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Male Testimonials

Male Testimonials
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02-09-12     Voice
Voice Testimonial

02-09-12     Voice
Voice Testimonial

02-08-12     The results of the liquid, pills, cream and soap have been amazing
The results of the liquid, pills, cream and soap have been amazing. My boobs are so big after one month. However, I want my aureolas to keep growing. If I just go topical with the cream and drops do you think that will work?
Response: If you apply the liquid and or cream more often to the center of the breasts that will help speed up the aureola / nipples growth. We are happy to hear that you are growing nicely so soon.

02-07-12     Houston
Amy, I am still getting really good results from the liquid, I just completed my one of two bottles that I ordered not too long ago. I took the product twice a day until it was all gone, the breast doesn't seem to have grown outward much but the weight to them have gained, now I can really feel them. Use to be able to feel them a little around my arm pit area, today I can feel them really good in that same area. Being a man and trying to tell you the feeling is hard, but the feeling I feel is like a water balloons taped to your chest, the weight is noticeable and as my body moves my breast moves. If I jump, I can feel them bounce and when I keep doing it I really start to get sore doing so.I am addicted to the results of your products, I wanted to stop at a small A cup. I enjoy the feeling of my chest growing and seeing the results each week, now I have really nice breast. I may keep going at a slower pace, not sure how much more I want to get. Everyday being on your product makes my breast harder and harder to hide from the public. Thank you, Houston

02-04-12     SL
To Natureday, First off i would just like to pass on my thanks for tall he great changes your product has produced to me in just a short time, 1 month to be exact. I am a small slim built male of 5' 6", & weigh 56 kg. I started using your cream on the 6th Jan 12 & a week later (when they arrived) 2 bottles of drops & 1 of capsules. I used the cream 3 x daily till i finished it, 1/2 plunger 3 x daily & 6 capsules daily. also taking 6 Flax seed oil (1000mg) capsules daily & cut coffee from 5 to 3 cups daily. I started as a flat chested 31 5/16 under, 32 1/4 over nipples & 33 7/8 above nipples. As of today my measurements are 31, 33 7/8 & 35 5/8. To say i am pleased is an major understatement, & my nipples which were tiny have gone from 1/2 to 3/4 & are super sensitive....which my wife loves. While it is still early days yet my chest has gone from something i knew well to something excitingly new. I used to wear an elastic strap on my breastline to create bumps for breasts, now my bumps are larger than the elastic created ones ever were without the discomfort & all natural. My nipples went from dots to pencil eraser size and don't feel like those i've known for over 50 the new look & sensations. My new buds are a full handfull each & the texture is nice & soft definitely not male. My 2nd order of drops & capsules arrived yesterday & i have another cream with a soap coming hopefully next week. I made up a moisturizer with 3 full plungers of drops to cover me till your new cream arrives & use that on myself & my wife at night, she has gone from a 28 7/8, 34 1/4 & 33 3/4 up to 30 1/4, 34 5/8 & 32 1/4. Her breasts have also firmed & got heavier & that is on only 1 application daily for 2 weeks. We are both over the moon thanks to Natureday & are planning to use it for quite a while. Thank you all again. Please feel free to use this but if used please call me SL & do not use my email address. PS - have photo's from day 1 & weekly updates which i intend to continue untill i reach a size my wife & i are happy with....have a fair bit to go to reach what she wants which is great from my perspective. Thanks again from a pair of very happy beginners.

01-30-12     MO
Thanks Tina for answering my questions. Here is my new testimonial since you posted an earlier email as a testimonial which is ok by me. I was surprised to see it and then proud it was posted. I am a 59 year old straight male who wants breasts. I am 5 foot 8 and 195 lbs. I am currently a full 36 A cup. When I start with natureday I was only about half an A cup. Natureday works great. Four months I am rounder and fuller and I am loving it. Points of interest are; I had my annual doctors appointment last week and stopped the liquid and pills for five days because of blood tests and those tests came back normal. Yeah. While at the doctor I told him I thought I was forming breasts to make it a matter of record. He asked to see them and with pride I showed him them. He said men my age can begin to form breasts and none of the meds I am on cause that. I thought you want to bet: Natureday. So now I am aggressively taking your product with 2 droppers of liquid in the morning 3 pills in the evening and soap and cream in the morning and cream in the evening. I feel activity in the breasts pretty much daily. As I stated before in my testimonial of 1/24/12 user MO I want to be a 38 B. My one concern is once I achieve my goal that my goal will change to becoming a 38 C. Which may also be good. My secret desire is to take my breasts for a walk wearing my bra in public with a snug shirt on for all to see. Men if you want breasts as I do then this is the product for you. Thanks Natureday staff for your product I now can get the breasts I have always wanted. P.S. Tina I find it hard not to write you everyday as you are the only person I can talk to a about my growing breasts. I hope to see this posted in the testimonials. Please no email address or name. Love my breasts, MO

01-29-12     Lyn
First of all thanks again Tina G. for your advice over the holiday season on my exercise questions it was of great help. It has been just over a month now since I started using your products and here is what I have to report so far.For the first week I took just the liquid 2 droppers fulland by the end of the week I noticed my nipples were staying erect and more sensitive. I dropped down to 1 dropper full and 3 pills per day.Since then I have felt a pulling sensation in the breast area and am feeling what seems to be some internal activity inside,the breast area. I am starting to feel more weight in the chest area and I am starting to see the definate shape of the breasts. I am really excited to say that in this last week I have noticed that when I reached across my chest my arms brushed against my new breasts so I took a chest measurement and noticed an increase of a 1/2 inch.I have also noticing some breast shape when I wear some of my tops.Need to order some more drops and pills. I will update again in about a month. Lyn

01-27-12     Ste
Hi Tina, I am so excited with the growth I have experienced from using the liquid, cream, pills and soap. My breasts have increased in size over 1 inch in less than a month and they look great. However, my areaolas remain about the same. I would like anyone who uses your product and has found a special technique with the products to increase their areaolas to let me know (email removed. That would be great and thank you for all your help, as this is so much fun and rewaarding. Thx

01-25-12     Houston
Amy, I got my order on Monday, can you check and see if my order was correct. I thought I placed an order for the liquid and the cream, 1 of each. I received 2 bottles of liquid, I wasn't sure if I placed an order for the two of the same product. For some reason I thought I bought 1 liquid and 1 cream. Doesn't really matter, I am still using them. So I hope to gain another inch from these two bottles, I am double dosing each day. Once in the morning and once at night. Can I do more or would it be a waste of product. I am sure I am the only one that likes the taste of the liquid, I also like how it feels, I can feel something working on my chest just after an hour of taking the liquid. Being a male and starting with a flat chest back in 2004, and now today having a pair of nice round, good size boobs is really amazing. I am still bra less and enjoying the feeling of them move as I move. You women are so lucky to be able to have yours without the looks that us guys get with ours, still truly amazing to get the results like I have gotten. I never thought I would go as far as I did and yet I am still going further, it's the best feeling ever to have boobs, I don't want to go to big but then again I don't want to stop. The longer I take your products the rounder and bigger my boobs get, this didn't happen overnight. Thank you, Houston

01-24-12     EWP
My dearest Tena: well i am sending you this update and photos i love what has happened i been with you and natureday for 4 mounts started out flat now in a 34b i love this and i well contune to ust till i get to a 36c i hope you all can use this photes the first tow are start and the last 4 or 5 is at 4 months thaks for all the help and surport so let me know what you think i have not used the cream yet but would love to try it. user is E.

01-24-12     MO
Hi mystery person, I sent you an email a little while ago and forgot to leave my email address and my nickname. Here I go again. I started on your product on September 23rd of 2011. That was four months ago. I have increased about 2 inches in that time period. When I started I measured 39 inches under what I already naturally had which was 40 inches across the nipples. Now I am 39 under and 42 across the nipples. Is this a normal growth rate? Since my breasts started to develop a 15 years ago I began to want larger breast. Now I am really trying to get them to grow. What is the quickest way to enlarge my breast? I have cut back on my caffeine intake. I am a smoker. I am taking multiple vitamin every day along with flaxseed oil and two protein shakes. I am using your cream, pills,and liquid daily. What else can I do? I want to be a B or C cup so my wife will understand my need for a bra. Which I have been wearing even before starting on natureday because the bouncing when I am mowing was very painful. So if I going to wear a bra let's fill them up. By the way the bouncing and juggling I am getting now feels really good, I just want more.

01-23-12     BP
Hi Tina G., Your product works so well that I am getting close to my optimum size fast. But, I do still want my areolas to still grow. If I just put the drops and cream in that localized area, do you think that can produce results in that respect? Just a thought. Before and after photos soon to come. One inch and a half in 6 weeks... Amazing...

01-22-12     RIVERBOY

01-16-12     B-
Tina, et al, Wow! Thank you Natureday. This has been really fun. Almost two weeks since I started with your products and they actually do work. My breasts have increased well over 1/2 of an inch. It is amazing. Really! I am using 2 droppers of liquid in the morning. 3 pills in the evening. And using the liquid and cream just on the nipple area an additional 3 times per day. My new order just arrived yesterday, so I just started using the soap as well. I am sending this to let others know how amazing this product is if they desire to have fuller breasts. I took a before photo and will send both a before and after photo in a few weeks. This email is okay to include in the testimonial. Thanks, B-

01-13-12     I am committed to Natureday, as I now know it works for sure
Hi Tina, This is so much fun for me. And I am committed to Natureday, as I now know it works for sure. I spent hours getting my measurements exactly right before I started taking the liquid, pills and cream. I have taken 2 droppers of the liquid in the morning. The cream 3 times a day (fully rubbed in), 3 pills in the evening and a few drops of the liquid on my nipples 3 times a day as well. In such a short time (only six days), I can't believe it but I am one-half inch larger in my breast. Thank you. More updates to follow. And you can use my email in this testimonial... You can use my email as well... Thank you Tina G...

01-11-12     had some strange but wonderful feelings during this time
Dear tina g have been using the pills and liquid since oct 20 till now used the drops like instructed then took the pills have run out of both now. It is of now had some strange but wonderful feelings during this time .can feel a bit of heaveines in both . Had been putting the liquid on nipples and letting it soak in.also mixed the drops with a moisturiseing cream and massaged it into the breasts can use this but not my email.

01-10-12     EE
holy crap! iv been using a combo of pills, liquid, and the soap for a week and my breasts are already bigger! not much but they have grown. i stopped using another brand of breast enlargement pills 4 weeks ago, before starting natureday's products. i was taking them for over 2 months, and nothing! not even a little growth! this stuff really doe work, its great, im very happy i found this site. im trying for c cup breasts, if that's possible. with how amazingly this stuff works i wouldn't be surprised if it did!

01-09-12     R.
Hi Tina I would like to thank you for your help i have been using the soap about a month ago then i was on the cream the cream was better than 1st class i thought you was pulling my leg about the cream my god your right about cream helping to grow now i can feel my girls i have a lovely cleavage no much wander i feel the when i bend over to tie my lace of my shoes now i have to wear a nightie the girls sometime pop out but love it you guys are a first class if not better please dont mention my name or email thanks i will send pics soon seams to be they are going to be big girls too im happy NATUREDAY YOUR THE BEST TEAM YET LOVE MY GIRLS i was a 44a now 48B AND STILL GROWING

01-08-12     EM
I have been on your product for a whole month now and have seen some growthI'm on 1 full dropper of the liquid and 2 pills in the morning, and another full dropper at night? Haven't tried your breast cream yet, but was wondering also if I should add that to my daily routine? I plan to stay on your product and hope for some more results soon. Haven't had that many growth spurts? Should I stay on the same regimen? My measurement around my chest and nipples is 42. I have grown an 1/4 inch since getting to the 42, just wanting more. I'm 5'7 180. If you could get back to me about these questions that would be awesome. Thank you :-)

01-08-12     EM
I have been on your product for a whole month now and have seen some growthI'm on 1 full dropper of the liquid and 2 pills in the morning, and another full dropper at night? Haven't tried your breast cream yet, but was wondering also if I should add that to my daily routine? I plan to stay on your product and hope for some more results soon. Haven't had that many growth spurts? Should I stay on the same regimen? My measurement around my chest and nipples is 42. I have grown an 1/4 inch since getting to the 42, just wanting more. I'm 5'7 180. If you could get back to me about these questions that would be awesome. Thank you :-)

01-02-12     i feel more sexy every day
My Dearest Tina. G. I want to let you know that i resived my last order yesterday that was fast for a money order you all are the best and i just wanted to give you and update well it hase been 7 weeks and i want to send you a picture. After 7 weeks the growth is still going on you can use it if you like it, i well continue to use this great product and i am on the way now and there is no turning back i feel more sexy every day and like i have sead befor if you do not want to grow sexy and perkey brest do not try this because it works and i hope that if you can use the picture. thanks for all you have done user E.

01-02-12     started to see some definition in my breasts
This is my second order. I have started to see some definition in my breasts that I do not associate with "man boobs". I am probably a little better than an "A" cup now. While it does not sound like much, considering I have a bit of a caffeine habit I think it is very good. I also find that taking the liquid and the tablets at night seems to work better for me. I am hopeful for more definition with each order.

12-30-11     RR
Thanks for letting me know i wish all your staff a HAPPY NEW YEAR When it comes as i wont be here thanks for all you have gave me I'm proud of your team for all the help during this year thanks again you will be getting more people coming to you for cream/drops/soap i have been telling them your team is fantastic.

12-29-11     amiel
hi all! For this new year i come back just to say : the products i had got here work. More! their result holds!( i started more than 3 years ago); here are my last pictures (28 dec 2011).. With some patience, you will be able to get these lovely tits you have in your dreams... Happy New Year.- Amiel, Paris-France ([email protected])

12-28-11     ...
Dear Tina, I am on the wounderful stuf over 1.5 years & gradualy getting results. I use pills,drops,cream & soap I am low with droops so I finish bottle of drop (2 full drops) at evening before I go to bed, cream twice a day & soap 3 days per week ( use steam before applying soap & leave it on 3 to 4 hours )my question is can I take more than 3 pills a day if your answer is yes than what is meximum number of pills can I take per day, & what should be time interval between set ( 3 ) pills . I smoke 1.5 pack cigret per day over 30 years , to get better result last week I switched from malbro to electronic cigret . I am reguarly taking 1 pill of multi vituman & 1 pill of flex seed oil every day if you can give me any tip I will be very great full, Thanks, Mery chritmess.

12-28-11     saw that my nipple area was sticking out 3/4 of an inch on both sides
dearest Tina G. i want to thank you for letting me know about my order going out today and i hope you had a good hollday and i just want to thank you for putting up my last testimonial to you . Will i had the mout wonderfull thing happen this morring i was geeting ready for work and look down and saw that my nipple area was sticking out 3/4 of an inch on both sides and i start to fill the tilling and the sore ness around the hole brest it is so great and the growth is going so good and fast this tis the best out there and i well tell all that if you want to grow nathual then natureday is the way going on my 6th week and there is no stop of the growth you are the best well i hope to try the cream soon but have bee doing good on the pills and dropes, and i well tray the cream to get the brest to fill out on the bottom soon are if you can help let me know and again i want to thank you for this lovey product looking ford to getting my next order thanks user E.

12-23-11     i love the filling of the growth that is going on and it fills great
My Dearest Tina G. I well try to get one done for you all this weekend and see how it goes like i say every time i send you a message is i love the filling of the growth that is going on and it fills great and i well continue using this great stuff and i have gained a little more so far and all is good i would like to ask you to check on something for me i sent you all a money order 5 days a go so i was just checking to see that you all got it and when can i expect the next order to come in i have about 5 more days on the pills and the same on the drops trying to go slow but if i run out i do not want to lose what i have gained and again thanks for all your help and happy holidays.

12-23-11     Houston
Amy, Another little update this month. My free bottle of liquid is almost gone, my breast are looking and feeling better and better each passing week. I have noticed more growth near my arm pits, the feeling is when I walk my arms seem to be pushing the sides of my breast. Awesome feeling to have when walking. I will be placing another order soon, I am going back to the cream or maybe I will do both. Thank you, Houston

12-22-11     T-
Love it!!! Used to be flat now I'm working on a 36b!

12-21-11     Lynda
Good day Tina G. and the wonderful team at Natureday.Well my first shipment of your product has arrived. It took 11 days to get from your shop to my doorstep up here in western Canada and I am excited to start using them.I will be be using the name Lynda from here on out in my testimonies. I had started wearing women's clothing a while back and love the feel of them,so a very close girlfriend of mine is the one who came up with my new fem. name. My measurements right now are 42 below the breast and 43 across the breasts. I believe that according to your bra chart that makes me a 42A. My goal to start with is to get to a B or C cup and take it from there. I wll post more updates along the way.Please do not post my e-mail address. Have yourselves a Happy Holiday Season and will be in touch. Thanks Lynda.

Hi there i dont know what to say but MY GOD MY BREAST SEEM LOT BIGGER i have a nightdress on and the breasts are realy showing cant beleve it thanks to your team im realy stuned im over the moon thanks again you know what i have had soap then the cream still cant beleve how big they are and the nipples so tender looks like female breasts now again thanks

12-20-11     RW
I started using Natureday back in April 2011. I was more than skeptical at first and wasn't convinced that the Natureday products would have the advertised results. I stuck to the recommended daily regimentation of Pills, soap and cream. To my amazement these breast growth products worked and really worked well. Now a mere 7 months later, I can fill a full "B cup" and I feel wonderful. I have included some pix for confirmation of the magic these products can provide. I would recommend the Pills, soap and cream to anyone who wants to create breasts where there were none or simply enhance what you already have. Thanks to the folks at Natureday, this was possible for me and can be for you as well. Merry Christmas!

12-20-11     i am going for a 34 B or a 36 C and it has only been one month
dear natureday and Tina G. well i thank you for putting my testimonial that i put in on the 16 of dec 2011 it is under E. i have to tell you i love this and this morring i had a little mor growing pains but love itand like i sead earlyer i am going for a 34 B or a 36 C and it has onlu been one month and i love the filling of them growing and i want to tell everyong if you think this is fake you are wrong this stueff works and is the best and thanks again for giving me new life that i have allways wanted E.

12-16-11     E..
deer natureday staff let me first say i love your product i have been on it for all most 1 month and am having good reselts so far and the filling of the brest growing it is so nice i have gained a lot of size in a short time i started out flat and now in a 34a cup that i where all the time i am trying to get to my gold of a 34b or a 36 c what i would like to know is if i can make my next 3 month supply with a money order and where do i send it this well be my third order an i love it and it works so good you can use this if you would like i well be sending you some pictures soon thanks for everything

12-14-11     karl
you are totally welcome. i just had a really nice chat with AL from New Orleans , he's the person in your male testimonials with the sun burst tattoo around his nipple, very nice and informative person ,he gave me some tips and encouragement on continuing my quest to have nice girly breast , we hope to meet soon and share some other ideas , again for all of us, we really appreciate your research and development of your wonderful products, please keep up the great work for our sake and for that of the real mankind , we as a people need to release ourselves from the binds of conservatism and become a more open and liberal people .thanks again, with affection/karl

12-14-11     L A L
hello natureday i am a normal straight male but for the longst time have always had the desire to have my very own big female breasts i started on the natureday program but at first did not tell my wife that i decided to grow my very own breasts when my breasts became noticeable from small breasts buds to a full b cup i told her i have something to show her when she asked me what i wanted to show her at that time i lifted up my shirt to expose my breasts and asked her how she liked them and then told her i was using natureday to grow them her next questions to me were how big do i plan on growing them and can she feel them and play with them and of course i told her i plan on growing them as big as she wants them or as big as i can get them from using natureday since they have reached b cup in sizejust the other day i have started to wear a bra after a few days of wearing my bra i am just now getting used to the feeling of wearing a bra and i now know what a wonman means when she says her bra is killing her well i look at it as no big deal i have breasts and need the support just the same as a woman does so i choose o wear a bra and i just love and adore my girls

12-13-11     Karl
thank you sooo much for taking care of my little screw-up with the shipping cost , and thank you for shipping my order right away. i started my program on dec 2nd 2011 it's been about two weeks and I'm surprised to see my breast already showing an increase . it feels great to have them start to come in , i also appreciate that you gals are not judgmental about what gender finds it comforting to increase their bust size , i all ways wanted to know what it was like to have breast and now for the first time you folks have given all of us male and female a chance to enjoy that experience , if Jimi H. was alive i'm sure he would have love to have this " experience" as well as all his others ,so please keep up your fine work on our behalf. i will send you a full overview,"with pics of my progress", love you all Karl

12-10-11     CH
heres my first testimonial so far . my nipples are already started sticking out , thats what i get for doubting yall. it does work .

12-05-11     Voice

12-05-11     Jo
OMG, this stuff really works. I have been taking the Liquid & 1 capsule twice daily for 22 days now with a ground up spoon full of flax seeds on my cereal every morning. I have also been using a tub of breast enlargement cream that I started on before finding Natureday. My breasts are much softer & feel more full, my nipples are SO sensitive, which feels great & the hair growth around my breasts has slowed down, which I now shave every other day instead of every day. I tried some well known breast enlargement capsules for six months without any change & all this after only 22 days. Incredible product. Jo

12-02-11     NIta
Dear Amy, thanks for your products i am sending my pic for publish as i was flat breast before six months use of the liquid and cream my breast grown up now i need to wear bra everyday and you wan't beleive but my bra size become now full 34Bcup i am so excited thanks sweetheart NIta

12-02-11     Speed
Hi there i would like to say my nipples are tender and my breasts are filling out that is fast i have a shower everyday so i can use the soap or im i over doing it

11-26-11     Voice

11-26-11     Voice

11-19-11     I am fairly large now as you can see but we want to grow just a bit more
I managed to get several bottles of the liquid from a friend and have used them in a very heavy dosage program. I am almost out of the liquid now and will order some more probably in December. I am fairly large now as you can see but we want to grow just a bit more. We sure do thank you for this product and how it works so very well. No name or e-mail please. Thank you again...........P

11-14-11     Janice
I have previously submitted testimonials and wanted to again with my progress. First let me say that if you don't want to grow breasts then don't use this product. If you use the product you will grow your breasts! I started completely flat and I am on my third bottle of liquid and in conjunction with the third bottle I have been using a bottle of the pills as well. I think the growth is amazing. I let you decide for yourselves however. As I stated before my nipples are becoming very sensitive and the fullness of my breast is really coming along. I truly love your products and intend to continue to use them.Janice

11-14-11     JE
Hi I started with the 2 months pills and liquid on the 31/10/2011. My under chest size was 91cm /over the nipples 99.5cm and nipple was 19.5cm. Its now 14/11/2011 and I was takeing 3 drops per day and 6 pills per day. 3 in the mornnig and 3 in the eve. Size now under chest 91cm /over chest 101.5cm/ nipple 20cm.I am out of liquid but still have some pills left.I will be making another order soon but just wanted to let any one who is thinking that these testimonials are false and put on by the company. They are not they are real and it does work so thank you Natureday.

11-14-11     Voice

11-04-11     KJ
well...i guess ive used your product on an off 2 shy about talking about it. since i was a young kid i fantasized about having breasts. i thought i was crazy. i married many times but still always in the back of my mind... my desire was so strong i bought another product on line wich did not work.....i gave up but still this idea would not go thinking genetics is why i keep thinking about this....well. i find your product on line... i say ill try again because it is at a good price compared to the other products and i read all the testimonials....that sold other products have this so i said....ill give it a so sorry im long winded..results: very noticable....i dont do bras or measure because too shy to buy. i use mirrors at every angle to see if results....definitely! under the arms, shirts tighter.pleasure in seeing definition. i understand everyone that has written you. i would hope to recieve some support from honest people to help me understand why what how all this is happening to me. i use the tabs, the cream ,and the drops. i feel the drops do me the best. i mix them with a beer.. got use to the taste. i just enjoy this. society may tink im a freak but with all your testimonials i feel inclusive. my side email is [email protected] no bad people email a good guy...thanx to all the good people and thier testimonials

11-03-11     JEN
Hi I recently started on the liquid and pills its only been four days.I have kicked the doseage high to start with one drop of liquid in water and three pills in the morning and the same in the eve.I have noticed erect nipples and I can feel my breasts from the inside,they feel tight from under the arm to the nipple and very sensitive.My face hair groth has slowed down.I will keep you up to date as further development happens.

11-03-11     B..
hello all you wonderful people at nature day i have been using the cream an pills an liquid for a month today i love my new breast i order more pills an liquid yesterday have all ways wanted to be female an you are helping me with that will continue to use nature day till i get to where i want to be thank you nature day

10-30-11     Houston
Amy, Who knew that your product would work so well on guys, I never thought I would get the results that I have today. The growing process didn't happen over night, I know I wished it did. Anyways the growth did happen over time, for me I started back in 2004. I didn't stick to it every day but I did go at my own speed, I am sure if I did follow the directions I would of had triple D's by now. I don't want a d-cup so I am happy with the breast I have today! Crazy to think that I went thru with this, I watched over the years as my breast were getting bigger and bigger. I could have stopped anytime but my thoughts kept me going on your product. Today I am very satisfied, my boobs are very full and very noticed when wearing a tight tee-shirt. I feel a good feeling on my sides near my arms, a tight feeling when wearing a shirt, my breast not only filled out on all sides but also outward. I am hoping that when I decide to go again with your product, maybe my breast will go further outward and less on the sides. They are amazing, the feeling is out of this world, every movement that I make jiggle my boobs. I just wished society wouldn't look twice when people see a man with breast. I know I can't go shirtless anymore but it was well worth it! Thank you, Houston

10-26-11     with Natureday I feel more womanly every day
well I want to be a female and with Natureday I feel more womanly every day.I love the feeling of my breasts growing .Its so great to look down and see real breasts.THANK YOU

10-20-11     B.Y.
hello natureday would like to thank you i have been using the cream for five weeks now an all ready can see a change nipples are senctive an breast have started to grow i love them an will continue use of the cream an will order the pill an liquid so they will get bigger here is a pic of before an after for now will send more my breast grow larger

10-19-11     it give me about one inch the first two weeks
i Been using your cream pills and lick-wood for 4 weeks it give me about one inch the frist two weeks and then it stop does that mean that it is not to work for me or dose it work like that i need to know so i can order some more or for get it thank you i am 65 years old male

10-09-11     Lauren
My breasts are huge every body is talking and asking. I love it so much went to see a doctor the doc had good news he is going to help me completely change. I don't know if my change is typical All I can say is nature rocks if not for you this would not have happened. My fat redistributed at an alarming rate there is no question what is going to happen. So here I am very excited to completely transition. after everything is done I plan on using natureday to help maintain and possibly grow even more. I am so very happy to be who I want to be and natureday to thank so much love see you soon Lauren

10-07-11     MI
i am a normal male and always wanted to have my veryown fairly large pendulus tits iin my early to mid teens i was lucky enough to develop gynecomastia and my tits started to enlargei asked my wife what she though of my tits she liked my tits right from the start and wished that they enlarged to the same as her d cup titsand yes i even agreed that i too wished i could develop my tits to full out a d cup bra so my wife started mme on the natureday products and the rapid results are really great as size is starting to show i am proud to say that i am like a giddy schoolgirl over the fact that this weekend i am going for a bra fitting and will both be getting and wearing my very first bras and i am also not ashamed to admit that i have a secret desire to become a ddd cup or even an e or f cup and not embarrassed to say that i will just keep wearing a larger size bra as my tits become hugh mike living as michelle

10-05-11     J.
I am about half way through my second bottle of your liquid and I am very pleased with the results. My nipples are becoming more sensitive, I have definitely added tissue and my areolae have become bigger and darker. I usually take the liquid with pomegranate which is high in natural estrogen compounds and I also take flax seed oil for the same reason. I will definitely be continuing on you wonderful products.

10-05-11     Robi
Hello Tina, Well, after 2 months on the cream, let met just say goody, goody! I'll be ordering another jar soon. Guess it's time for another testimonial! My titties are slowly swelling, my nipples are always hard, I do feel so feminine!! My skin is smoother. My libido has increased dramatically. My orgasms are longer and more satisfying. Please leave my email up as I have met several nice guys thru it. [email protected] The genius of your chemists is truly amazing! My hat's off to them. As an 80 year old guy, I couldn't''t be happier! Hugs and kisses!! Robi

09-29-11     F.

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