out about Natureday and was very skeptical about it. I started march 7, 2012 and I noticed a difference right away, not so much in size but in fullness. as a few months passed I noticed my bras feeling a little tighter and I was getting closer to an A cup, I was soo excited to see the results, but then they slowly went away, I felt like my breasts were deflating, I was so upset with this but I still had almost a full Jar of cream and half a thing of liquid so I stuck with it in hopes that it will still work. I am so glad I didn't give up because I started to see results again!! I was soo excited so I ordered more Liquid and cream, almost done with my 5th gar and I’m now a full A and in some styles B!! I still want my dream of being a large C cup but I'm way happier now than I was before!! My advice for anyone using this, if you notice that your breasts are shrinking stick with it, they grew faster the second time around!!

07-20-12     I have quite a bounce in my step now

Let me start off by saying I love this product! I was once a 38DD but only because I was over weight, once I lost it all I came down to a 32C. They weren't too bad but my breasts were left saggy and deflated. Tired with the self-esteem issues and not being able to find a properly fitting bra I started looking around online for ways to naturally grow my breasts. I would never get fake boobs I don't have the money and I just don't think it's safe. That and they would just be two lies on my chest. Finally I found Natureday, I orderd as soon as I could. After just a week I had gained half an inch, after about 3 weeks I was in a 32D. My breasts are fuller and bigger, you could say I have quite a bounce in my step now. In another week or so I should be up to a 32DD. I am very happy with the results and I would recommend anyone and everyone that wants bigger breasts. If you can do it naturally you should. It's safer, cheaper and real. Thank you Natureday. <3

07-15-12     glad to say Natureday does work

I am so glad to say that Natureday does work! :) You just have to be patient and keep in thought that every one's body is different, keep high spirits that you WILL get results, and stick to the Fulfillment directions and tips! My breasts were pretty tubular and I was quite unhappy with them because it seemed like they just stopped in the middle of growing in puberty and I was left with flabby boobs as an adult! I am currently taking the Fulfillment Liquid supplement and Fulfillment soap. So far, it's been 2 weeks, they are a bit squished when I wear my old 34B cup bra, and they're a little more "fuller". (p.s.) You'll know if it's working because they'll be feeling increasingly tender.

07-05-12     the products are working. And my breast do feel fuller

Thank you Tina. I will have to say that I do feel that the products are working. And my breast do feel fuller just a bit after using them for a week. I have a question about caffeine. What if I have one cup of green or white tea in the morning? The caffeine count is must less than coffee. What do you think?

07-02-12     my breast feel a lot heavier

Please dont use my name or email. I've been using the product for about 2 months and a half. the first thing i noticed was my breast feel a lot heavier and slowly they have begun to "fill" up. the awkward space space between my breast keeeps reducing! im normally extremely thin so i was skeptical about using the product but now im just anxious about what i'll look like in 6 more months!

07-02-12     MUCH safer then breast implants

Let me start off by saying I love this product. In just 2 week3 I gained half an inch. When I started using Fulfillment I was a 32c not too bad but they were deflated and not as much fun as they should be. I once was a 38DD but only because I was over weight, once I lost it all I came down to a C. My breasts were deflated and sad. It was very hard for me to find a bra that fit right. I could forgive every imperfection on my body, my odd thighs my stretch marks and what not but my breasts mean everything to me. They are two wonderful things a top our ribcage. Tired of the self-esteem issues I looked online and finally found my salvation. Natureday <3 As soon as I could I ordered. I take 3 pills a day one dropper and I use the cream at night and just after 2 weeks I gained half an inch and after three weeks almost a full inch. I'm still only into the first month but it's been a great month I'm already in a 32D. My breast are fuller, and bigger, you could say I have quite a bounce in my step now. Pun intended. I've already recommended this to a friend. I would be happy to tell anyone about it. It's cheaper and MUCH safer then breast implants, and best of all they are 100% real not fake. Nothing beats the real deal. Thank you Natureday. <3

06-27-12     feeling some more roundness after two weeks

Hi everyone! I was looking for a long time on internet on natural ways to grow my breasts since my weght loss. I used to weight 170 lbs and had full D's, but biking a lot to go to work made my weight drop to 132 lbs (last time I checked)and I lost the fullness. I started using Natureday on the 21st of May and started feeling some more roundness after two weeks of rubbing it in my breasts twice a day. I also use pressure, kind of like a deep tissue massage but softer, enough so that my chest muscles would feel it while I applied the cream. Now, today 26th of Jue, I have grown an inch of "boobline" and I have to say that they feel heavier and more "in the way" of my arms. I used one full jar of cream and now I'm thinking I should've bought 2! Thanks Natureday, because of you I am more confident. Please don't show my e-mail address.

06-27-12     Thanks so much for you product

Thanks so much for you product! I have grown from a 34A to a 34B in two months I will continue to use the product till i see desired results thanks again!

06-18-12     saw a huge difference

Iv'e been using natureday for about ten months and saw a huge difference. It changed my life. My confidence boosted a lot. I recommend you use natureaday to increase your breast size more than any other brand. Ley

06-15-12     I must say that it does work

Hello: I have tried your pills and liquid drops and I must say that it does work. I would love to re-order, my only problem is that I do not see an option where I can just order the pills. I do not want to re-order the liquid drops. Please tell how I can just order the pills. thank you, An

06-05-12     the combo works wonders

Hello there Natureday, I purchased the cream first, than the liquid recently and the combo works wonders. My breast were droopy looking. When I was in my early teens, I was a slim 32B. Then when I was well into my 20's, I was a 34B/C, but I usually wear C cup bras. Now, i'm in my early 40's and i'm having growing pains now and I can't fit my C bras no more now i'm a small D.

05-30-12     Within a week my breasts started looking fuller

I wanted to share my review more directly with you guys. I didn't think to take a "before" picture to be able to supply "before and after" pics, sadly. All of our bodies are different and react to various stimuli differently. I figured I'd share my whole story, just in case someone can relate and make a better judgement as to whether this product is for them or not... Plastic surgery isn't an option for me, due to cost and the fact that I would really rather not go through it. I have to be careful to avoid most anything that adds estrogen to the body (like birth control pills, and thus many pills designed to increase the bust or clear up skin). Through past experience of various factors, I have learned that my breasts grow easily and "deflate" slowly if much at all. I used to have a 32B as a teenager, went up to a 36C with a massive medicine related weight gain (I'm 5'7" and went from 124 to 176lbs. I dropped to 140lbs and retained the cup size), also went up to a 34D with birth control (which was stopped and I mostly retained the cup size), pregnancy brought me to a 38DD (another lovely weight gain), breastfeeding to a 38DDD then I dropped back to a 38DD after ending breastfeeding. On top of that I lost a lot of weight (am 145lbs with a good deal of muscle, thank you roller derby) and am a 34DD. All of this, left my breasts deflated in appearance, and highlighted the stretchmarks I got during my massive weight gain as a teenager. After researching a lot of options out there I settled on trying just the cream from Natureday. I figured the price was more than tolerable and bought just a single container, knowing that a lot of the reviews stated they felt a difference in about a month, and very noticeable results after 3+. I only wanted to fill out my current cup size and feel more confident in a bikini top, so it felt like a decent gamble. I felt soreness after the first application. Within a week my breasts started looking fuller. It has now been a month, and my bras fit better, I fill out tops better, and tight shirts and sports bras don't flatten me out anymore. There has been no general weight gain, the only changes are in the breasts. I would like to try to finish filling out to be a nice full DD. I originally came here to order more (and possibly try the liquid and see if it gets me to where I want to be faster), then decided I was too happy with the results to not share my two cents as well. I hope this helps someone with their decision, whichever way they choose to go. :)

05-29-12     I can now date and not feel awkward

I used the breast cream for just two months and it worked wonders! I used to be a little a cup but now I'm a b. Using this amazing product has now given me so much more confidence in myself. I can now date and not feel awkward about anything. Thank you for making such an amazing product that has helped me so much!

05-29-12     my breasts used to be saggy

Hi Tina, I take two dropperfuls of liquid extract in a glass of water or milk at at time. However, I have wanted to take more dropper fulls of liquid but have been hesitant of any risks. I personally do not mind taking more, but how much more do I take at my stage?Several months ago, my breasts used to be saggy and now they have more meat to them and are more lifted. But I want them to become fatter and rounder and more lifted. I am 34 yrs old, never had babies. They used to be 36 C, I have not measured the new size but my bra does feel much more filled up. But I want them to be much bigger n fuller. What do you recommend?How much liquid do I take at this level at a time?Or multiple times a day? Please help ASAP! Thanks.

05-23-12     my results are gradually making the way there

Hello Tina! I just wanted to mention that i am enjoying every bit of this product i only been taking it for 2 weeks and my results are gradually making the way there! just wondering if there is a max to using this? i also wanted to mention that this product get me extremely horny maybe this is caused by my showing results i am not sure just thought i mention :S haha. Thank you soo much and i will be keeping you posted ..

05-23-12     It's getting much fuller and even my family members started to notice

I've been using Natureday products now for three months and I'm starting to be proud of my breast. It's getting much fuller and even my family members started to notice that it grew. Now even without push up bra I can be self confident with my breast.

05-23-12     gradually my results of what i want are showing

My goodness! i must add on to the excitement of everyone else!! i been taking the liquid, pills, cream and using the soap for 2 weeks! gradually my results of what i want are showing i cant wait til i am done everything to see the final result.. i might buy some more! By the way this product makes me extremely horny! maybe its cause im liking my results! ;D

05-21-12     and boy do I have great results

Hi! Mss. Tina G., Natureday I couldn't wait to write to you but I had to wait to see my results and boy do I have great! results. I've been a small or i mean a deflated saggy 37 C cup now I am a 40 C cup but they look like if I have a implants there beautiful really firm round bouncy but not gigaly, I would like to reach my goal of Double D's I'm still using the fullfilment still have some I justpore a few drops on each of my breast every day twice a day at 6;00 in the morning and at 6;00 p.m. The soap is almost gone I use only in the morning too when I take a shower, I know that by now I should of ran out of the products but I'm going slow with them so my family won't be in shock because every day is a new day with surprizes of my chest, I will order more before I ran out of my products, these products are unbelievable they are one of a kind fantasic it chandes our lives we feel more curvesious and men do look and look and have a big smile and really friendly, I'm keeping up the work until I reach my goal, I will be in touch,Than You! Mss,Tina G and natureday P.S. I recieved my products on March.19,2012. Today's date is May.20,2012. It's been two months that I've been usind the products. Have Great Day! Sincerly, V

05-19-12     already noticed a small difference in the size

Aloha, I am a very small AA and I'm 25. I have always struggled with my breast size, trying to come to terms with it. I thought about surgery but I know my body would reject the implants, so waste of money and not worth the pain to my body. So I found your site and decided to try it. I bought a six month supply of the liquid and the pills. Now I'm not very good at taking things everyday but I do my best. So I've been taking three pills a day (mostly) and one dropper of liquid for about a month now, I have already noticed a small difference in the size. Nothing really measurable yet, but even my boyfriend is noticing. I am happy to keep taking the steps to reach the size I want. Even if I take it for a year and a half it's still cheaper than surgery! :O) I thank you for offering a way to get breast growth safer than most anything else. You've got a loyal customer who is spreading the word!

05-18-12     I definitely could see it working

Hi, I am a big fan of your natureday products. I have used them before but never been consistent long enough to see a huge difference. I know it works because when I did take the liquids I definitely could see it working. Now I really want to commit to taking it in addition to a high protein diet. I wanted to know when I order the eight month supply if I could exchange the pills for the liquids. Please let me know because the liquid is what really makes the difference in my case. I will love to post pictures of my progress and share my natural breast growth experience. Thank you. Regards,

05-16-12     Voice
Voice Testimonial

05-16-12     Voice
Voice Testimonial

05-13-12     First of all, THANK YOU

Hello Natureday! First of all, THANK YOU! I, like many women, have been contemplating breast augmentation...UNTIL I learned the risks. That depressed me, because I knew I couldn't put my body - and my bank account - through all that. I began my journey in December of 2011 at a (barely!) size 32AA/A (that is, 32 under breast, barely 33 fullest part of breast, maybe a little less than that). Nearly 5 months later, I am a proper 32B (32 under breast, 34 fullest part of breast)!! I actually achieved this size relatively early, about 2 months in. My routine is as follows: I begin my day with an application of the cream just before dressing; I follow with one pill with breakfast; I then take 3 droppers of the liquid with lunch; I follow that with one more pill with dinner; I then end the day with one more application of the cream before bed. I avoid caffeine (though I LOVE coffee and tea, so I simply switched to decaf), including dark chocolate (I love dark chocolate, but I have a choice to make). I also make sure that my PMS meds exclude caffeine. I absolutely love the transparency of Natureday, providing consumers with a way to express their grattitude and ask questions. That alone makes this company a cut above the others. But, hey, this WORKS!! I love it! Thank you so much!!

05-11-12     my boyfriend is very happy with the results

I started seeing results within the first month of using natureday products and now after about 4 months I notice my breasts are bouncier and firmer my boyfriend also very happy with the results he cant stop raving about how well it worked and its all natural! I would definitely recommend this to anyone that is not happy with their breast size. I used to hate my breasts and now I love them! 5 stars Natureday!!!!

05-08-12     I have seen some growth bud want to get more

I started on April 1 with liquid and cream on April 9 this year.I now am on the pills and cream. I have seen some growth bud want to get more. Should I get more of the liquid or pills? I will be out of the pills by the 20 th of this month. I would like to maximize the enlargement.

05-03-12     I stumbled across Natureday

Ok, so let me start by saying I have probably the smallest breasts ever...and I hate it!! I use to lay awake atnight crying because it's not fair and I had to try so hard to actlike it didn't bother me when people were around. Ever since I was about 15 I have decided that I'm getting implants and started saving money. I was almost halfway there when my frien came to me with a problem and she really needed the money so I gave it to her. I started saving money again and once I got halfway there AGAIN my sister was having money problems after getting into a car accident and buying a new car and house so I gave her the money....then one day when I was looking at prices online I stumbled across Natureday, I started thinking about it and decided I would much rather try that than get surgery. I read about Natureday as well as many other products but Natureday seemed the most realistic so I figured what did I have to lose. I ordered just the cream I use it in the morning and at night, sometimes in the middle of the day too. I want to try the liquid and soap as well but have to wait till I have some extra money. So far I have noticed a big difference, not as much as I would like but it will take some time, it's been about 2 and a half months since I started using it and it's great!! My breasts feel alot fuller and firmer even though they only look a little bigger. I am really happy that this stuff works and I will continue to use this until I am satisfied with my breasts size, It is well worth the money!!!

05-03-12     beyond grateful for your product

Hi , I am beyond grateful for your product. I went half size up in just 6 weeks. I had very high hopes for nature day and its made me shine and more confident then I ever been before . To anyone who is interested please keep in mind that it is not one day process, so don't give up in 2 weeks if you see no results. Although, I find a liquid to be very nasty in taste there are way to " work with it " .What i find to work better, is to take mint leaves and seltzer water mixed with liquid formula and drink it before i have any food . Its masks the taste amazingly :) Not 100% better but just enough to be able to drink it..But even so its such a little price to take for fuller breast . Also when using cream and liquid together don't forget to massage your breast at lest for ultimate results. I love this products and any women who are insecure about their breast sizes should at least give this product a try. thank you nature day, with love Ella.

04-28-12     the cream is making my breasts grow

Yes the cream is making my breasts grow, there's not a huge difference but it's only been about 2 months. I don't know in average how fast they should grow. I was a small AA and I'm still not a small A but they do feel and look bigger. Pretty much the only caffine I have is a coffee, use to be one a day but now I'm cut back to about 4 days a week.

04-26-12     my boobs went form a 36b to a 38c ALREADY

Ive been using this for 10 months like my boobs went form a 36b to a 38c ALREADY!!!! I love this stuff already...thanks nature day

04-25-12     starting to fill in

Thanks Tina. I have been taking 3 droppers and applying the cream twice a day for a week and I am starting to fill in. It's great.. However, you mentioned that if I want faster results to take both the liquid and the pills. How much of each would you recommend? Hopefully that's my last question.

04-14-12     2 months and have had good results

Hello. I have a question. I have been using the liquid and cream for about 2 months and have had good results. Would I benefit even more if I used the soap and pills as well? Do all four (pills cream liquid and soap) have more of an effect that just liquid and cream? Or should I just continue what I've been doing? Thank You

04-01-12     I just can't get enough of your product

I just can't get enough of your product!!! It works so good. I've been using the cream and liquid for only two months and already there's a gain of an 1.5 inches! I started as a low B and am nearly at a C, thanks to Natureday. I included pictures to show my progress. p.s. please don't show my email

04-01-12     have become more full in my breast

I have been taking the liquid for one month now and have become more full in my breast. I just bought the 8 month supply and received the other day. I have stopped all intake of caffine and take 2 dropper now each day as well as use the soap and breast cream will I see faster results this way?

04-01-12     I've gained a whole cup size, and would like to gain one more

Natureday, I've been taking your product for about 8 months now. I've gained a whole cup size, and would like to gain one more.. a DD. I've been taking 3 pills, and 1 dropper of liquid for the past 3 months. I'm not seeing as much gaining as I used to. Any suggestions?

03-31-12     my breasts have become MUCH fuller and grew a whole inch

OMG!!! I have tried many creams and lotions before, but after only a week of using the soap, my breasts have become MUCH fuller and grew a whole inch!!! I went from a 38-b to almost a 39-c ALREADY!! And I am not even done with my soap yet!! You guys are a life saver for a me, I feel alot better about myself, and I did it the natural way <333

03-28-12     i can feel that my brests feels heavier and harder

I didnt stop taking or lower the Dosage. I have been taking 3 pills and one dropper of the liquid for 3 weeks today, and i can feel that my brests feels heavier and harder, also feels a littlebit bigger but nothing i can see by looking at the brests. So i wonder, i cant feel nothing growing pain yet at all, do that meen that they dont grow? Or can it ? I like the feeling that its symptoms that they actually crows, so maby im unpation :P But shouldnt i see some differense as well as feeling it after 3 weeks? :)

03-22-12     already moved a half inch

i have been using Natureday's breast enlargement soap for about 3 weeks now and i have already moved 1/2 inch and my breast feel and look more fuller and i;m thinking about purchasing this and many more products from natureday very soon!!

03-20-12     I've started as a size AA and now I am a full A

I had no idea this stuff worked that well, I am very impressed with the results I have gotten. I've started as a size AA and now I am a full A....and it's only been a couple weeks. I guess some people it works faster for than others and I am one that started seeing results right away. I only use the cream every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to bed. I kinda want to try the liquid because of how fast people have said it works. But so far just the cream is working.

03-19-12     here came the growth

I'd like it if my email address stays anonymous, please and thank you. Well, I ordered the complete package back in November of 2011, and I have been taking it to this day, and it works!! It really really works!! I put a full dropper of the liquid into a bottle of water and I take three pills a day with the mixture. Then, I use the cream three times a day; once when I get up, again in the mid afternoon, and then right before bedtime. I also use the soap before bedtime, before I put the cream on. I'm going to stick to this routine! After about 3 weeks of the product use, I started to notice a slight soreness in my breasts; it was sometimes sensitive to touch..........then, here came the growth!! I started out at a 34B, and now I'm close to a 38B/C!! It really time for me to get a new bra; one that fits me! I want to get to a D cup, so I'm going to continue using your product religiously! Thank you so much!! I've never used a product that works so well!! Forever appreciative!!

03-19-12     got some results but nothing very dramatic

I started using the Liquid about 6 months or so ago and I got some results but nothing very dramatic. The before picture (the side view one) is from around that time. After that I started using the Cream instead of the liquid and I experienced much more growth in my breasts :D Plus, the Cream smells great and it's fun to massage on, or especially have your partner rub it on for you. I have gone from a 32 B/C on your product to a 34 C/D and I love it and want to keep using! I've been using the cream about 4 months now and I hope my after picture (the full frontal) shows evidence of that. Thank you Natureday!

03-13-12     Voice
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03-13-12     Voice
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03-10-12     already have gained a half inch of growth

I have been using your products for the past 5 weeks and already have gained a half inch of growth. If you are dieting and loosing weight will this slow down the growth of your breasts? I should mention that I'm not loosing a lot of weight but maybe 4-5 pounds.

Response: If you loose a lot of weight it could interfere with your breast growth, but moderate exercise and some dieting is okay. When the fat leaves your body- the breast fat is almost always the first to go. Some people use the Natureday products while they are dieting to keep their breasts the same size as they where before the diet.

03-10-12     thanks for such an amazing product

Hi, First thanks for such an amazing product! I have been using the liquid, it has been less than 2 weeks and I am already seeing results. :) I just had a couple of quick questions because I have been prescribed two different types of antibiotics- Will I need to stop taking fulfillment products until I have finished my prescriptions? If so will my results I've achieved so far diminish? Thanks,L

Response: L, We do recommend you to temporarily stop using the Natureday products while you are on the antibiotics. Taking a break from the herbs for a few days is completely fine and you will not loose the growth you have gained.

03-10-12     A from Singapore

Hi! Please don't include my name and email address. I am REALLY amazed with your products! My goodness, I really didn't think that they would actually work! I was really hesitant in trying out your products at first, but man oh man, I'm glad that I did try it! As you can see in my first picture (which was taken on 10/04/11 right before I took your products for the first time), my breasts were kind of saggy and lacking of fullness. But when you take a look at my second picture (which was taken on 03/08/12)......jumping jellybeans!!!! They've massively grown!! I was barely a 38C in my first picture, but now, I'm a fully-cupped 38C! I even think that I'm already a 38D (not fully, though). And to think, I have just been using this product for 5 months! Can I just say WOW?!?!! So for all of you who want bigger breasts, I suggest you try Natureday's products right this second! Trust me, you will be AMAZED by how effective their products really are! This is how I'm taking your products, by the way... On the first month, I took 3 droppers full of the liquid together with 3 capsules 30 minutes before dinner. On my second and third month, I went down to 2 droppers full and 3 capsules (still), and then on the fourth month until now, 1 dropper full of the liquid and 3 capsules. But I'm out of capsules now, so I'm now only taking 1 dropper full 30 minutes before taking my dinner. Hope this helps! =) More power, Natureday!!! You rock!!! :D XOXOXO

03-10-12     Before and after

I am so thankful for Natureday! My first order from Natureday was about one year ago I have made sure not to intake caffeine what so ever!! take multivitamins for women two tablets daily Take a flax oil pill 3 times a day Eat protein bars and protein shakes daily After every shower I massage the Natureday cream on my breast I take the liquid every day with OJ (one full dropper) And I take 3 Natureday pills a day I have altered the things I eat to intake more protein I eat a lotof chicken and eggs and whole milk not 2% also I eat lots of cellery and peanut butter I will continue until I reach my goal! Will keep you posted and will send more pictures when I see more growth Sincerely, a Natureday Fan

03-10-12     I have already gained about a half inch

I have been using the cream for almost 3 weeks and I have already gained about a half inch, I have gone from an AA to a small A... I'm so excited it actually works, I will be posting pictures as soon as it's more noticeable, it's extremely noticeable to me but I don;t think everyone else will see what I see. I am soo happy this stuff really works!! :)



03-07-12     my breasts get very sore and larger

I have been using your products for about 1.5-2 months, finally cut caffeine to an extreme minimum. I have gotten fuller but haven't had much growth (1/4") what do you recommended for the best results? I massage 2 times a day for at least 20 minutes -with your lotion, use a heating pad every night for long periods of time, started about 2 weeks ago drinking 2 protein shakes a day each with 2 droppers of your liquid herbs. I also started taking multi-vitamins, omega3 and flax seed about a week ago. I did notice that before my monthly cycle my breasts get very sore and larger and I tend to keep a little of it each time, I have had 2 since starting. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you,

03-05-12     already starting to notice them getting fuller

I wasn't sure if this would work, but I am willing to try anything...especially since I will never have enough money for implants. I didn't wanna get my hopes too high because I know there's no magical formula...as far as I know at least to make my breasts grow. If this works I will be forever grateful and tell everyone thats not happy with their breasts how they can change that. I got a free sample of soap just to try it out and I don't know if it's just in my head or not but 6 days and I feel like I'm already starting to notice them getting fuller. I have just ordered the cream today and I will definitely be posting pictures once I have a noticeable change. words can describe how excited I am...Natureday please don't let me down!!! I'll keep you guys posted :)

03-03-12     R from Slovenia

Hello Tina, I just made ordered again today 4 bottles of liquid. It took around 3 or so weeks to received from my last ordered, I'm on second bottles, and noticed a little change, however I hope I will see full results after finish my 6th bottles :) Do I need to take pills too? I don't like to take pill much, Can I achieve result without pills?

02-29-12     I will continue using this

Hi!!! So, like many were in the beginning, I was a nonbeliever...but now I'm starting to believe in this!! I ordered the cream a couple months ago but didn't start using it right away. end of Jan. my sister said something about wanting to make her breasts bigger(me and my 2 sisters all have small A cups) when she said that I remembered I never started using the cream. I used it twice a day, it's only been a few weeks and I'm already noticing....I don't notice as much when I'm looking at them but they feel a lot heavier and fuller. I will continue using this, maybe even buy the liquid too!! I'm pretty excited and I mentioned it to my sister and now she said she's going to buy some n try it too!!! she's excited to start and I'm excited to keep going with it!! :)

02-29-12     first week, I saw a noticeable change in size, shape, and feeling

Please do not use my email! I have been on your product(cream,pill,and liquid) for 3weeks. On the first week, I saw a noticeable change in size, shape, and feeling. The growth seems to have stopped after the first week. However, I am going to keep using this product until I see the second growth! When would that be?

Response: SK, Hang in there each growth spurt happens every 2 to 12, mostly it’s 2 to 6 weeks.

02-27-12     fullness in the upper part of my breast

I had used the liquid that I ordered, taking about a dropper or two per day. I had only used the product for about three weeks, and I've noticed a fullness in the upper part of my breast. I'd also noticed that some asymmetry had balanced out. I will definitely more of this product.

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