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Male Testimonials

Male Testimonials
3017 Testimonials and Growing!
07-08-14     sooner!
made an order 7-7-2014 and wondered if I could get a tracking number. I've been using your products for just over a year and although I'm not seeing the type results I was really wanting, I am pleasantly surprised with my development! Looking forward to receiving my next order.Thank you very much, I only wish I'd known of these products sooner!

07-07-14     thank you again.
Dear naturewhite,I m writing to thank you for the product (breast Cream) which I am using for two months already it was very effective my breasts and nipples grow bigger in two months is amazing,before I use the cream I was flat chest now it grow thank you again. order number 9920140617075200

07-05-14     nipples to be erect
Dear Natureday, Your product is amazing! Men, it’s not if you can grow breasts, but how large do you want? Not sure where this awesome trip is going, but I realized growth in the first few days of use of cream and soap and have continued my growth. The photo is two-months into treatment and I am amazed at the amount of growth. My nipples are sensitive all of the time and I am beginning to feel the bounce and weight of my breasts. I don’t know where I will stop, but be ready because it is somewhat addictive once you see growth to want to see just how big they will grow. I use the soap everyday and try to use the cream at least twice a day, which promps my nipples to be erect most of the day. So don’t wait. If you are a male and have wanted to grow some female like breasts, this product is what you want. It really works. You may use my photo, but please do not include my email address. Thanks Tina!

06-30-14     help and convenience.
Thank you for your time and purchase for the returned package. I have enjoyed your product immensely and have seen great results with it. I will send another email with results and measurements. Thank you for all your help and convenience.

06-23-14     Thank you Naturday
Due to some genetic issues, my chest was always kind of awkwardly shaped. As a result, I was usually fairly self conscious and uncomfortable with how my breast area looked. A friend suggested the Naturday products to me and, after two months of using them, my chest is starting to look more normal. I'm starting to feel more confidence with showing my chest. Thank you Naturday! Note: IMG_0103 is before and IMG_0188 is after.

06-20-14     success
I am getting ready to place my second order. I have gained 1-1/4 inches in my breasts in the 8 weeks I have been using the success package liquid, pills and cream. I would like to get my next order with all liquid how would I indicate this when ordering online and paying thru paypal

06-19-14     forward
I've been using Nature Day cream for just over 4 month s. I almost fill a 44A bra now and would like to get up to a Cup. My wife likes to watch them grow, and to mess with them. I like Nature Day and look forward to seeing my breast grow. Thank you Nature Day for your product.

06-11-14     Take care.
Tina, I have now been on the cream and liquid for one month. Have been very satisfied with the results with 1/2 inch of growth and with the shape of my breast's changing. I am about to reorder the cream and have two questions for you. I would prefer to take the liquid over the pills (right now I am taking 60 drops of liquid in the morning and a pill midday and one in the evening with using the pills for 10 days now) How many drops of liquid equal one pill? Also the instructions on the cream says 1/2 teaspoon per application, is that 1/2 per breast or for both? Thanks again for a great product that actually does work. Take care.

06-06-14     I just removed my bra- love wearing them
First off, thank you very much on that :) I do have something good to tell you though, even better for me! As I asked re: first bottle, as I was using cream.I had been growing,,,,slowly,,,,, but being diligent with using your drops as told- pretty much- I have seen a very nice amount of growth and firmness. Looking at them, knowing they will grow well for me (also cut caff. from 4-5 cups to one). Sitting writing this, I just removed my bra- love wearing them!- and have been massaging and looking at my very own 'homegrown' pair of very, well, going to be very feminine I hope breasts. Lots of my t shirts show, as I now am filling my 36A very nicely, cant wait to have them at a nice 36B cup. On that- advice- warner's wire free bras are the greatest! :) My new 'girls' seem to be sort of alive, with these wonderful sensations, tingling for example, erect sensitive nipples, etc. Just ordered another bottle, guys it really works. You want 'em you can have 'em!! thanx nature day. feel free to use my email----

06-05-14     Thanks again and take care.
I am approaching one month of use with your products. 4 weeks of cream 3 weeks of liquid and 1 week of pills and am seeing results already! Thank You! The question I have for you is it recommended to stop useage for a week to purge your system of the herbs and then start up again. I am taking 60 drops in juice in the morning with a saw palmetto tablet. I take two pills a day, once at noon and the other with the evening meal. The cream is applied once in the morning after showering and then once before going to bed. Soap is used during my shower. If it is recommended, when should I stop, and for how long before starting again. Thanks again and take care.

05-30-14     (Please don't use my name or E-mail addr
Hi! I am about to finish my first 30 day supply of capsules and liquid and am anxiously awaiting my second month supply. The results are above my expectations and I am certainly pleased! In only a few days I felt tingling in my breast area and an unfamiliar tightness occurred. I knew the product was working and have the results to prove it. I just have to be careful with growth as I can't raise a lot of suspicion within my family and co-workers. I will follow up after my second full month of product with pictures. I also want to try the breast cream. (Please don't use my name or E-mail address!!)

05-29-14     Voice
Voice Testimonial

05-29-14     Voice
Voice Testimonial

05-29-14     Voice
Voice Testimonial

05-29-14     Voice
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05-22-14     My tits are getting so much bigger
Tina, Thx so much, I received it yesterday. My tits are getting so much bigger and have the curved feminine lines plus very firm. Thx so much Natureday....J

05-07-14     hide my breast
Dear NatureDay getting along fine with your product. Just made another order my breast keep getting bigger some day I will send some photos just not that brave yet. Been on your liquid and pills and cream for a year and a half now feel great it's kind of hard to hide my breast now.

05-03-14     am still so surprised that a male can have breast like a female
Tina, thanks for your quick reply. I appreciate you help and advice. I am still so surprised that a male can have breast like a female, by using your products. I am so happy that I found you and had the courage to try your product. It is working and I plan to continue using your product until I achieve the size I want. Thanks again from one happy male with boobs:-).zz

04-28-14     Bunny Smith
Tina - Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I am very pleased with my growing boobs. They are noticeable at work and especially noticeable at the gym. I love doing pec exercises (oops - boob exercises) and see the gym rats look at my rack with envy. I worked out at the gym for years and never achieved the wonderful size and volume of my boobs I have now. They are firmer and have lost their pec / moob shape and are breast-like in appearance. The nipples are bigger and very sensitive now. I love the smell of the Fulfillment liquid drops - they make my breasts smell like "maple syrup". I love looking in the mirror now and pleased with my developing shape. Thank you for such a wonderful product. I wish I had discovered it sooner. Please sign me as, Bunny Smith

04-26-14     Take care,
Okay, thank you for the information Tina. By the way, I'm up (and out) 2 1/2 inches so far, and growing. I was walking my dog yesterday and am starting to feel the slightest of "jiggles" when I step. I have been keeping regular checks on my 'journal' of my growth since the first day. I have also taken pictures too. I'm going to try and put together what I have so far of my development and get it sent over to you. The growth pictures are showing some of the development from then to now. My question(s) for you are what kind of timing would you like me to put it together in? I have actual dates for when I finished with one product, when a picture was taken, or when measurements were taken, etc... but I didn't know if you wanted to be inundated with a ton of writing or not. Please let me know what would be the best way to get you my journal and I'll get it put together by this weekend to send over. Thank you again for everything. Take care,

04-26-14     Thanx
I started using this last year and im on my third package of fulfillment nature day. the cream smells really nice, the fluid is easy to take. It doesn't taste bad, kinda tastes like celery salt. mix it with some clamato juice and good to go. I lve this product, I will continue to use it. I highly recommend it. I was a small a cup and im almost a b cup and still growing, I know its working cause I am experiencing budding, Thanx Nature day.

04-26-14     Heat
Hi There!!! Been taking Nature Day products for about a year and a few months. My boobs are great!!! Starting flat chested you can clearly see that I am growing round sexy boobs. They really fill out a 34B. My sex drive is like wow and just using the product makes me feel like a woman inside. I only use a dropper full a few times a week. Brest soap every day after showering and I leave it on. I have also noticed that putting a drop on each nipple each day has helped increase their size. You have to work your boobs with lots of stretching. They tingle all over when I apply anything to them and taking the drops in water instantly gets me in the mood for sex. I am planning on going full throttle with Nature Day products to get them to maximum potential, as in taking alot more product consistently. I am sending you before and after pics for the free 90 day supply. I will continue to use the products most likely for ever as they make me feel all woman without any sexual side effects that you would get if you had gender reassignment hormone therapy. This product works and is absolutely fantastic!!!! Heat

04-26-14     sliver
I used your cream and soap and as you can see my breasts have really grown. Here are some pics of the result. Please do not post my Name or email. I just wanted to tell you how satisfied I have been with your product.

04-23-14     Heat
Hi There!!! Been taking Nature Day products for about a year and a few months. My boobs are great!!! Starting flat chested you can clearly see that I am growing round sexy boobs. They really fill out a 34B. My sex drive is like wow and just using the product makes me feel like a woman inside. I only use a dropper full a few times a week. Brest soap every day after showering and I leave it on. I have also noticed that putting a drop on each nipple each day has helped increase their size. You have to work your boobs with lots of stretching. They tingle all over when I apply anything to them and taking the drops in water instantly gets me in the mood for sex. I am planning on going full throttle with Nature Day products to get them to maximum potential, as in taking alot more product consistently. I will continue to use the products most likely for ever as they make me feel all woman without any sexual side effects that you would get if you had gender reassignment hormone therapy. This product works and is absolutely fantastic!!!! Heather

04-10-14     New Zeal
Hi Natureday, I have been using your product for some years now and have experienced reasonable good results. I am currently between a C and a D cup (depending on the bra manufacturer and style) but would really like to accomplish a full D cup size. I have recently ordered more pills and liquid, and now seek your advice on the best dosages to use to accelerate the desired growth, eg, should I be taking both the pills and the liquid on a daily basis, and if so - at what recommended dosage. Otherwise,I love your product and have been recommending it to other TG girls. Looking forward to hearing from you.

04-08-14     . - .
I spent so much money on pills&creams from different companies in the past few months, and then I tried natureday. I used the liquid extract and the soap for 1 month and I saw a much more bigger difference in this one month than in the past fews. My breast is already a bit rounder and bigger, and much more firmer, the touching is amazing! I'll definitely use other liquids extract and try the pills!(don't put any name please!)

04-05-14     thank you for making my dreams come true
Natureday, I would like to start this off by saying thank you for making my dreams come true. I am a male that has been wanting to grow breasts for some time now. I just started using your products a few weeks ago and am already seeing results. I was so excited when they started to work. Thank you so much!!

03-26-14     a happy Natureday user and fan
I've been using Natureday for about two and a haf years with results but not as quickly as I had initially hoped for. Awhile back, someone wrote that he had changed combinations of what he was taking on a daily basis and was seeing great results. So, I decided to try the same. I am now taking two drops of the liquid in the morning and the evening. I do the same with the soap. In just a month, I have seen more growth than I have in the past. This is exciting for me because I was to the point I didn't think I would ever see anything above a B cup. I'm going for a C and then will see if I want to go bigger. I'm slender and not sure how anything larger than a C would look on me. As far as what people think when they see my chest in a T shirt, I don't care because I love having breasts. I don"t want to be a woman but I do enjoy having something they have and that is, of course, what I'm writing about. My breasts now jiggle when I walk and I love it. I'm a professional and wear suits and jackets most days but on casual Fridays, I wear sweaters or knit shirts. I've received a few double takes but no one has said anything to me. It could be because of my position in the company or that it just doesn't matter. Truthfully, I think it's the former. I have something to say about wearing a bra. I have no desire or plan to wear one. I might consider a sports bra if I were active but at this point I'm not. I know there are people who wonder about us men who like having breasts. I'm the same about bras. I don't understand but I certainly don't condemn a man who wants to or does. I would appreciate not having my email address shared. But, I am a happy Natureday user and fan and am pleased there are so many of us men who want what God didn't give us.

03-25-14     I'm now a believer
Hi Tina, Here is my testimonial thus far from when I've been taking the products. I started using the NatureDay products on January 25, 2014 and even after reading the countless testimonials from other men who have tried your products with success, I still had some brief doubts. Well after about 2 months of taking the liquid, pills, cream, and soap, I'm now a believer. When I started off, I already had a little bit of breast growth but that was from being a bit overweight. After my first week of taking the products, I was feeling new sensations in my breast area. By my 4th week, I measured myself as having grown a full inch from the beginning. My areola’s have also increased in diameter as well, and are extremely sensitive. I find my nipples become erect for no reason all throughout the day as well. I feel sensations all throughout the day in my breast area and could not be any happier with my development. My daily routine starts with a full dropper of the liquid into a glass of water, and a pill. I've grown accustomed to the taste of the liquid in water, but it helps if you have more water in the glass when you drink it. I will sit down for some breakfast about a half an hour after taking the liquid and pill. While I'm taking my shower, I start by rubbing the soap around my breast area and keep the water off of them until after I've managed to clean up the rest of me. I usually feel a tingling sensation about halfway through my shower and I feel that it has something to do with the hot water opening my pours and allowing the soap to work better. After my shower while the room is still warm, I massage in the cream into my breasts, but I focus primarily on my nipple and areola areas. I then go about my routine of getting dressed for the day, but hold off putting on my shirt until last so that the cream has more time to be absorbed into my breasts. At the end of my day, I have another glass of water with a full dropper of liquid and 1 pill. I then prepare dinner and eat it after about another half an hour. Before I sit down to dinner, I massage in some more cream into my breasts as I did in the morning and eat dinner without my shirt on. Those are my typical days and what products I'm using. I'm now just coming in on 2 months in and when I measured myself last, my breasts have grown out a little more than an inch and a half. The diameter of my areolas has increased by about 1/2 of an inch too. When I'm driving in my car and meet some rough areas of the roads, I can actually feel my breasts jiggling around on my chest. I'm excited to see where I can go in the coming months if I've had such success as I've had so far. To anyone at all that may be skeptical about if these products work or not, rest assured that they can, and will, make your breasts grow no matter if you're a male or female. Thank you for everything,D

03-21-14     I actually grew 1 inch in 2 weeks
Me again. We measured yesterday and I actually grew 1 inch in 2 weeks and my wife grew 1 1/4 inches in 2 weeks.

03-20-14     My wife grew more than me
I just ordered the six month supply package and would like you to send 4 liquid, and 2 creams. If that's isn't available just send 4 liquids, 1 cream and 1 soap. Transaction id 2d131531vg783845r. After one week mine grew 1/4 inch above, across the nipples and below but My wife grew more than me her results were 1/2 inch in the same areas. We have used for two weeks and really like this product and I can attest just like the rest this product works for men and women. Thank you so much and the next time I will send before and after pics which should be around one month. You can use my email as testimony but just take out my email and name. Thx again f

03-18-14     email address or name
Been 7 months since I started on NatureDay and 4 months since I last write a review. Using the liquid and cream for the past four months. Stopped for two weeks in December and breast size decreased. Stopped for two weeks in February and breast size did not decrease. At an A cup size breast. Not growing quite as fast as some of the other users but breasts constantly feel engorged while on NatureDay. Over time, I noticed that they are growing. I prefer the slow growth anyway. Gives me a better opportunity to stop before they get too large! Plan on staying a male. Do not want them too large! Having them gives me a better appreciation if what females go through with them. Thank you NatureDay for products that do work as advertised. Please do not use my email address or name. [...]

03-13-14     i love the breasts you have given me
Dear Natureday i have used your products for 2 years now with great results. They are the greatest, i love them and the breasts you have given me. I am now a full 36c with larger nipples and would like to go even bigger. My question is can you ship via UPS or just through the postal service?. I thank you again and look forward to hearing from you soon. R

02-28-14     uplifted
This is a testimonial. I have been using your products (off and on) for a couple of years. So far my breast enhancement has been encouraging. I actually fit into a 40 B bra, and would like to fill out a 40 C. I like the cream, soap and liquid. I have also been massaging my breasts to attept to get them uplifted a little. I am not going throug a sex change, I just want breasts. I am going to continue the effort. The pictures are a couple of months old, but are representative of my breasts.

02-18-14     All Good from Australia
I'm a male and started using a complete package 2 weeks ago. For the first week I doubled the dose age and at the start of the second week I went to this: 1 full dropper full of liquid in the evening and 3 pills in the morning, cream twice a day and soap twice a day when I showered. Every time I take liquid or pills I rub a little liquid into each nipple. I also take multivitamins, flaxseed oil tablets and drink 2ltrs of pure pomegranate juice per week. The results are impressive as I have moved from flat chested to a full handful of soft yet firm bouncy breasts. I'm full A cup and loving this, my nipples stand firm all the time and my wife is impressed. I don't have much chest hair but I shave and my wife has let me use her IPL permanent hair removal thing. Every thing is going well so thanks so much Nature day. All Good

02-14-14     Se from India
Dear Tina, I had received my 10 month supply of your all products last week,thank you very much. Last time i used your products for 7 months,the result which i got is sustained,now i need more bigger. Now i take your products,the result will be faster,or slow. Last time it shows in one side only,if i continue for 10 months ,can i get development in all sides or the same place only. Can i get round and fuller breast.For fast gtowth instead of flaxseed oil ,can i take flaxseed Thanks &Best Regards, Sel

02-13-14     can not stop looking at my breasts. This is an addiction at this time
I have been taking your product for less than 3 months now (liquid and cream and have added the soap since you have sent it) I cannot believe my eyes and can not stop looking at my breasts. This is an addiction at this time and I am afraid I will not be able to hide them much longer. My nipples are poking out like crazy and I have always had inverted ones. I ordered a bra two days ago just for fun. It is supposed to show extreme cleavage and I will never be able to wear in public but just for my fantasies.If I wait for my two months to send before and after pics, will I still be eligible for a three month supply? I have taken about three 3/4 droppers three times a day when possible and tried to do the same with the cream. I only use the soap once a day. I know this is a higher dose than required but what can I say it is an obsession at this time. I know I will have to slow down soon.Will this make my arealoas grow as well as my nipples are larger. Thanks ,Do

02-11-14     great product
I have been using your product for a few weeks now and am already noticed a wonderful difference in my chest - my fat man boobs are becoming my alert, bouncy small breasts. They are filling in under the areola and the nipples are facing straight forward. They command a delightful presence when wearing a tight shirt top at work. I like the smell of the liquid which I rub on my breasts each day after showering. My female staff love the smell of "maple syrup" and ask me what it is. I just smile. I have also been rubbing some of the breast cream on my neck under my jaw line and goatee. The skin has become softer, and the growth of beard on the neck has decreased significantly, making shaving easier - giving me a more smooth skin look. When I have reached my goal I will send off "after pix" for you as my testimonial for your great product. I am sorry that I had not discovered this sooner. Many thanks. (please do not include my name in posting this note on the internet).

02-07-14     I have grown out a little over a quarter of an inch already
I took some measurements the other day and almost true to what you said in an earlier email, I have grown out a little over a quarter of an inch already. I'm also starting to notice that instead of pointing out and down on my chest my nipples and areolas are starting to point out when I pull my shoulders back. I saw that my testimonial has been placed on your site now. I know that I actually look forward to breakfast and dinner now because those mean that I'll be taking the liquid and pill again. Thank you again for everything and I'll work my way up to the voice testimonial soon enough. I'm going to listen to a couple myself and see what all everyone is saying so that I can compose mine with similiar information. I'll try not to ramble too. It'll be hard because once I get started on something that I'm interested in, it's hard to get me to shut up about it.

02-04-14     Many thanks.
I have been using the Natureday products for 2 years now. My breasts are 3 or so inches larger . I recently ordered another supply of cream, soap and liquid drops however i decided to give the pills ago i was a bit skeptical because of being on blood pressure medication however i was completely fine with taking them, i first tried a pill on the evening and i noticed with in a hour i had tightness in my chest and my breasts was all tingly and sore so it was already starting to effect and that is from one pill, i have had two altogether as i only wanted to try two as too see how i got on with them and i have got to say that the results are amazing, i will now be adding pills onto my daily list schedule. I have enclosed a photo of my boobs as from today they fill the bra out really well and i'm very happy with what i have achieved. If there's anybody a bit torn between trying the product or thinking it doesn't work i will tell you it does work and trust me its the safest stuff to take as well, its pricey but worth your money, the company are very honest and very passionate with what they sell, ether if you are male or female thinking about starting natureday then seriously my advice to you is go for it give it ago see how you get on with it as i cannot say how great these products are, safest i have came across on the internet they are safe and a joy to use and its fun too. Trust me just go for it. Thanks again tina for a fabulous product, i do now want to order some pills now since i have had a great success with them, i will drop a email over to find out the price of 1 tub. Many thanks.

02-03-14     Take care
One great thing I'm noticing lately though is that there seems to be a bit of "more-firm-than-I-remember" areas in both my nipples and overall breast area. I notice also that is seems my nipples don't hesitate to erect themselves a lot not. There is increased sensativity in them and I'm starting to feel a bit more 'jiggle' when I walk. My current daily set up is to take a full dropper in water with 1 pill in the morning and evening. When I take my shower, I lather up my nipples with the soap sample you sent me. After I get out of the shower, and am dried off, I rub in the liquid around my nipples too. I started doing that last part yesterday to mark my 1-week-in point in this journey. I know for a fact that your product is working because these sensations are all completely new and wonderful. I'm looking forward to the day when I have to either fess up to my coworkers, family, and friends at what I'm doing, or try to find a way to conceal my new acquisitions. I was reading a lot of other male testimonials on your website recently and enjoyed one story where a guy said that he had to start wearing a bra because of what your product has done to him. This is the guy that said that he had to develop a thick skin (I think that's what he said) because of a lot of the negative comments that have come his way. I'm still a bit away from getting that far, but I know that I'm going to stay with it. Sorry for the book once more. I applaud your ability to keep up with the countless emails you more than likely get each day. Take care

02-03-14     had wonderful results
Hello. I used your product for breast enlargement back in 09-10 and had wonderful results. I would like to know if your products will work for hips. I would like to increase my hip size to be more feminine.

02-01-14     I have noticeable breasts and almost full time hard nipples
I have been taking the liquid and the cream for only a month now with unimaginable results. I was wondering if it has any affects on the body like the hips or thighs on men.I also noticed that some of your reviewers mentioned you may give samples of the soap that I can try. I made my initial purchase from Amazon but I am so impressed with this stuff I will be ordering more. I guess my body was ready for this change as I have never had any breasts and I have noticeable breasts and almost full time hard nipples. I have not noticed any growing pains but I think I would even welcome that.

01-27-14     Wow is all I can say
Hello Tina I am currently working overseas for my company. Before leaving, I ordered 4 bottles of liquid and started using those Jan 10. Wow is all I can say. After 3 weeks of liquid only I am now 39 under and 43 across nipples. I started 39 under and 39 3/4. I have gone through 3 bottles of liquid and have 1 left. I am addicted to the feelings, WOW !!!Can I place an order to be shipped overseas? Can a carrier like FedEx / DHL be used if I pay extra?Thank you Sent from my iPhone

01-24-14     Tammy
I'm a cross dresser and I use you cream and soap. I'm so happy with the results of your product I'm telling every one. I see telling to read Testimonials and look at the pictures I tell them it work. They were talking the other day on TG talk about what I told then so the word is getting out you will get some of these cross dressers. They want to try the products. So thank you Natureday for such a great product. I hope I help you with my word of mouth. But I'm happy with the way it work. Thank You again Tammy

01-23-14     see growth on my breast
Hi nature day I'm a male taking your products for three months know and see growth on my breast I'm so pleased to see and feel the results. I'm taking 1 dropper in the morning with 2 pills and 1 320mg pill of saw palmetto afternoon 2 pills 1 320mg sawpalmetto evening 2 pills 1 sawpalmetto and 1 dropper is this a good regiment to have

01-23-14     my results are wonderful
Hello again, I used up another bottle of liquid and soon to be placing another order. I wanted to ask what your clients say about the cream application, does this work better then the liquid? I have been using the liquid on and off since 2004, my results are wonderful. My growth process has been slow over the years since I stop and go over the years. Just this last bottle has brought more growth outward and less on the sides. This is what I wanted, the weight of my breast are much heaver which makes my running much more enjoyable. Will be placing another order for two more bottle or 1 bottle and 1 cream, I will wait for your response before placing the order. Thank you,

01-22-14     Im up to a 36B, and still going
Hey, been using the cream for a little while now and Im up to a 36B, and still going. The method I use is to take a padded bikini top, put cream in each cup and wear it for extended periods, giving the breast a constant and generous supply of cream to absorb. This has worked the fastest of any method for me.

01-22-14     Thank You RC
Hi All Its been a year or so since I started on your products, I can't believe how well it works, I am so happy with my new breasts. I did not know how my wife would react since I started without her knowledge. After I explained to her she was happy for me, as I said in the past she did buy me some bras and it was a great feeling. As a gift she got me lasor hair removal for my body hair I am all smooth now and feels wonderful. I have been living as a woman full time on weekends and at home, she continues to update my wardrobe (dresses, leggings, halter tops) I absolutly love it. She would like me to go on hormone treatment so I could someday live as a women full time. I need to reorder as I am out of product and we would like to know if your products would interfer or any issues on taking your product and hormones together. Thank You Thank You Thank You RC Please don't publish the email address

01-18-14     Alicia
Hi I want to thank Natureday for everything i been using the cream for over a year now I Can`t get over how well it work my breast have gotten so big I have to wear a bra all the time now my nipples are so sensitive make me so happy my friends love how the cream is working thank you so much Alicia

01-16-14     Im a 60 year old man with now 38A breast
Im a 60year old man with now 38 A breast. I have used your big packages about 3 or 4 8 month packages. I love the products and the results I have achieved so far. Since funding is a problem now and Im no longer working I was wondering the best way to take the products for the most success possible. My next and probably my last order Im planning on 2 complete packages ( approx. $470.) What would be the most affective regiment in taking the products ??? I use the soap daily when I shower so the other products is the question. I just want all the bang for my buck I can get. Previous orders # 9920120917173650 9920130111073311 9920130508113158 9920131009115959 Thank You for any light you can shed on this for me. Your People and the products are the best I could have hoped for and #1 in my book.

01-16-14     han
I have been using Nature Day's Breast enlargement cream, pills and liquid extract for about two months and a week or so now, and i am starting to notice significant growth. I am really happy with the results. I took 2 pills of the fulfillment bottle 3 times a day with the extract in a mug of warm coco. The smell of the Fenugreek was hard to get used to at first but after a while you start to love the smell of maple. Thank you NatureDay for you're wonderful product.

01-16-14     Daniella
Dear natureday, I am a biological male an have been on ur product off an on for about a year now. An even though the results were slow I love my breasts an the way they feel an bounce can't wait to order more ur product really works. I love it. Attached is a few pics of before an now. U can see the difference I look forward to ordering more thank you so much. Sincerely Daniella

01-16-14     Voice
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01-16-14     Voice
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