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Male Testimonials

Male Testimonials
3001 Testimonials and Growing!
05-18-12     Houston
Amy and Natureday staff, Another month and a half has gone by. After all these years of using the cream and liquid, I wished I used the soap more often. I didn't know the soap would work so well, once I soak the my breast and rub the soap onto them and rub it into my skin, I notice a good feeling right away. I think it may work faster then the liquid. I do wish there was a way to get my nipple bigger and wider, my breast keep growing bigger nut my nipples not so much. It's a good feeling to be laying on my back and seeing my breast, for the longest time I could only notice them when standing up, just these last two months I have a really good size and can see them laying down on my back. Still not wearing bra's, I should but don't. The closest I am to wearing a bra is a sport bra and that is only in public with a shirt over it. I do notice that my breast are more of a tear drop shape, is there anyway to get them to look more rounder, not so much of a teardrop shape, its not a bad thing. Just wanted to let you know my progress, still using the soap samples you sent me and loving it. My next order will be the soap! Thank you, Houston

05-16-12     Voice
Voice Testimonial

05-16-12     Voice
Voice Testimonial

05-14-12     my breasts are still growing. i am very proud
i am happy to say that my breasts are still growing. i am very proud and thank full that i found this product this has really helped a lot for me. and i am still taking it at least for awhile until i get the size i want. thank you very much

05-13-12     EL
hi,im a 39 year old male that been on your pills,liquid ,and cream for over 3 and half months.and i had some nice growh.i started out at 38 " and now im at 43".i started to fill in on the side and round out more i can fill a A cup nice and like to go to about a C cup i really enjoy the filling of have something there now, thank you natureday

05-13-12     REDS
Four more months along. Long week! I told 1 friend what I was doing and she did not responed! I've done what I set out to do! I've proved to myself and I can show others that they don't need surgery to get bigger breasts! I was tired I had a long nite and my shirts are getting tight! I'm still a straight male! Will allways be! I can give it up I don't need breasts I am a stockey man and you have to grab them to know their there! I was down to the last of the last bottle! I still don't like the taste! It was just a little more the two droppers I just poured it in to my milk and drank it down and said to my self there I'm done! Went to bed thinkin I was through!!! About six hours later I woke to the alarm to get ready for the last day of the week my glasses were across from me so I had to reach for them! And there before my eyes was a puffy little breast! Sticking out from my chest! I grew 1" over nite I was not expecting that! Not for a couple more weeks I didn't even use the cream before I went to sleep I was so tired! One look at at my breast and I remembered why I was doing this! Not to show it could be done! but for Me! I wanted them! Want them! And now I know I'm not through I still don't like the taste of the liquid I Will be ordering more! Under my chest is still 42" over is now 47 1/2" !!! 2 and 1/2" in 2 months! My mouth drops open when I look down at them! I'm still hoping for larger aereoles and nipples! Well see! Who nows what month 3 will bring! Thank you Tina for your help! Please don't use my name, email or personal info please! Ps to all these guys and gals using natureday tell a deserving friend! Let's get the boob jobs out so the surgens hands they make enough money on nose jobs! Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android

05-03-12     RRoy
After 2 months using the cream, my breasts have grown 1/2 inch. My femme feelings have increased, too. Please send 2 more jars, and charge my card? You may publish my email. Thanks to your wonderful company for what it has done for me!

05-01-12     ULA
i have been using natureday liquid cream for about 6months and i am very happy with the results i was flat as one could be and now i feel a 38b bra going for a 38c or bigger my mate loves the way they look and feel and is really wanting to see how big they will get by the end of the year will keep you updated with pics please feel free to post pics and email

05-01-12     Deed
I had heard of this product from a GF who suggested I get it for my Cuckolded hubby. I had considered augmentation for him but knew the risks involved, but I also knew I wanted him to have breasts to help keep him submissive and as feminine as possible. I purchased a 3 month supply and began giving him the pills and cream, then added the liquid which by the way he hates the taste of. I can't believe it but it is actually working on him!! I have him in training bra's now but my desire is to have him be able to wear my bra's. I am a 34B, a full "B". You can't believe how excited he gets when I tell him he will soon be able to wear my sexy bra's. He now is very enthusiastic about massaging the cream and liquid, and never missing his "pill". It's so cute when I tell my GF's I have him on the "pill" and he blushes bright red. He is very slight of build, only weighs 140#'s, 10#'s more than me, but I can actually see some little bumps there now, and swelling of the nipples and the aureole. I have often caught him "feeling" himself, as he says they are very sensitive now. I'll let you know when I graduate him into a full "A" bra.

04-27-12     RD
I'm just a big kid waiting for Christmas! Finally had another growth spurt! Grew 1/2" last nite! 3 weeks after the last! Again it grew more on the sides my chest, nipple got and stayed sore but no change to them yet! Are growth spurts random or do they go in patterns? Should I expect 3 weeks between growths? Will the next 1 be outward?

04-25-12     MB
I have been using Natureday products for 26 days. I use the liquid, pills, cream and soap..and I can't believe my eyes. My breasts have grown, I was already an A cup, but I can fit comfortably in a B cup with no room. I am going to continue this until I reach between a C-D cup. I was skeptical at first, but seeing my transformation is unreal. I get nervous a little at work, since I am showing through my shirts now. I will eventually get the nerve to take and post photos. Please, no name or e-mail shown.

04-20-12     I did notice my breasts starting to get bigger
Here is my story: I had been interested in developing my breasts for some time and got the name of your company from someone on a male breast development site. My pecs have always been large, round and nicely shaped from both heredity and years of working out with weights. Going into your site, I read about your products with some apprehension. I also read through most of the testimonials. When I asked for feedback from other men, most said your product would not work and I needed to start hormones if I wanted to grow breasts. This was not an option for me because I know that hormones can have other side effects. Also, I may be a bit different from some of your other clients in that I am not looking for C-cup breasts - I like having them bigger and fuller than most males, but not to the point of needing a bra 24/7. With a little suspicion and not a lot of funds, I decided to try a jar of the cream. It arrived within a few days, which was a good start! I began to apply the recommended dosage of cream daily after my morning shower. After a couple of weeks, I would sometimes add a little dab on each nipple before going to bed and rub it in. At the same time, I took your advice and started to take flax seed oil for Omega 3. I also started to take saw palmetto in capsule form (one of the desired side effects being development of breast tissue). I have used protein powders non stop for many years, so I kept that up as well. I can't say when, but I did notice my breasts starting to get bigger. The shape also changed to more of a female breast form.The nipples darkened and the aureole seemed to puff out a bit more, blending into the nipples. My breasts became rounder and firmer. My nipples also seemed to become more sensitive and remained hard a lot of the time - an added bonus! I finished the jar in exactly one month. I was very pleased with the results - so much so that after about 2 months, I ordered another jar. My breasts have continued to grow and change with the continued use! Where I will go from here I don't know, but I am very happy with your product and will definitely recommend it to other men who are looking for natural breast growth!

04-20-12     KJD
A month ago my wife told me she had found a website called Natureday and there was a lot of male testimonials. We spend some time together reading them and she said, you can at least try a three months supply, I will buy it for you, and you can learn me to give you massage. So she started to give me massage two times a day, and after 11 days (we live in Denmark) came 1 bottle of pills and two bottles of liquid.I started with 3 droppers in juice in the morning and 10 drops on each nipple with massage two times every day and one droppers in juice before I went to bed. After three days my nipples was very hard, and I could feel something hard was growing under the nipples. On day four we went shopping, I have never had sensitive nipples, but now they are driving me crazy when my shirt are rubbing against them. Now I understand why my wife can get orgasm when I play with her nipples. Day 5 the hard area under my nipples are bigger and I can feel new hard areas under the breasts and in the sides, and my breasts are very itchy. I have never thought I could get real breasts in this way, I already love them. When my wife was shopping new bras and panties to herself I was a little jealous because underwear for men are so boring. Now I have a chance to buy beautiful bras and panties to myself. Because I started with so many droppers a day, the first bottle of liquid is nearly empty, so we have ordered 3 bottles of liquid and 2 jars of Breast Enlargement Cream. After one week with 4 droppers a day shall I go down to one droppers a day or what will give the best result ? Before I started with massage of my breasts, my chest was 40 and 41 across the nipples. Now my chest is 40 and 42 across the nipples, I think my right breast are growing a little faster than the left, maybe it will help with the cream. Have a nice day, and thank you very much for a very fast working product. KJ You can use this in testimonials

04-19-12     I just love how they are working for me and how nicely my breasts are growing fuller
Thank you! The package arrived today. I just love how they are working for me and how nicely my breasts are growing fuller. I am a full B cup now, from being flat as a board. D

04-19-12     RE
Hi Amy, It's been awhile since I last wrote, but I think I'm finally pretty close to an "A" size. Progress has been slow, consistent. I started out at 38" inch over the chest, and now am around 41".

04-17-12     Houston
Amy, It's me again, your best customer. I just placed another liquid order, please, please email me when you ship it out once again. I am eager to get my liquid bottle and get going on this amazing product. I miss feeling the stuff working in my chest area. I am hoping this time round I will get more rounder, my breast or should I start calling them boobs are feeling great. I really do have to say, I really can't wear t-shirts anymore. I still like the feeling of letting them be bare without a bra of any kind, it's not so bad now doing this at the gym now that I where a sweatshirt, running on the treadmill sure does make them flop around, at the end of my workout it does make them hurt a little but well worth the felling of them flopping around. Lets see what growth I get from this order! Thanks! Houston

04-16-12     REE
Its been 1 month on the liquid and the cream! The sides of my chest are soft and fluffy even my loose shirts show some! the front of my chest has not grown much to the eye although my right side which was small appears to have caught up with the left and if I lean over while sitting now rubs against my ribcage!

04-16-12     net
I completed the liquid portion of the starter box and I saw a marked enlargement of my breasts . Am 85 and love the results. Wearing Bra most of the time. Two questions: If I stop now will the bust get smaller ? As to the pills, if I take them just once a week will the bust continue to grow or will it be enough to hold what has happened . I am still in the public eye and do water aerobics so I have to be careful.. I love the results of feeling the extra WT. on my chest and the sway with out the bra. Please do not use my name or e-mail Thank you. I love it.

04-13-12     i'm having so much fun watching my growth
well folks it seems that i'm now pretty close to a 45c cup wow ,i would have never thought it possible,thank you ,i'm having so much fun watching my growth. if any of you guys or gals want to chat about your progress please contact me at @ thanks again- team/k

04-10-12     EP
i started about four month and had some luck but four day ago i got my nippils are sore. i went up a inch in four weeks are my tits get that sore they stay sore they grow i us the pills for a month and the liquid for a month i am a fullll A cup goning to go to a B cup if they grow any more this a cup is full will send a photo when i buy a B cup PS is it ok to be this sore it fells good but sore at the nipples.

04-09-12     I've tried it on my breast and it worked
Does this product also work on the hips?? I've tried it on my breast and it worked Sooo well, if not, do u guys have any products for the hips??? Or any suggestions

04-09-12     Odessa, Texas
Hello everyone. I would like to say that I am very pleased with the results that I am receiving from Natureday. I began using the liquid and capsules in Feb of 2011. I was very limited in the amount that I was able to take but I did see results. I could feel a small mass growing behind my nipples. I began the full regiment in Feb of this year. I order the 8 month program but since I wanted faster results I am almost out her on Easter Sunday. I have another 8 month supply ready to go. I have grown from 35 across the nipples to 37.5. I can almost fill an a cup. The breasts are beginning to fill and my nipples have enlarged. My body hair has become lighter. My stomach hair I used to shave and pluck but now I have not shaved or plucked in over a week and it is as smooth as can be. The product is helping reduce unwanted hair. I and extremely happy with the results I am a single shemale that has no set size to grow but wants my breast as big as possible. I would like to leave my e-mail for anyone in the Midland/Odessa, Texas area to contact me if they wish. I would be happy to share my experiences with you. Have a great day

04-07-12     Bo
Hope you can use one of these pics. I've been back on Natureday for about 30 days and have picked up about 1/2 " across my chest - 47" but the weight of my titties has increased a lot. I'm a very solid 42B now and bought a 8 month supply. I hope to get to a very full C cup or maybe a D. I've been using the liquid in the morning with 3 pills and the soap in the shower. I apply the cream at night. I also apply some liquid to my areolas to try to get them larger. As the pics show I have to wear a bra every day as my titties bounce a lot. Love you product. Bo

04-05-12     Houston
Amy, Looks like I am almost done with my liquid, I will be placing another order for another two bottle soon. I don't know why people don't like the taste, I enjoy it and the feeling I get knowing my breast are growing. My breast are forming great, starting to see a nice growth spurt, at first wasn't noticing much growth from this bottle. But these last couple of days, I have seen and feel a big change. I am now getting a good coverage, my breast have been a good size to not having to wear a bra and be able to get away with only wearing a sport-bra. Still doing the sport-bra most days, still some days I can wear nothing. Depending on what shirt I am wearing, now that summer is almost here, I can't wear only a t-shirt anymore, my breast and nipples really show, my breast aren't like a mans chest anymore, my breast are much rounder like a women's chest. Looking forward to the next two bottles and to see what I will end up when that is gone. Thanks for a great product and a super service. Houston

04-02-12     Voice
Voice Testimonial

04-01-12     I liked the feeling of my nipples when my wife played with them
I'm a straight male that needed to spice things up in the bedroom, so I thought that I liked the feeling of my nipples when my wife played with them that maybe I could make them more sensitive and a little bigger and maybe make my breast growth a little also. So I found Natureday and with the help of Tina I was set up with the products that would be good for me. So after two and a half months I went from 42" to 44 3/4" and my nipples are bigger and more sensitive, all I can say is this product really works. Thank you Tina and Natureday No email address please

04-01-12     RY
HI. I have been using the products since late Dec-2011. In the past few weeks I have felt and seen a difference in my breasts. There's more fullness at the sides. A little under the nipples and it seems there's more cleavage then there was a few weeks ago. There's more growth in my left breast. What do I do to get my right breast to catch up with my left one? I have tried other products, with no luck. I am a 53 year old male who has always wanted breasts of my own for as long as I can remember. Thank you so much for such a great product for all of us who have dreamed of having large breasts. Male or female. If you want to use this on your www. page it will be ok. Thank you so much!

03-28-12     Gene E
Week 1 done! 15 days on the liquid, and cream and yes I feel a difference!I work grave yard so when I got off work I would take the liquid in milk! Followed by a couple spoons of strawberry preserves for the taste then I would lie on my back and put a few drops on my nipples allowing it to be absorbed followed by the cream which I would rub into each breast 1 at a time till it was worked in then do the other, my chest feels softer and has grown though I am not sure if its a 1/2" or a full 1" my tight shirts are tighter with a nice valley between my nipple are starting to show slight difference, though only I can see the difference! I can see some larger shirts in my future! My only problem is how to let my small chested lady friends in on natureday without letting them no that I am taking it! Any ideas how to clue them in? Ps if you wish to use this as a testamony you may, but please don't uses my name address or phone or email call me Gene E for I'm dreaming!

03-25-12     ON
I love this product. I have great news i want to share with you.I stumbled upon this site. they told me that i can grow out my girls even more.I hesitate a little, but i said to myself to do it. So i did, at first i ordered the cream. about a few weeks they have started to grow out even more.So i said to myself go for it all the way, so i am going to. I ordered more cream along with pills and fluid. so far they are more fuller then they where before. I now wear a 44 A/B bra. my goal is to grow them out even more to a C cup or larger.I love your product so much. I will be ordering more.I have been on cream pills and fluid for at least 4 months now.I am totally blown away on how well my girls have been growing.I am very very very impressed with your products. in fact i will be only ordering from you now and forever. Thank you so much. this has really changed my life.

03-22-12     BEWARE!!!!! This product works too well
BEWARE!!!!! This product works too well. Im a male with prostate cancer. I had surgery but my PSA was beginning to rise. This is an indicator of cancer activity. My choices were hormone treatment (Chemical castration that puts you into male menopause and exacerbates osteoporosis.) and/or radiation (Which can cause serious complications such as incontinence.) My doctor suggested that I try pseudo-estrogens and for the last eight months I have taken Nature Day fulfillment drops. My PSA has stabilized at 0.2 which is a good indicator that the cancer has stopped growing. This is not a cure, but the remission could last for years and at 72 years old that's probably all I need. The advantage of pseudo-estrogens over estrogens is that strokes, blood clots and heart problem are minimized. Thank you Nature Day! My breasts and nipples have grown substantially. The over the breast measurement increased from 37 1/2 to 41 1/2. My nipples and areola have greatly increased in size. If I go to a bra size calculator, Im now fully a C cup. This is a small price to pay for halting cancer growth; however, Ive become quite attached to my new girl friends. They are very sensitive to the touch and are quite erotic. Not a bit sorry about getting the big breasts, F

03-19-12     Have noticed the tingly feeling again
Have noticed the tingly feeling again so I hope that it is another growth spurt... lol. The feeling of them is incredible and can't wait to achive the size I want. Also, is it ok to mix the liquid in lotion to apply on the breast area? Thanks again

03-19-12     Grace
Well its been a little over a year now with occasional use.I haven't stopped caffeen, only maintaining my weight.Now at 36"uner the breast an 40" over the breast.The girl are filling out an feeling fine.I am going to order more.Thanks Grace

03-19-12     MF
Hi there just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful set of products. Started using the pills and liquid in February and when I measured the I was about the a cup level. I am now a b cup...40 under 42 1/2 across my nipples. I just ordered the cream should be here in a couple of days...right now I massage whenever I get the chance and I have long since used up the soap y'all sent me. I am absolutely thrilled with this stuff. I right now can feel all sorts of news things inside and the nipples are so intensely sensitive. Just simple pinching will send me into pure ecstasy with almost cumming I love it

03-15-12     123

03-14-12     I removed my shirt and noticed my chest was more rounded
I have been using the soap for about a month and a half. And used it mainly for the factor of more defined pecs. Did not want noticeable breasts. But in the last week I noticed for a day my chest was very itchy and sore feeling. Thought it was from a workout the night before but as the day went on it was more sore and more itchy. Later in the night I noticed when I removed my shirt and noticed my chest was more rounded, and softer, and along the sides toward my underarms and throughout my chest was very squishy like and behind my nipples a hardened egg shape was taking place. Its been a week since then. The itching has stopped and I ran out of soap the last week and now fill a 34aa bra. Not fully but it definitely pushes up nice in a bra. And while I did not want noticeable breasts, I not find myself desiring bigger ones now. It's weird. . I am very eager to continue. Thank you.

03-14-12     123
i love what you have done for me i have used your products for three months and i was flat now i am a cup i am going to order mor e i want a d cup it may take some time love what you have done for me i am 65 i wish i would nave done this 40 years ago

03-13-12     Voice
Voice Testimonial

03-13-12     Voice
Voice Testimonial

03-12-12     OL
Hello, Started taking the liquid and pills back on Feb 21st. I measured 38 under and 40 1/2 across the nipples. The first week I noticed a difference with the same feelings others have described. With that, it has been almost 3 weeks and my nipples are more sensitive. I have noticed more 'bounce' when walking, hitting a bump while driving, etc. Love the feeling of them bouncing around. I know this does work, even though it has been slow. I ran out of the liquid this past saturday and only have the pills left. I should have enough for a week, if I don't take them twice a day lol. I am now at 38 in under and 41 1/8 across the nipples. Going to have to save up some $ to get some more as I am not quite where I want to be. Looking to get to about a full c cup. Thanks again J. (To admin: Please don't use name or email in testimonial)

03-12-12     TER
Hi there got great news now im a size 44dd hope they stop there i defnatly will be wearing a bra looks to be im a half man with breasts what would u call me a trasvestit or what let me know asap love the girls you gave me im happy been taken allready for a woman with the lovely girls tell everybody please

03-12-12     Idaho
great product ,love the liquid breast enhancer work great in less than 3 weeks my breast have grow about one and a half inches. I recommend ALL MALES WHO WANT BOOB TRY YOUR PRODUCTS THANKS will be ordering more soon

03-10-12     ST
Hi Tina, Thank you for all your help with understanding the most effective way to use your products. I have followed your advice and I have gained 1.5 inches. This is so awesome, I can't beleive it. My areolas are 12% larger as well. I have used nothing else to get these results. My body weight is unchanged. Thank you so much, this is the direction I was looking for and your products continue to do the job. I use the liquid, cream, pills and soap. You can post my email if you like, if anyone wants to confirm my program and my success to date (). I wll keep you updated on further progress. Thank you and best wishes, S-

03-08-12     LLL
Dear Natureday, I have been using the products for 10 months, especially the liquid and cream along with the soap. I started on the program in April of 2011. If you need my previous email address, just let me know and I will send it to you. It showed me with a very flat chest. You may still have it in your files. If you do, would you add that photo to my testimonial? Since I had a very flat chest, it took many months for visible progress to manifest itself. Now, after 10 months, my chest has filled out and my breast have started to grow. I noticed about five months ago growth under my arms and then it progressed to the front of the breast. At this time, they are starting to fill out under the nipples, which have become bigger as well as the areola. When I began using the product, I used the liquid, pills, cream and soap. The last four months I have been using only the liquid, cream, and soap. That's when I really started seeing good results. I began applying one half dropper of the liquid to the breasts and I've had 1 and 1 /2 inches of growth and fill out an 'A' cup. Thanks for this excellent product. Please keep my name and email address confidential. Thanks.

03-08-12     Houston
Amy, Just finished my two bottles of liquid this morning. My breast have grown a little more off those two bottles, more outward and rounder + the sides near my armpits are much more fuller including toward the top of my breast, looking more like a tear drop. The feeling is out of this world. I was thinking of stopping but I don't think I can, I am loving the feeling of my breast growing and having them. I didn't want to wear a bra, but now that I tried one on the other night it felt much better to have the support, my breast are only a small B cup but it sure does help wearing some kind of support. Wearing T-shirts are a No go, my breast are too noticeable now. My pool days are over with as well. Well worth having breast. Thank you Nature Day! Houston

03-08-12     Having already gone to a full 42B
Thanks.... I'm a long time user and hope to be even larger than I am. Having already gone to a full 42B..... I want to bulge over the top of the bra. tks

03-08-12     Robroy
Hello-- Guess I'll be ordering liquid and more cream soon. I have received so many compliments on my boobs! I have decided to make them a little bigger!! My libido has increased dramatically, my orgasms are GREAT!!! I can't keep my hands off my titties!! I have met several friends here, so my email is ok --

03-06-12     have to say that your products do work
can you put, CALL FOR PICK UP on the package (General delivery) This will probably be my last order, it should take me to where i want to be. I have to say that your products do work, I have been using them for i think its been about six weeks and there has been growth not alot but that's ok I didn't want to much to fast. I think this order will be just right. I was thinking that I might send you a picture after this order, will see. I want to thank you again for taking care of me and taking the time to read my emails and answer my questions. Thanks, T

03-03-12     GG
Your products are the best. They work !! I have gone from 40 to 42 since I have been using your products. I have sent some pictures select the ones you want to display. The products are easy to use and I like that they are natural. I have sent some pictures select the ones you want to display. I will send more pictures. I love your products. !!!

02-27-12     it works great my nipples are sensitive my boobs looks great
hi i love your product it works great my nipples are sensitive my boobs looks great i love when they jigglr and bounce i love that feelinr so much. i love my bcup breast

02-26-12     Bobie
Hi Amy. This is Bobie from 6/22/08. Been enjoying my 40B titties for a few years now. I wear a bra every day. Just ordered another 8 month supply. Time to go bigger. Will keep in touch on my progress. Hugs, Bobie Bo

02-23-12     RK
I ordered your product near the end of January and i had finished my first set of liquid and pills. I have been using the free sample of soap yall gave me and also putting the liquid directly on the breast and the nipple.being one month im shocked at the results i have achieved in one month. My breasts seem fuller and heavier, and i can see a growth of them myself from how i see it. They even jiggle now when i hit bumps on the road and start to show in shirts without a bra so im so happy! I'm going to keep using this till i reach my full size. Right now i fit snuggly in a 40 B and hope to achieve a C or D cup size, then ill stop. You may post my after photo on the website if you wish..

02-21-12     Mr. B
I've been using you cream and soap for a while now. I'm very happy with the way I look even my wife has noticed. I'm a strong B in size and I can feel them now. I love them so much I can't keep my own hands off them. I keep massaging them. I well keep being more of your cream and soap it is working very well. Mr. B

02-19-12     From the UK
hi tina,i think i have had 2 growth spurs. on first supply of products i took 3 tablets in morning, 2 full droppers and cream and the same at night. i done this for about 4 months. on last supply i took 2 full droppers every morning and at night with cream morning and night , until the 4 bottles were finished then went on to the tablets 3 morning and night with cream until all done . now only use the soap not much left. did find under arm pits were a bit flabby, hair very soft and skin very soft. some hair loss on lower legs but chest hair only softer, no hair loss. i am not a fat lad. 5ft 11" 14.5 stone and quite fit..

02-17-12     i love natureday i am a b cup now
hi how r u guys? i love natureday i am a bcup now iam going to get some more soon it took me 8 weeks to get a bcup i going to grow to a c or a dcup iam 6ft 4in 210 i think a c or a dcup look good what do u think

02-14-12     LE
Hello Folks, I have ordered your one month supply of the bottle's and pills. I am completely amazed at the progress that I have accomplished with your product. I have taken the liquid and have run out of it and now I am taking the pills as you told me in your brief. I am wondering if I should order more liquid and continue with it for a longer period of time since I have had such a wonderful experience with it. Do the pills continue the liquids grouth' and how much should I expect of the pills versus the liquid to accomplish. I understand that every one is different I am not asking for an exact just wondering how these things work together. I have read your articles and I guess I am looking for a little more info on what I should and should not do. Thank You for your help and thanks for the wonderful products.

02-13-12     SL
Dear Natureday, would like to again pass on my pleasure in the results your products are creating, so far they have been unreal. In 5 weeks, i have increased in size by 3 1/2" across my nipples & 1 1/2" above them (2")...fantastic. I am also feeling more under my armpit regions & also my nipples & areolas which are now very sensitive to the touch (& clothing rubbing against them). I have gone from a flat chest to a 14AA/36AA & by the sizing table i found online have 2 1/2cm / 1" to go to change to until i reach a 14A/36A sizing. I am a bit worried as i have not as yet experienced any of the growing pains sensations that others mention in their testimonials/ i just lucky so far or should i expect to experience this in the near future, also i've read that growth comes in cycles, what sort of time frames are they normally & the gaps between them etc. Any information in relation to these queries would be gratefully received. My left breast is larger than my right (i'm left handed), so am currently giving more attention to the smaller, with the Cream/moisturiser & drops on the areas under the nipple, again any info would be gratefully received. (user SL & no address again please). From a "Very Happy Camper" as we say in Australia, thank you all again.

02-11-12     AR

02-09-12     Voice
Voice Testimonial

02-09-12     Voice
Voice Testimonial

02-09-12     Voice
Voice Testimonial

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