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Male Testimonials

Male Testimonials
3017 Testimonials and Growing!
12/27/2018     using this product for over a year and loving it
I am 81years old and have been using this product for over a year and loving it. I would like to chat via email with any other older person using it also just hear his results and compare notes. Thanks

12/22/2018     I am getting a pare of nice boobs
I am an 81 year old male and have been using your cream product for about a year and I am getting a pare of nice boobs I will send pictures next time I order. My question at this time is what is a good product to permanently remove the chest hair from my boobs and chest? PS the reason I am growing boobs

12/17/2018     I can see some changes :). Thank you.
Dear Tina, My pills running out, so I'd like to continue the 'treatment' and order a new package. :)I can see some changes :). Thank you. But I'm certain that it can be much better. :D (I totally cut off the caffeine, I'm only eat some chocolate that contains caffeine. :) )What would you recommend? a 'success' package again (2bottle + pills)only pills (2-3bottle)Since I'm rather far from you and the shipping fee is therefore rather hight, I'd liek to order a 3 monthly supply in 1 order... Thank you for your reply in advance. :)

12/13/2018     I am happy with the growth so far they are a little puffy I have buds under both nipples and the nipples protruding
Hi Tina I have been using nature day male breast enlargement for almost 4 months currently just taking 2 droplets of liquid per day and applying few drops to breast.I have been using the liquid the entire four months.Prior I used up 3 bottles of pills but have since ran out of fulfillment pills I also used 1 order of cream. Am on my 3rd bar of soap I am happy with the growth so far they are a little puffy I have buds under both nipples and the nipples protruding a little bit. When wearing a tight T-shirt can actually see the difference. I am going to re-order should I just stick with the liquid or again start using the pills ??? Thanks

12/04/2018     Starting To See Some Growth! Breasts Are Starting To Plump Up!
Good Morning Tina, I Am Happy to report That I am Slowly Starting To See Some Growth! Breasts Are Starting To Plump Up! I Have Gained a 1/2" in Breast Measurement 36.5" to 37"! I am Following all Info I can Find out from your website & from Your other clients online posts. I take Extra Fenugreek, Saw Palmetto, Daily Multivitamin, Protien in my diet, Drink Decaf Coffee, massage Breasts With Coco Butter between Soap, Cream. Thank You Again Tina, Look Forward To Hearing from You

12/04/2018     does justice in showing the greatness of natureday
thanks! also i know it isn't much but am about to do another video, just thought i'd send a link to the current one if it's cared to share somehow on the site. i am not Jamie or ariel from france or others who grew to an easy d or higher but hope it does justice in showing the greatness of natureday. it is nice to see pics of me from a few years ago swimming to seeing me this video and seeing such a difference even if they are still fairly small contrary to the fullness.

11/24/2018     my breast were growing from saw palmetto use and liquid
I actually found you the first day. I realized my breast were growing from saw palmetto use and liquid. Always keep an eye on your site but did not do anything until my next realization, they continued to grow and started off saggy. That´s when I ordered one of each to try out, and I can say that you products does not leave one discontented.I know from own experience earlier in my life how powerful natural things can be, they helped me and my family many times before with different illnesses that normal medicine can’t deal with or deal with and get side-effects. Yes, it’s nagging, but still the reality, they all give side-effects that in many cases are extremely unwanted or even dangerous, so thumbs up for natural stuff once again! I started with the intention to only firm and fill and have done so all too well. Didn’t see anything happen for the first week, so thought I kick-start it by following your normal suggestion, you know, 3 times 3 and all… It worked a little too well, actually. This was when I first wrote to you. Then, started to see real change and I measured myself yesterday… About ¾ of an inch/3 cm in only 2 weeks. Too fast, this was not the intention, so stand on the breaks! Mayday! Oooops… Now I also know why I react so easily to saw palmetto and fenugreek seeds, I’m highly sensitive here too, so need much less than most others to achieve the same result.I’ll continue to use your products, they are for real and they work, don’t take my word for it, se all testimonials and do your homework, search the web, read books (Yeah, know. Old fashioned, but they still work. No electricity and all…) and have a fair share of skepticism and you will come to the same conclusion. Or simply use them and you’ll see for yourself. Today I will use them gently in small amount to prolong the time the development will take, by then, point of no return, I probably go the whole mile at once, but time will tell. The fact that they help me balance my body in most other areas is only a big advantage. I have a different point of view and a different reason and goal with this than most others, I can’t chose. Life have chosen this for me and for me it’s about doing my best and have as fun as I can on the journey of life. Some males wants breasts and they chose to get them, to all of you I wish you all the best and have fun. I can’t chose, but do not value what is female and what is male like most others, so I’ll have fun, too.  >>>> Please, feel free to use this as is, as a testimonial and/or (Hopefully. My wish.) publish this on its own, if you want. Only, remove unnecessary things, like this sentence and references to me (name and country and so on.) and I’ll looking forward to see what impact it can have. I do accept questions if you get any and I’ll answer my best if you relay. I wish you all a wonderful day and future. Thanks again, all my best wishes.

11/21/2018     my breasts have eventually become female-size
Well, spirulina (algea-mix) and flax-seed oil I already use as well as turmeric, MSM, saw palmetto fruit, fennelseeds, D3 and occasionally lacto-acid bacteria. I’ll look into stinging nettle tea, use it on occasion, also eat a lot of it at season, really tasty, actually. (Our garden is full of them…) I’m a vegetarian (lacto-ovo), and have cut down a LOT on sugar, were quite low before, too, especially when compared to US. Increased berries and fruit (natural occuring sugars is actually good if consumed in their natural package.) and all other vegetables. Are low on fat outside as well as eggs, but eat some, not much. Get what I need from better, veg. Sources, normally. I did use the liquid in a glass of water, and I think that helped. I can’t say that it is the drops nor the capsules causing it all, could simply be my ”cleaning”. I’ll try a capsule once a day when my stomach is 100% back at normal and let you know. Well, I know that my breasts have eventually become female-size, how fast depends on my body, according to PHs and others, but so far I add about ½-1 inch/2-3cm a year in circumference. I’m already half way to cross the A-B cup line. But a possible timeframe would be 5-10 years and I have to look at my mother to see what size I can expect, they say. (She’s a C-cup.) When they do I rather have them full and nice, female looking than a undescribable amoeba, but I have time to adopt during these years. At least I have full support from my family.

11/19/2018     My breasts have grown / are protruding, getting rounder and more feminine looking
May I please let you know that my breasts have grown from using your soap, and they are protruding, getting rounder and more feminine looking, which I just love seeing, feeling, and touching how silky soft they are. When I sit down, I see the crease under me 2 breasts now. It appears that my nipples stayed the same size. Do you think my nipples will grow larger, like my breasts are, by using your breast growth products too? I just reordered your breast growth cream, and added your breast growth cream, and expedient plan breast growth products too? Thank you for offering me a discount for my online order that I placed with your company today. May I please ask if all of your awesome quality products I ordered together today, help my breasts grow larger, firmer, rounder, sexier, and faster, when I use them together? I can’t wait to start using your Breast Growth Cream, and expedient breast growth products, with your breast growth soap, to see my continuing breast growth results, and how they will look inside my satin bras, nylon camisoles, and nylon full slips. I look forward to your reply. Thank you for helping me grow my female breasts that I want very badly, using your fine breast growth products that work. Would you please help and ship your quality breast growth products to me confidentially and discreetly, so my nosy postal carrier and neighbors won’t know what is in my package that you ship me?

11/18/2018     I am excited that I am getting good breast growth results so far
Thank you for your reply, and suggestions for me. My last bar of soap is about done. My breasts were tingly after I used your soap to wash my breasts. I assume that the tingly feeling was the soap growing my breasts. I could use another 1 bar of your breast growth soap soon to continue my breast growth regimen. I use it with your liquid too. I am excited that I am getting good breast growth results so far, and I will need to buy more larger pretty satin bras soon as my breasts grow larger. I am very glad that I found your breast growth products to help me grow my pretty breasts. That is my current address. Thank you again, Tina.

11/02/2018     my nipples will show some significant growth.
Natureday, I may order more cream later this week. Your products have always worked for me and I do enjoy using them. I hope with the added use of the liquid my nipples will show some significant growth. They have not responded as well as I have wished. If you have any positive ideas I can use let me know. Thank you

09/24/2018     I have gained an inch around my chest in the 4 weeks since I commenced, and there is increased volume
Well my desire to develop my chest resulted in me trying the soap, which was one of your recommendations, and I have recently bought a second bar. I have been using the soap twice daily, leaving the soap lather on for at least 5 minutes. I have gained an inch around my chest in the 4 weeks since I commenced, and there is increased volume also but nothing much yet in the way of a bust. My nipples are also more sensitive. I have not been aware of any impact upon my medication. The only effects have all been positive, bar one, as far as I am concerned. I have put on some 5-6 lbs in weight (good because I was skinny), and also gained an inch around my hips. Another positive. In addition, I have more energy and the herbs seem to have quietened down my IBS, which can sometimes be a nightmare far worse than the after effects of my heart attack in 2006. The only negative is a need to urinate regularly. But since the herbs in the soap are diuretics I suppose this is no surprise. So, I wanted to make you aware of my progress but I also have a couple of questions. Is this the way breast growth happens-firstly a growth in chest measurement then a growth outwards ie in the breasts themselves. Also, how does an inch in 4 weeks seem in terms of progress in your experience. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from you. I look forward to continuing with the soap. Kind regards,

09/05/2018     see them starting to grow and feel firmer.
I have been using the breast enlargement cream on and off since April or May. Stopped in mid June and just started again a few weeks ago. I noticed that my breast size increased faster than when I first started using the cream. I can feel tightness in my chest and see them starting to grow and feel firmer. My nipples are erect more often. I am a straight male and don't want to be a woman just have bigger breasts and I don't want to use a bra. When my breasts get to the size that I want if I stop using the cream will I loose the size that I gained. Again I don't want them to get big enough to have to use a bra. I estimate that within another 2 to 3 weeks I should be at the size I want. At that time, what do I do to maintain that size? Thanks

08/31/2018     sounds/ looks like my Breast are growing.
sounds/ looks like my Breast are growing. It is GROWING and now feels pain on the Nipples every time I massage in the morning.I did not adjust the Bra Straps when I last used. Now I feel the straps very very tight.I pushed both Breasts upwards, then let go. The feel of the Breasts dropping is fantastic.Hoping to get a D cup instead of my dream B cup.

08/31/2018     man boobs but actual breasts
Yay my chest used to be flat standing up and now there is actual shape. It is so surreal to think in a couple of months I could have legitimate breasts not just growth or man boobs but actual breasts. It's so nervous and so exciting ugh I know everyone who notices will be like omg you have boobs and not in a way to go look at you bro kinda way. But that's okay. I'm to the point where I just gotta do this for me and take the crap that comes with it if it does. I am so thrilled to look down at my shirts someday soon and see them pushing out demanding to be seen....THANK YOU!!!! I will be sure to send pics with products soon/ Thanks. I am so grateful for your company and your patience with me over the years. I know I used to be a headache which I'm sure over time you may not even be the one who dealt with all my cancellations and returns and indecisiveness. But I am do grateful for your service and product. I put my shirts on and see the curves that werent ever there. I see the projection, I see the chest bounce and jiggle and see how the volume may not be shaped as breasts yet but see how full they are and filling bras now with ease and how I dont have to constantly mold my breast swooping and scooping often cause they stay there in the cups now cause there is no more room to move in my a cups. I see the creases in my skin where tissue has expanded and caused folds in my skin when I put my arms a certain way. I see my reflection and wonder who else sees my shirt sticking out. Then there is the guy a couple weeks ago in the gym I mentioned before who talked to me in the sauna and ended up saying I'm too young to be growing breasts in what I assume was a joke about him being elderly and older men having the issue. And when I said I know it can be embarrassing (not really meaning it) he said dont be they dont look like man boobs more like a womans. And apologized for it being improper. All I'm saying is a bunch of words that mean nothing to customer service reps but mean everything to a normal every day guy who is weird as hell because while others want this or that I want breasts and natureday is giving me that reality. As nervous as it may be when they are too big to hide, as weird as it will be when I realize I'm a guy I cant wear a bra all day every day like women, as odd as it may be to address when people ask what is up with my chest cause last time they saw me I didn't have tits, and as difficult as it may be when loved ones ask me to explain it, I am thankful still for natureday and it's amazing products that is allowing me to develop my own set of breasts, naturally and quickly.

08/28/2018     Thank you for such a great product
Thank you for such a great product hugs back. I'm so addicted to feeling my breasts grow. Only an a cup but hopefully break that wall down soon lol. I'm excited when I lay down now my chest is cushioned and even pushed up a bit when laying flat. And when I sit down the creases where the tissue has grown more is slowly working it's way higher up my chest and more inward. Ugh so damn excited

08/26/2018     puffiness close to armpits but folds above nipples
Hi Tina, Happy with results so far but wondering if “folds “ are part of the process? Seems to be puffiness close to armpits but folds above nipples . I understand everyone is different but just trying to educate myself, Kind regards, B

08/26/2018     boobs to crossdress
I've been using your products for quite sometime now and the results are amazing! I'm a straight Male and my girlfriend wanted me to have boobs to crossdress so we could spice things up a bit.....I'm sending you a pic, please keep my name and address ...

08/19/2018     I love cupping them in my hands.
hi, this is my first time writing nature time, I love your product, I have been using pills, liquid, cream, & soap. 19 weeks now and very pleased with results. can not keep my hands off my girls. growth is slow and I love cupping them in my hands. will try to stay in touch, should have done this long time ago.

08/18/2018     my nipples are so sensitive
All products are growing the breasts I want so for these results, outstanding service and products that perform as advertised, I'm grateful to Nature Day, Tina G and Amy. Using Fulfillment, soap and cream, my nipples are so sensitive I can't stop touching, twisting and squeezing - feeling pleasure and pain so intense, I squeeze until my fingers slip off the tip of my nipples. Still wanting more, I'm left moaning, wishing I had another hand - two for squeezing my nipples and another for down below.

08/17/2018     The heating pad on the creamed breasts are making the ladies perk up
It's working. The soap on for longer periods of time. The heating pad on the creamed breasts are making the ladies perk up more. Maybe I'm just getting further along in the treatment cycle( 8 months now), YES it improving. Still not as big as I like but nicer. Thanks for the advise. When I get to the point of wanting to show again ,Ill contact you folks. Have a nice weekend.

08/15/2018     soap in shower on the girls seems to help them grow a lot
Have a question. Since using your soap in shower on the girls seems to help them grow a lot ,I have used warmer water in shower. In fact starting using heating pad on chest . Seems to help. Any words on this...Never turn pad up to high.

08/11/2018     my boobs will greatly appreciate it :)
Thank you! I love it. And my boobs will greatly appreciate it :) here in Jamaica right now two nights ago at the pool bar I was sitting there talking to new friends we made, my wife was somewhere else and a guy who was without question pretty drunk says "if those get much bigger you're gonna need a bikini instead bro" I played it off dumb like what are you talking about. He says "looks like you got decent t..ts growing on ya bro" I don't think they are that noticeable but maybe I'm wrong. Never want to seem greedy but always have to ask, if there are any returns or opened products not resellable if they are available to receive as gifts. I'm eager to grow more and hope I can be the guy who gave you a headache on return and cancels long ago to being a product of your wonderful products. Here's hoping by winter time my chest is no longer able to be considered pecs or man boobs but without question a nice set of breasts.

08/11/2018     noticed my breast leaning over my seat belt
Thank you. I am not sure but as I was driving today in this stifling hot weather, our temperatures are well above normal by at least 10 degrees, with out my shirt and I looked down my breast and noticed my breast leaning over my seat belt. I never paid attention to that but I will keep an eye on my tits. Take care.

08/10/2018     how fantastic it is to have breasts
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I just got a text that it is actually in town now and should be delivered by today OMG!!!!!! I'm so excited to start using these two products and so effing excited to in time of using them to feel the growth of more tissue and weight and I just hope with these two products my chest finally goes from fleshy to definitive feminine breasts....AHHHH!!!! :):):):):):)Just ordered and can't wait to make these things bigger I am going to take a video after making sure I abide all guidelines to not get it flagged. I want so many men who are like me who just want breasts to know what an amazing product you all have and how fantastic it is to have breasts. As odd as it may seem to not desire being a woman at all and yet still want breasts, pecs are over rated, flat chest is over rated, a soft curved hanging swaying bouncing chest is what is a must ...thank you so much for your products I love them and love y'all for your patience of my past to allow my present to feel so good

08/05/2018     This has given significant growth - still need the
I did not receive a confirmation e-mail for early Monday morning - order number 7549. Did this get received?2. What specifically does caffeine do to the growing process? I have cut down my intake greatly (my joke is ‘Help I have too much blood in my caffeine stream’), but feel I have wasted some of my vitamins by drinking too much coffee in beginning. I cut down for the last 2 or 3 orders. I do have significant growth - just want to know what caffeine does to the process. (I’m a scientific kind of guy) Today is the 33rd day of two 3/4 droppers per day (in morning and evening). This has given significant growth - still need the outer sides to fill in - I have been applying express liquid and cream on just the outer sides. Any ideas? Or do I have to be more patient? Will be taking a break after today till new order comes in to give some breathing time. Thank you for shipping info. I help it go away with vitamin E (from gel caps, poke with a pin and squeeze on finger and apply.I have been trying to take advantage of the high internal dose by applying externally on sides. So I do 13 fingertips rubbed in each side, then small amount of cream for smell and soothing. See picture below to see what I am trying to fill in. This is an in between pic and now it is filled in somewhat, but still similar in depth. This happens when I squeeze side muscles. Thanks for your help and reply and shipment, Thank you for your help,

08/04/2018     make more guys happy with growing breasts
Hi Tina, I am enjoying the cream and the liquid breast stuff, feels good and what I have left over on my fingers after rubbing the cream into my breast I rub the left over onto my penis and that too feels good. Now I have a question. The instructions for the cream is to apply half teaspoon onto my breast three times daily. I have gone through one jar is that the norm? And I don't think that I use a half tea spoon. As I look at my self in the mirror I think that I begin to see my breast takes on a different shape. So please let me know about the cream, I might have to order two more jars, will see how my breast looks like next week. Love the cream and liquid and soap.Take care and make more guys happy with growing breasts

08/02/2018     I’ve increased a full inch in 15 days and my chest just feels “different”
I have noticed a couple things. The first is my nipples are always hard, not uncomfortable but feels like they are stimulated. Is that normal? Second is it appears that I am growing. I’ve increased a full inch in 15 days and my chest just feels “different” so I think my breasts are changing fast. They do feel a little more full. I have not noticed any tingling or soreness. Closest thing would be sensitivity of my nipples I mentioned a second ago. Going forward with the cream only, should I see them “take shape” first more so or continue to “grow” and then gradually shape into a female breast? I realize everyone is different and can expect different results but would genetics have a role in breast growth as well? I.E. a guy with women in his family with larger busts could expect to see more growth using your products than a guy with women that have smaller busts.

08/01/2018     enlarge slightly for nipple growth
Hi, Im writing to say that the results Im having are very very rapid. I was only planning to enlarge slightly for nipple growth. I am part of online communities that believe only prescribed drugs can achieve the same results >From an A to a C in less than 60 days. I have achieved what my goal was actually exceeded it.If you guys want to donate anything I may consider seeing how much bigger big they will get. Thank you.

07/28/2018     I'm a transgender male in transition
I've been taking the liquid, pills, and cream and occasionally the soap since the start of April this year. I've seen slow results as I slightly expected, but it still worry if I'm not doing all that I could to help my body out with growing larger breasts. In the 4 months I've seen only about 2.5 to 3 cm in growth. I started with a fairly flat chest. Since I started I have seen most of the growth in my upper breast area and in my left breast. My left breast is taking on a more distinctly small feminine shape, but the right is not doing much. I'm a transgender male in transition and wondering if I should be taking more saw palmetto to block testosterone or other herbs like fenugreek. I've also read that some people are taking protein shakes.Im currently taking 2 droppers of liquid a day, 3 pills, and applying the cream 2 times on both breasts. Is there any help that you could advice to improve my routine? Are my results thus far ok? Thanks you so much for reading my email. I'm so far satisfied with your product and want to write a review. I honestly was hoping to see a little more results when going into my 5 month. I still feel that patience is key.

07/28/2018     the Ladies are finally starting to blossom
It's getting there. * months next week and the Ladies are finally starting to blossom. Still small, but promising. Want bigger.

07/21/2018     My pectorals have gone bigger from when I was flat.
I have been using Natureday products since January. First with liquid and cream. Eventually everything cream, soap, pills., liquid. Progress has at times seemed slow. But at times things did happen as others have testified. My pectorals have gone bigger from when I was flat. Eventually breasts have started to grow around6-8th month.For me it has taken time. Though 70, had an usually large amount of testosterone in my body for my age to overcome. Finally feel like making more progress. Though there are platoes . There are also advances. For some, like me it takes time.

07/20/2018     top results using your fine products
Hi. S checking in. Wanted to let you know that so far I have had over the top results using your fine products. I have just passed the 3 month mark. I cannot believe how large my breasts have grown. Everything I read on your reviews is true. The growth is slow and yet steady. The feeling of my new breast tissue is awesome. I am taking 4 pills a day. Switching on and off with the liquid and cream. My nipples have tripled in size. My breasts are full and rounded. They also have a uplift. I do find growing very addictive. My breasts stick out now. It is getting hard to hide the fact I am making real changes. A button down man shirt now straight across from breast to breast. Now wearing a B cup bra. Full cup. I will be ordering another complete package in about 2 weeks. Please feel free to use this in your review section. I plan to send photos after my 6 month grow plan. Again..i am very pleased with natureday products. As I grow and grow, I wonder just how large I can get! Very exciting. Thanks

06/19/2018     I've seen a bit of growth since then
Hi! I bought your fulfillment liquid, cream, and soap last month and has been using it since. I've seen a bit of growth since then but since I'm a cup A, it's just been more firm and plump but not close to a B yet (but definitely better than what it originally was!) I've only been using 1 dropper of liquid per day and I can only drink it when mixed with a chocolate drink. Is this okay? I've skipped caffeine (except for very few times here and there). Does this affect the efficacy of the oil? Or should I just add it with water or juice, as instructed? I've just placed an order for 2 more liquids so I could increase to 2 droppers per day and see if it will help boost more growth. Thanks!

06/10/2018     My breasts are getting close to the size I want
I am a male who doesn't want to wear a bra. My breasts are getting close to the size I want so my question is if I stop using the cream will I loose what was gained in breast size? I started using just the oil got some result then purchased your cream used it alone got better results now for the past week been using both and am getting great result. I don't want to loose what I gained but don't want to get much bigger either. How do I maintain the size?

06/05/2018     I'm satisfied with my results so far.
I have been using the breast products on and off for a few years and I'm satisfied with my results so far. I'm think about trying the penis soap and wonder if the 2 products will cancel each other. Thank You for your reply.

05/14/2018     I am growing, so I am excited to see where it goes
I wanted to know if there is any advantage to applying the liquid (one full dropper for both) directly to the breasts and massaging it in. I have been doing this for a few days now, and I have had growing pains off and on. I am also taking the capsules 3 in the morning now per day, and one dropper full under my tongue at night. I am growing, so I am excited to see where it goes.

05/10/2018     The shape of my boobs is explicit female
it is exactly 180 drops a day. I also had begun to consume 2 times a day a pill with cream (1 pill contains 500 mg of p.m.). And all-together it works. The shape of my boobs is explicit female, although they are fairly small. Thank you for the tip, when to consume tea. I will consider it. Maybe some when I need a bra or a swimsuit to hide my beauties. With best regards

05/07/2018     I'm nowadays nearly two years under the
Dear Tina, I have a little problem... I'm nowadays nearly two years under the "cure" of Natureday. I have developed small breasts. When I'm bowing forward, I can feel and see the bouncing of them. It's a wonderful feeling of that. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Even my nipples had grown a bit bigger, although they aren't still of a female shape. What worries me is the SIZE of my breasts. If I would have the under-boob size of 80, 90 cm, it would have been perfect, but I have an under-boob size of 117 cm. A C-cup would suit me well. ... but I have developed. During the whole last year, although I still feel sometimes tensions in my breasts, this size changes slowly. To reach a C-size, I guess, it would last at least 8-10 years. Is there a possibility, let's say, to accelerate the whole process a bit?

04/24/2018     Till back of breasts and pectoral started growing &-sensitivity , then growth.
Been taking Natureday since 1/18. Started with liquid and cream. Then graduated to cream ,liquid ,pills ,and soap for at least about 3 months. Religiously massage 2-3 times a day and use a breast massager to boot. It was slow going for a while. Till back of breasts and pectoral started growing &-sensitivity , then growth. It started slow and now is building. I know its really working and soon will grow more. It works different for all, BUT it works. I will keep it up(ha,ha) and hope growth will take off faster- expect it will. Cris

04/10/2018     my nipples seem to be more sensitive i am having tenderness in my breast
thanks for ur response i have started having strange feelings in my breasts like my nipples seem to be more sensitive i am having tenderness in my breast when i apply the cream and my breast seem to be getting a little more plump and rounded is this natural is there anything else i will start to feel as my breast start to grow and become more like female breasts

04/10/2018     I can see the growth for me is gradual.
Well after 3 months of using soap ,liquid ,massage, pills. Their starting to get real definition and small growth. They have a long way to grow. Too shy and concerned about privacy to take a picture to send . I can see the growth for me is gradual. It didn't help that I had a terrible sickness for that interrupted the regime. But, back on it all. The journey is exciting. I'm getting my legs professionally waxed this week. Thanks for all your support.

04/04/2018     have grown about a inch and can not wait for a few months from now.
I love your products. I would highly recommend them. I started using enlargement formula twice a day and also using the soap. I have added a couple of pictures. I started using about a month ago with a A cup and have grown about a inch and can not wait for a few months from now. I will keep updates coming. Please don't use my email. Tif

04/04/2018     I am a man trying to be a woman
Hi, I am a man trying to be a woman. I have been using your Natureday Enlargement Formula for about three months. I have had minimal results. Your add says that I will have a cup size difference at this point. Is there any other product that you offer, either alone or in conjunction with the Enlargement Formula that would help me in my quest to have bigger breasts. Thanks,

04/02/2018     natureday will be what gets me beautiful breasts
Nearing the end of another bar of soap. Here is progress of this bar. Not a lot of shaping but they are much fuller. It is nice to see them becoming more projected now as growth has become prominent behind the areola area versus along the side. They get pretty sore after extended runs now and I am nervous I am getting to a point of a bra may be closely demanded for comfort. I am so excited to continue growing an am no longer hopeful that natureday will be what gets me beautiful breasts but am certain and confident that they will be the product that gets me wonderfully soft lovingly round and fantastically jiggly breasts. Sorry these pics were after waking up. Curious if the fullness I'm feeling is actually becoming visually noticeable. Do they look like breasts or manboobs. Be totally honest? Think there will be any trouble at beaches?

04/01/2018     Amazing results from not even a week of use!
I can't believe how fast your products work. I have been just using liquid and soap as directed for 4 days and I can actually feel it sculpting my once flabby man boobs into actual beasts. I bought more liquid, pills, and even cream because of lovely results. I'd love to give a testimony as well once they get to my desired size (which seems like it won't be as long as I thought). My only question right now is how exactly to achieve female like nipples from your products. I see a lot of people in the male testimonies with wonderful female nipples that are far thicker and erect but not much detail to how they grow. I'd greatly appreciate any help in that area if possible. Thank you so much for the wonderful product, I plan to purchase more as I progress :)

03/20/2018     Really see a change in the size of my breasts
I was told that drinking hot or cold chocolate won't work if i use the drops. Is this true? also what about the cream? I've been using the cream for almost two years and started with the drops a few months back. I am really liking the results so far. I can really see a change in the size of my breasts.I am male possibly going through transitioning. I have limited my intake of coffee by at least 95% because it wouldn't be as effective. I love your products that I have used so far. I just ordered two more jars and two bottles of liquid. when I get to my desired size, i will hopefully send you before and after pics of the results.

03/01/2018     to grow fuller bouncier breasts
Getting results in 6 days! more plump, starting to get bottom shape and bigger nipples. Thank you for a great product and allowing even a straight married male to grow fuller bouncier breasts - not to the point of needing a bra, but just under that size. As you can see from the pic below that my breast shape is unusual (and ugly). Hoping to shape into fuller rounder breasts. Look forward to hearing from you and will repost in a couple of weeks to state progress.

02/28/2018     pectoral growth and tip is extended.Love the breast progress.
I've been taking using the soap,pills,and liquid for about 6 -8 weeks plus...I am seeing pectoral growth and tip is extended. Also some soreness at time after massage. Also excitement, when I massage. Will doing this routine change my sex from male to female. Love the breast progress. Please respond

thank you for the quick shipping. also i got a notification that my youtube account was flagged and video and account was removed. I literally don't use it at all and is just there for uploading to help promote nature-day's awesomeness. i am so sorry this has happened a 2nd time and contacted youtube to try and find out why and what i can do to put another one up and keep it from being removed. thanks again for the wonderful product again. I was at my gym in the sauna the other day just reading the paper and i guess hunching over and arms in front caused the creases from the tissue to be very visible. An elderly gentleman if i had to guess, maybe 60s, came in while I was in there reading and we were talking for a few about politics and news of sorts and after a few minutes he blatantly says "32 is a bit young for a man to be growing tits isn't it, all those hormones in foods i guess" i didn't even think to set myself up to make them less noticeable but just took me by surprise and made me realize how apparent they are getting. I'm so excited i can't wait until they are so obvious. Never in my life did I think I could have breasts, especially being a guy. I'm not trans and don't dress up, and no desire to be feminine, so figured prescriptions and surgery was the only thing. I know I have been a headache in the past, but hope my consistency as of the last year or so has been a landmark of how devoted I've become. The i'm only late 20s and now 32 do i really want breasts forever is far and faded away. I am so happy to continue growing and so excited seeing my chest be more pronounced in to breasts and seeing the projection being more substantial and seeing when i lift my arms now my chest doesn't flatten and to see how soft it has become. They are not b's yet but I am hoping with this bar of soap I can merge my way in to at least spilling out of my a cups if not taking up some room in a b cup. No one knows i'm doing this and it crosses my mind how people will react but given i live a fairly masculine lifestyle and such i feel i can pass it off somehow without suspicions. I am so thankful for natureday and i love it and love the product and if i can promote it and shout it from any mountain top for you guys let me know i want to make sure i spread the word everywhere i can for yall I was taken back. He said it and my brain gasped and I had to shoot him a wtf did you say look and he was seemingly embarrassed and apologized and said he was just making locker room talk I said I didn't mind and just said I take medication and a side effect is breast growth and gave him the name of the medicine I've read is highly noted in causing it. But the growth is from Natureday, I couldn’t tell him that. It definitely made me feel embarrassed. All my life I've had pecs. I work out routinely, I lift I swim I cycle I run I love working out and have always been fairly muscular with some room for improvement in the stomach area but I love my ice cream so I try to balance it out lol. But I will catch myself in the mirror and notice my shirt hanging off my chest a bit and if shirtless I will notice when I turn my eye catches how my chest is projecting and sloping vs just being projected but flush as to look like developed pecs vs now it looks like developing breasts when standing. And when I lean over or sit down and my arms on my knees or in front the creases in my breasts are so prominent now. I remember back in 2010 when I first came across your page and went through all the testimonials. Mainly the pics cause a few of the text ones can get pretty fetish or weird sounding, no judgment just didn’t want to read it. And seeing the pics of the breasts not too big or small bit with definitive creasesin them was so appealing in idea because it was like if I can get to that point, maybe not where they are dropping and in terms of how the breast droopsand creates a fold on the rib cage but to where the crease in the tissue is visible I can get over my fears cause at that point they are no longer undetected when bare cause a man's chest obviously doesn't perk out and have creases and folds. But now I am getting a bit embarrassed thinking about vacation but I know I have to keep going. 23 dollars at a time I will have boobs :) and as they grow I do adjust and take time like a week or so to let it soak in when they grow that they are becoming more noticeable and then I get back to it. It will be interesting though when they are maturing and develop a fold and become more projected what the sauna will be like. There's an SNL skit from back in the day of a man in a sauna who takes his towel off his shoulders and has large breasts, obviously fake but it makes for a fun skit. Some pics all egging on.

01/30/2018     Both nipples seem to be just a little larger
I am thrilled with the growth, albeit a little slow. I have been using the products for 2 years now and maybe it is a little slow because of my age (late 60's) and because I still drink a little coffee (not excessive). I ran out of the cream and drops 2 months ago and have just been using the fantastic soap and coconut butter since then. Do you have any suggestions for me to try and get a more pointy profile. My breasts are now large enough to be noticed under a tight fitting top and they have some bounce when I exercise. Both nipples seem to be just a little larger but it may be my hope or imagination, however they are becoming increasingly more sensitive. I have submitted 2 testimonials in 2016 and will do so again after the new shipment arrives and I have a chance to give them a boost. I really hope to have more success this year with an ok photo. I am hoping for a special on the drops sometime as they seem to be very effective especially when rubbed on my breasts as I am using the enlargement cream. Thanks again and sorry for the long email, especially when you are probably extra busy. Kind Regards

01/16/2018     past the point of a male chest and maybe still in man boobs stage
As the soap I have winds down to its last few showers left of use. I thought is send in some pics. They are definitely filling up a lot more in tissue and becoming more shapely and projected. I am beginning to think I'm past the point of a male chest and maybe still in man boobs stage but nonetheless I feel they are rounding out and becoming more apparent especially when leaning over or sitting down. Standing up I feel I still can pass things off but they definitely have a swollen look to them now. When I flex my chest there is a solid amount of tissue where it no longer is muscle and breast tissue has taken over essentially. I'm excited and getting nervous as I wonder how much larger I can get before it's without question. For women I'm sure these don't even constitute as breasts but for a man...It's getting a bit legit. I plan on doing another video. My other one somehow got flagged idk how or why but it was removed so I will certainly make a new one to post.

01/01/2018     I have great cleavage with a bra on, and nice movement all the time.
Hi, Tina. I wanted to send you a few more pictures but couldn’t find the testimonial link on your site. Anyway, here are some recent pics. I love the continued growth, even though I’m currently only using the soap. I have great cleavage with a bra on, and nice movement all the time. I hope you will put all the photos up, as I love sharing my development. A very happy, longtime customer

12/20/2017     New Bar Of Natureday Soap and am excited to see
Just got the new bar of Natureday soap and am excited to see what this does for me next. Can't wait till they are big enough to not be able to hide and to be able to be obvious. Also unsure if you guys got my video link but figured I'd attach it again.

12/19/2017     These products really work!
3 1/2 months of using the capsules and cream and I used the liquid the first month. I have increased a full cup size! Thank you Natureday for the great products. Feel free to use the pics if you want online. Hoping for more growth over the next several months! Thank you for your great products. I have used the cream, capsules and liquid for 4 months now . 36 C now and loving it! Going to continue using all 3 for the next two months as I continue to lose weight. These products really work!

12/17/2017     I'm a MtF transgender woman ❤
Hello Everyone, sorry I don't have a before picture, but I'm a MtF transgender woman and I started Natureday Breast Enlargement Products at the beginning of the past month and I've grown a few more inches, I'm fuller, firmer rounder plumper and I'm not stopping there, I rather be using Natureday than getting breast Augmentation surgery done, so that is my plan. Thank You Natureday. Today is my 44th Birthday and I'm slowly seeing breasts get larger, thank you Natureday I love you ❤ Kristina WOW!!!! I got my Order Shipped to me how many days ago and already I'm not just feeling it working, I'm starting to see it slowly working. I honestly didn't think herbal remedies would work this fast, but out of everything from Non-herbal treatments to other herbal breast Enlargement products, Natureday tops it off for me. I'm supposed to be going under the knife for Saline breast implants, but with what's happening to me with Natureday I'm hoping Natureday will give me larger breasts. I honestly don't want fake breasts. I'm going to Reorder More Natureday Breast Enlargement Products in January so I'll let you know when. Thanks for this Thanks Natureday you do have Amazing Products Kristina of Massachusetts WOW I love you ❤❤❤ anyway I'm so Grateful to have Natureday Breast Enlargement Products because Natureday is Natural and it's not anything from Cows. I am happy Natureday works for me better I put the liquid on each breast first then I apply the cream. I use the cream like 2-4 times a day it's the smell I can't get enough of. It's addictive. ❤ To see my testimonial on Natureday website. I'm happy to be here, because other companies had me lie then they tried to sabotage me. My local police department came to my rescue, because the others threatened myself and my life. I'm grateful to have all Natural treatment done. My Doctor is more happy and comfortable with Natureday. He wanted me to tell you you have amazing products. He says your better and more trustworthy than transfemme. So my Doctor recommends any of his patients to Natureday if they ask. I have him all the information about Natureday and he said Awesome choice ❤ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your Families. Look forward to doing business with you in 2018 I'll Reorder bigger package in January and February Love you all!

11/20/2017     After only a week, Im amazed at the differences Im seeing
After only a week, I’m amazed at the differences I’m seeing (and trying to separate real results from fantasy results) - but I wonder if I’m going too fast, since I’ve already used about half a bottle of the drops. My breasts are definitely softer and more rounded. In addition, my nipples (not the areolas) have increased in size, are rock-hard all the time and hurt a little (which I guess doesn’t concern me, because I may be playing with them too much!). My libido also has increased. Here’s my regimen: 1. First thing in the morning: 3 drops on nipples and massage them for a few minutes. Then a few drops on both breasts and message them for a few minutes. Drink 3 droppers (90 drops) of liquid in high-pulp orange juice (which helps hide the taste of the drops, although it’s not as bad as some people here have said). 2. An hour or so later after showering, apply cream and massage breasts for a few minutes. 3. Late afternoon: apply cream and massage breasts for a few minutes. 4. At bedtime, apply cream and massage breasts for a few minutes. I also massage my breasts several times a day (I can’t keep my hands off them!) and wear an A-cup bra several hours a day whenever possible. So here are the questions: After a week, I’ve used half a bottle of drops. Am I going too fast? I’m pleased with the results so far, and I’m willing to make the investment in more drops if you think they will enhance my results. I’m mostly curious about this because you said in your message last week that after a week or two I can take a lower dosage of the drops (and, I assume start taking the capsules). Is this because of the cost of the drops or for health reasons? Should I cut down on the drops now or after another week (or longer) and start on the capsules (at what dose?) - or should I continue with the drops at the current rate? Or should I use a combination of drops and capsules? Of course, taking a healthy approach to all of this is my first concern, but right after that is getting the most benefit from your products. Thanks for your help!

11/20/2017     Look how much they grew in just a year. Love this product.
About out of cream and decided to go back and look at a few pics sent in before. I was like wow, currently right now it didn't seem like much but feeling them and not seeing them I guess is just an I see them everyday thing. Look how much they grew in just a year. Love this product.

11/15/2017     Male breast enlargement - I love it
Then I went to the Natureday actual website, and just wow. Over 2,500 unedited email testimonials. So good it works on men. loveeeee itttt! I orginally was taking the liquid and the pills, but stopped the pills after the first bottle because I didn't have the money. But they're still growing, and I'm probably going to run my head through a wall when I can't afford more. Male breast enlargement - I love it

11/05/2017     I love your products and the results are great
Hello I am a repeat customer because I love your products and the results are great! The soap is silky in the bath. I like to make a bunch of soap suds and lather myself up. Then after 20 min soaking in the back I rinse it off. Thank you Natureday for providing such high quality products! I would like to place the following order.

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