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Male Testimonials

Male Testimonials
3017 Testimonials and Growing!
11/04/2017     Breast Enhancement Products
Okay here is your testimonial, I’m really satisfied. I did not think the enhancement products would work. The liquid was the most powerful for me. Here's a pic of me with your products, I had a question.....If I can grow my boobs to a size DD can I be a model for your company? I want to show the world what your breast enhancement products can do!!!

11/04/2017     Your products certainly work
Hi will wearing a bra hinder my breasts growing by restricting blood flow ( they are correctly fitting bras. Hi Thanks for your reply and thank you, got to say your products certainly work, I was an a cup when I started and am now just off a nice b cup, thank you.

11-03-17     User: I really did grow. They are bigger
Hi Tina and all of the Natureday staff there. I am so happy and excited. I really did grow. They are bigger. This morning when I got out of the shower and looked in the mirror they really did grow. Can't wait for my BF to come home this afternoon so I can prove to him that the Natureday products are not bunk. Thank you, I for sure will order again on the first of March.

11/03/2017     The growth progress has been slow but steady
I have been using Natureday products for over two years. I have improved from an original small a/b cup to a near a full size B cup. I experimented with using Naturedays products cream /tablets/ liquid in various ways ,cream three times a day, tablets 3 per day liquid 1.1/2 dropper once per day. The growth progress has been slow but steady, I realised after using Natureday for 6 months that I was not going to experience growth spurts as some of my fellow testimonials have described. However I could see and experience growth which was firm breast tissue, with very little fat, which I found most acceptable.. I recently started using their soap which I find very pleasing to apply. I use this twice per day and leave on for about 7/10 minutes lathering well to a creamy paste, before rinsing off. (as suggested by Natureday) I do feel that this extra application is helping to boost my growth . I have also taken the advice offered from Naturdays excellent web site and supplemented my usage of their products with various extra supplements to help growth along. Along with their products, Natureday has an excellent help by email service.( probably the best on the web) I have always received a prompt & courteous reply to whatever my problem was, which proved invaluable in the very early days. I will continue to use Naturdays products until I reach a personally satisfactory breast shape, weight and size ,probably around a C cup.

10/12/2017     I'm a transsexual. I'm 43 years old.
Good afternoon. My name is Inga. I'm a transsexual. I'm 43 years old. When I began to use your cream, I already had small breasts around 95A (1 / 2A). I  use your products over 2.5 year. After , I felt how my breast nipples become sensitive and they stand out more. Also, the volume increased in the chest. Now I have 95B and continue to grow. Feel that they grow as they feel like a pain in the chest area -Bet pleasing .. I send it to photo before and now. I will continue to use the cream because I want them bigger.

10/05/2017     Adhesive Stick On Bra Cups Review
Adhesive stick on bra cups/ I find them very attractive After I saw that you sold these adhesive stick on bra cups I bough a pair and the following picture is just one of them and I must saw I find them very attractive and best of all I feel so natural with them as if I should have large breast some time a go. But I must say that the natural breast is the best way to go.  I enjoy looking at the guys breast photos on your web site and really drool and I have two favorites and these are 07/16/2013(shaved chest)and 09/08/2014 and the person have a piece of paper between his gorgeous breast,"I Love Natureday" There are of course others that are nice and likable but these two stand out as the most attractive male breast the kind I like to get. Thank you for all the pictures. 10-10-17  I have seen my picture of me having my adhesive Bra cups attached to me I must say I do look nice and guys can look nice with breast, I hope to add on later days. Hope that you share these photo with others, I don't mind people seeing my  breast with cups. Go for it and make a comment about my breast. The real breast is so much nicer.

08/19/2017     I continue to see growth
I've been using your products for several years. I've taken the capsules and the liquid. I've applied the cream and the soap. For fast growth, I found the combination of the capsules and cream most effective. Currently, I am only using the enlargement soap and continue to see growth, especially a new roundness on the sides. I love what Natureday has done for me, allowing me to grow beautiful breasts of my own. I've gone from a dream to a pair that jiggle when I walk. Recently, I went to the pool and had on a swim shirt. When I got out of the water and looked down, I saw distinct breasts and I was thrilled. Thanks for your support, encouragement, and great products. Can you post these pictures with the attached text?  And add it all to my page? On a whim, got out a bra this morning. My girls are almost too big for this A-cup. Ecstatic! Thanks, Sent from my iPhone

08/05/2017     Breast Enlargement Pills and Liquid
Here is my submitted testimonial on the breast enlargement pills and liquid. I have used your product for two years or more.  I now fill B cup bra I love it . I have one bottle of pills and one of liquid hope to get a little bigger thank you all so much.

07/09/2017     I am very pleased with these products
These are great products! I am taking vitamins/thanks for all you have done I received the order thank you / will send picture soon / added 2 drops twice a day with cream use soap one a day leave on about 2 hrs getting so sensitive / can not keep for playing with them / DD here I come / thanks for all your help / do you still want me to send pictures for time to time / thanks terry / if you have any more advice please send / terri using a noolgleberry unit / or do you know a better to help my breast grow a little faster / thanks I am very pleased with this product / started with the cream 3 mo ago/ then got cream liquid & pills have gone from a small B to a full C / I am trying a small D today  / need a lot more to fill this / started using the  soap this mo   hope for a full D this summer / DD this fall thanks for all you help Tina / will send photo in bra & with Cream soon / wear a bra every day & love it Terri This is a great product /been using 6 mo size c+ going for dd / please post soon thank you.

07/06/2017     Review of Natureday Breast Enhancement S
I have only used the breast soap and absolutely love it. Hey, I ordered soap a few weeks ago and went on a vacation and took it with me but sadly left it there by mistake. So I ordered more but here's a bit more growth. Not much but as any growth happens I like to update. The crease and fullness in the breast is becoming quite apparent at least via picture idk if others see what I see or not but figured I'd share. Here are the requested pics with the product. I have only used the breast soap and absolutely love it. I was very low on my old soap and ordered a new one hence the 2 stuck together. Am a bit nervous as the growth is getting to where shape is occurring and volume is gaining and shirts are getting much tighter but it is so addictive. I absolutely adore natureday and all that they have done with customer service and product. I could never have imagined being a guy with breasts nor do I truly know why i continue wanting them. However laying down and seeing them hang and move as I love and on my side now giving definitive cleavage is exciting and feeling the weight as tissue grows is thrilling. My wife would never be okay with a man wearing a bra and just hope she comes around to it as it's getting to a point where a bra is getting to be somewhat necessary for comfort. Thank you natureday you are amazing in all you do and looking forward to continuing use of the soap as it runs out.

06/19/2017     I love my breasts/ With special attention to my beautiful nipples
I love my breasts Well, to say that I love my breasts would be a gross understatement!!  I play with them every day, with special attention to my beautiful nipples. These seem to be getting longer and more sensitive. Another way of putting this is my breasts are who I am. Does this make sense?  Whatever feminine genes I had are coming out and I truly love what natureday has done for me.This experience has been a life changer!!!  Not just bigger boobs, but the way I look at things..Thanks!!  Hugs., Robyn

06/19/2017     I get a lot of looks because of my girls
Girls Growing Thank you that was very thoughtful of you ,I get a lot of looks because of my girls growing and some very unkind insults (I live in a very redneck area ) but I do not care it makes me feel much more alive to think of my self as a woman , thank you for you help with this ,as I have used your product in the past to get me started ,now I have a need to get much bigger and really show off my girls .thanks again your sister in the goal to make the world a happier place for us free beings.

05/31/2017     My nipples are erect all the time
To: Natureday.  I would like to re order another 2 jars of breast enlargement cream and another bottle of the liquid fulfillment. The cream and liquid seem to work well for me. They make my breasts firmer and larger all around, and my nipples are erect all the time. Thanks for these products.

05/19/2017     Inverted to Everted Nipples
I'm inverted, my nipples are everted! Letting drops of the liquid onto my nipples was pleasant and a little tingly.How could I not love you?  My everted nipples and little breasts poke out of my sweater and I think "Natureday is doing this for me." This gives me a feeling of calm satisfaction.  I don't have gender dysphoria; I have transgender euphoria. I am seeing progress with my breasts.  The nipples are larger and softer.  The breasts themselves are starting to fill out.  How long before they blossom? The camera I have takes lousy pictures.  I will have to get a hold of another one. Best regards,

05/16/2017     Transgender Male To Female
I am a male to female in transition and I love what you products have done for me. Hi Tina, Just wanted to let you know that your products continue to work for me. I am a male to female in transition and I love what you products have done for me. I use them all, using your recommended doses. I am now a B cup, almost a C. I love your new website. You can place my photo in transgender male to female if that works. Thanks, C. Your products have really helped me, so I just want to get to word out to others like me. I do miss hearing from others with questions about my success, so feel free to as my email address to my post on you website [email protected] I miss hearing from like folks regarding about how Natureday has helped me.

05/09/2017     Trigger More Breast Growth
I have been buying and using the Natureday products for about 5 years. I go off and on to see how the effect lasts. They do go down a bit after a while but most of the growth is still there. I have noticed that you reach a plateau and have found that taking  time off and then starting again, appears to trigger more breast growth but then, I still have my morning coffee but I take the liquid/pills before bedtime. Thanks,

05/04/2017     My Breasts Filled An A Cup
I really do appreciate you following up so quickly on my email.Yes the shipping address is correct. I know it seems strange as I have had previous shipments go to Australia so I pick it up when returning home on holidays. Hope you have a relaxing day and I am so looking forward to more of the products and the boost it will give to my breasts. My Breasts have already completely filled an A cup and with this next order I will definitely get to the B cup (full I hope). BTW, my wife also loves my new developing shape. Thanks again and kind Regards

04/19/2017     My breasts are now beginning to plump
Dear Tina, first I want to say "Thank you!" for your great service, you are offering people like me. It's marvelous! I am now in my 8th month and I notice, my hips or my buttocks became a bit wider, because my panties do not fit very well anymore altogether. I am also tending to tug my member between my legs, balls underneath. So is it normal or harmonically guided? I didn't feel that tending before very much. My breasts (I wrote you) are now beginning to  "plump". The base is very broad, the peak is broader than before, also my areolas widen, but the tits altogether are relatively plump. I have taken your suggestion to mix up the cream with the liquid and it has helped a bit. Unfortunately I am now out of cream and liquid (I'm waiting for the next delivery). My breasts are now tensing very often, sometimes less, sometimes more. Mostly in the lateral parts of my under boobs. I'm swallowing now three pills in the morning, shortly before breakfast, and three pills at night before I'm going to bed. Besides I am now nearly complete out of coffee (perhaps 5 cups a month, I hope, it is okay?). I had become a consumer of good fennel tea, sometimes black, sometimes green, up to 5-6 cups a day. Does that fit or should I reduce? With love and respect W.

03/18/2017     Products Certainly Work
Hi Thanks for your reply and thank you, got to say your products certainly work, I was an a cup when I started and am now just off a nice b cup, thank you.

03/17/2017     Nipples Are Sexually Sensitive and your product works on men
Hi Tina I started 1/20/17 I used 7 bottles 3-4 droppers daily just to see if your product worked I stopped my chest work outs and as you can see I have cleavage and protrusion I also see the nipples protrude and get hard all the time the tissue around my nipples are soft and spongy and bounce when I jump now I know your product works. I want 6 more bottles as soon as possible I don't know what my plans are but it sure turns my young wife on thank you Tina. Also did I mention it helps with libido Hi Tina should I use pills with liquid or will 3 droppers daily give same results. Also my nipples are protruding and what use to be solid muscle has become heavy and soft fluid like they bounce like a girl just growing breast. How long before I notice a big change in size and roundness like shemales have I have used 8 bottles in 8 weeks and a jar of cream and soap. Thank you for your reply and help John I have been using liquid fulfilment 9 bottles in 2 months my results was solid muscle now it's breast tissue hard protruding nipples and jello like feeling breast I went from 38" model chest to a 42" chest my nipples are very sensitive to the touch and they drive me crazy down bellow to be touched my libido is amazing I  just purchased 6 more bottles of liquid and also finished the jar of cream. I love the feel and look of my breast they look hot on my body type and no there not man boobs I was flat chested with 30" waist to give an idea of my weight 175 lbs. If I take more than 4 droppers daily will I see results quicker and if so what's max dose I hope to see more results. thank you Tina fast response and delivery Nipples are sexually sensitive to the touch they are protruding out and erect. They are spongy now and bounce up and down. When I touch the nipples it a direct link to my penis for sensitivity and increases my libido they feel like a girl with small breast your product works on men. I only wanted to try fulfillment Natureday to test your product and see if it works. I love what's happening I used 8 bottles of liquid and ordered 6 more and cream thank you Tina and staff The skin is getting loose and what felt like muscle is now soft and mushy like water balloon I just don't know what a growth spurt is I use coconut cream on my breast as well my wife says they feel and look like IV filled in more This is the before picture. I am so excited seeing how much I have grown!! Nipples are bulging extruded out of body.

03/10/2017     GLBTQ My Breasts Are Growing Fast ⚀�
Hello, I'm actually Ordering, because I'm getting to the level of not wanting to take Doctors Prescription Hormones, because it's taking too long of time to see breast growth. I was feeling the effects of them growing and in the beginning of my 5th month, it's like are these stupid female hormones still working or not. I have been on Fulfillment Liquid and it just seems to me that I feel that working more than the female hormones. So I've decided to place an order for more cream. If I get desperate enough I'll order the complete package early next month and tell my Doctor thanks, but no thanks on female hormones, because I don't really want to risk myself for serious side effects. I kinda want to do this the all natural way. Don't get me wrong female hormones can do a lot, but the side effects I'm getting worried about, because of how my body is been feeling depressed and I don't want to feel that anymore. So I placed an order for the cream I still have the liquid. Funny I don't put drops in my mouth, I drop each drops on breast and rub on then let dry on skin and the smell is so strong, I let the smell enter my nose and breathe in the sent so my breasts are growing fast if I rub it in or inhale it while it's on my breast skin. So that's my trick, thanks Tina G. And Amy you ladies have an Awesome Company in the world ⚀⚁⚂⚃⚄⚅⚘my New Symbol for the summer, helping support GLBTQ Community for 2017!

03/10/2017     I'm loving the firmness and growth in my
Just to let you know, I've ordered another month supply of pills,cream, and added the extract as a bonus for myself. I'm loving the firmness and growth in my "man boobs" in just 5 days. My nipples  are bright as cherries after the cream is applied, they haven, had that shade since before the piercings. I love it! Thank you , thank you, thank you for answering and calming my concerns. Took before photo, hoping to get a free 3 month supply in the future *fingers crossed*

03/05/2017     Breasts Developing Slowly But Constant
Dear Tina, I have a little problem and perhaps you can help me a little bit. Beneath my breasts (which are developing slowly but constant) I also want to transform my tits to a more female shape and size. Up to now (I'm taking your pills and liquid yet for over six months) my tits have the shape of a cone: broad base and small tip(but larger then what they were. When I'm touching my tits the feel like swollen, but since about two months there is no change in shape or size. To support a bigger size I also had used niplets, but it is only a short-determined help: after a few hours the size is like it's been before. So, could you give me some advice or are shape and size of the tits genetically determined and you could not change them without surgical treatment. with many greetings yours W

03/03/2017     My Breasts Are Growing Faster❤
I'm sending you an update right now without a picture, (Sorry)! I've been on for 4 months now and just started Natureday Liquid at beginning of the month and as of today Saturday, February 25th 2017 my breasts are wicked sensitive and extremely itchy from the soap left on too long. I tell my Newer, more understanding boyfriend about it and he's super excited for me. Yes Everyone I'm definitely staying on Natureday Products. I know that Natureday is so safe vs. Doctor Prescription hormones, but everyone chooses there own. I'm taking Natureday Products because it seems to me that my breasts are growing faster, I'm taking both because the growth is faster. Anyway Natureday I don't care about what the world thinks about herbal remedies, this company is number one the products are out of this world. Thanks for a Awesome Products! Natureday Staff you have the best products ever, Thanks again Please Post, Thanks!!!!!!!!

2/28/2017     My Nipple Growth
Just thought I'd let you know I am very happy with results, especially my nipple growth. BTW, it's interesting that skipping a day every two weeks or so seems to encourage growth. I'll be re-ordering soon. Best wishes,

02/28/2017     Enlargement Soap and Breasts Developed
I been using the enlargement soap and my breasts have developed AA breast and can wear a size aa bra and love it. I'm going to see if I can get to nearly an A cup but will wait till after I see my doctor for my yearly checkup.

02-24-17     very happy with results
Just thought I'd let you know I am very happy with results, especially my nipples. BTW, it's interesting that skipping a day every two weeks or so seems to encourage growth. I'll be re-ordering soon. Best wishes,

02-24-17     can wear a size aa bra and love it
I been using the soap and have developed AA breast and can wear a size aa bra and love it. I'm going to see if I can get to nearly an A cup but will wait till after I see my doctor for my yearly checkup.

02-22-17     I'd say a few growth spurts
Hi Tina, I have about half a cup of coffee in the morning. Total I've been on it since the end of June. But that was sporadic -- I only did 2 droppers every monday thru wensday -- but I did see growth. But it was only the end of december I started to do 2 droppers everyday and breastcream. I'd say a few growth spurts, but I was fairly flat before. You can only really see it right now when I'm sitting cause my boobs tend to push forward when I sit. So I was thinking to try maybe 3 droppers a day plus the breastcream for a little to see if I can gain a cup size a bit sooner. Thank you,

02-14-17     Nipple Enlargement
The nipple is protruding out from using the Natureday liquid daily I feel the growth spurt as the tissue protrudes from around the nipple how exciting this product works. 

02-14-17     gone from a small B to a full C
I am very pleased with this product / started with the cream 3 mo ago/ then got cream liquid & pills have gone from a small B to a full C / I am trying a small D today / need a lot more to fill this / started using the soap this mo hope for a full D this summer / DD this fall thanks for all you help Tina / will send photo in bra & with Cream soon / wear a bra every day & love it T

02-07-17     my breast are starting to bounce
What's the most of fulfillment can I take daily 4 droppers I just had growth spurt and my nipples are protruding and hard I rub my breast with liquid as my butt and penis daily. IV been taking the liquid for 3 weeks and finished 3 bottles my breast are starting to bounce even though I body build the breast are taking on there own form. What should I expect. Thank you tina you are very helpful.

02-02-17     the volume is amazing
started using fulfillment liquid 3 droppers daily. I love how big they are getting. I'm only wanting to add that teenage breast look to my already fit body and I'm already feeling and seeing the difference IV gone through 6 bottles. with applying it direct to my breast area and butt and penis. The affects of the libido are amazing my orgasms are out of this world the most orgasms IV had in one time has been 7 and the volume is amazing as IV shared with the natureday staff IV noticed increase in sensation below the belt and I'm horny all the time my erections are firmer and im more confident. I will continue taking liquid fulfillment I just ordered 6 more bottles. I'm looking forward to when I get nipples protruding forward like a young women. What a turn on. The staff tina has been very helpful and shipment is fast. Thank you so much looking forward to my sexy body this summer as my nipples hang out and my bubble butt sticks out. Thank you Tina I'll keep u updated.

01-28-17     I've experienced good growth.
Hi guys, just wanted to send you a testimonial. I think Natureday products are great! Oh my, they do work. The key is patience, and dedication. I've used all your products off and on for a couple years off and on. This time its been about 4 months. I've experienced good growth. I also use a pump, seems to help. Trying to continue at least for 6 months,9 months or for a full year. I want to achieve minimum d-cup. It's getting more difficult to conceal my breasts, ( not man boobs)under mens clothes. Thank you! Thank you! Please keep my name secret.

01-28-17     thank you for your product
I don't know what's in that fulfillment. But when I made love to my wife I had all I could do to finish the orgasm it takes your breath away it's amazing what it does and the after affect i couldn't stop screaming out. thank you for your product

01-19-17     have lovely breasts
Every morning i wake up and just look at my chest. I am so ecstatic and flooded with joy that a "normal" male like myself can have lovely breasts soon enough without killing my hormonal balance and experiencing the crash of energy, libido and function that hrt otherwise would cause. I see the areolas raised as the skin forms the under bust and i hope every day as i use more when the soap comes in that that area will continue to develop vs sag. To my understanding natureday doesnt allow cooper ligaments to develop since its solely on the meticulous expansion of tissue vs overall chemical reassignment of male to female, but nonetheless i see jayme and that man from france who have developed HUGE boobs and look feminine vs large sagggy man boobs. I get so excited about my shirts getting tighter and while i was once crazy insecure about them being noticed which led to all those returns and cancellations i now find myself in an oasis when i feel the tug on my chest and when i touch my chest and where once was soundand solid is now soft and mushy. I just wanted to say thank you!!!! I know my wife would never approve but i can't help it at this point i truly feel this has went from desire to identity and it makes me feel whole. Even if no one understands it and even if 1 in however many men are like me. I hope to have C cups and am naive enough to think they will still be concealable. All in all i just want to cry and weep joy knowing i will soon have genuine female looking breasts. Maybe not the areolas as i see almost no one experiences that with ND but nonetheless soft, bouncy, jiggling with every move beautiful boobs. Thank you so so so much!!!!! I LOVE NATUREDAY! going forward all I want are sizable B to C cup breasts. I am naive in thinking they won't be too noticeable even though I'm pretty well in shape but for whatever reason, I just feel like boobs would look delightful on me. Most men may look weird and ehhhh but to me I feel breasts on my body just fit, and when I tough my once solid now soft and handful chest I get so excited realizing that this is ACTUALLY happening. Nerves still come in here and there when I look down and see my shirt tenting out a bit and realize that the more they grow the more they will be undeniably there. But a part of me, which is the majority of me just DOES NOT CARE. I am so thrilled and overwhelmed with joy knowing that natureday is the reason my chest is rounding out, projecting out, and softening and firming up. It is Natureday that makes this dream a reality. I sometimes wish I were single as I know this kind of thing is not really cool in the sense of keeping it secretive but I cannot be happier knowing that when I take my shirt off and lift my arms that my chest now doesn't move with me and I can see definitively where the tissue is building up and growing. And when I move my hands and arms, they move, and when i massage them they hurt and it's reassurance that there is legitimate growth going on. So thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU for putting up with me, and dealing with my ridiculousness and keeping me open to being a customer cause at this point in time all I want are breasts and you are all making that a reality which is making me and incredibly, genuinely, very happy man!

01-17-17     male boob to breasts
after 2 more weeks of the new soap i officially have cleavage. And when the bra is off see. Not much from the last pic sent in but def some volume and fullness has taken place. You really think they have crossed the threshold of male boob to breasts? I will send a pic in once the soap gets low again i just am enjoying showing them off unfortunately being a straight male i don't have anyone to show off to other then the company who is making it possible.

01-13-17     just seeing if something works.
Tina, Thanks for the info. Am sending for the soap. Thank you. I didn't believe the breast soap would work. I used a few years to go from 38A to 38B and half. But its been 2 to 3 years since I used it but they stay on the 38B and a half size. I am 87 and just seeing if something works. Which is unusual on the inter-net.

01-10-17     iv grown about three quarters of in inch
Iv been on all of the products for one month now. Im feeling a little tenderness in my breasts and my skin is a lot softer . iv grown about three quarters of in inch. my question is if i take an extra supplement such as saw palmetto or other herb would it help me in my quest to grow boobs? thank you...

01-02-17     Im loving the weight
Feel free to use the pictures if you'd like i apologize for not allowing it in the previous email. I'm loving the weight i feel on my chest and cant wait to see my breasts look standing as they do sitting. I have a small amount of soap left and plan to re order soon. I love Natureday, thank you for my heavy improved chest.

12-23-16     they are fuller and bigger
Hi Tina, We wish you and everyone that works at Natureday the very Merry Christmas and a healthy 2017. I enjoy putting the cream on my breast and by the feel and look of it they are fuller and bigger, I enjoy looking at them and of course looking at the pictures of the guys that have very nice breast, just the thought and seeing these pictures everyday my penis react to it. Do you have update pictures of these guys that have sent in those pictures, would really like to see update. I love the products.

12-20-16     progress of growth
Will send a pic later with progress of growth and my praises and love for your beautiful company. From 2010 to 2015 finally in 2016 i got my head together and confidence in growing breasts so thank you so so so so so much for putting up with me. Wish i was single to not have this major secret but with age comes confidence and my partner is incredibly accepting so i hope as they grow our love continues to do so as well.. and while nerves come still since i am a man and body build and have 0 interest in being a female and jist want large soft bouncy jaime like boobs which i know carry more of a burden then what boobs typically would for a woman. Again so many thanks and hope there is a return or open order to receive with a reorder as id love to push the progress along faster. Just holidayshave my wallet strapped :( thanks again and love you natureday

12-17-16     I'm really loving how my breasts are gro
I have been using the pills, the liquid and the cream, for about a month and a half, I have grown an inch, in that time, I love the products, especially the cream, what I was wondering is there anyway to increase the size of the areola, my breasts are enlarging nicely, but my nipples and areoles , seem so small. Thanks for any information you can give, also I have some pictures of my progress, I would like to share on your website Hi, Yesterday, I sent some pictures of my results, so far using natureday products, I was just wondering if you received them, and whether they will be used on your website, I'm just so happy with my results so far, that I would like others to see, that natureday products work, and is in no way a scam or gimmick, thank you again, I'm really loving how my breasts are growing, and how they feel, thank you=

12-15-16     I have grown an inch, in that time
I have been using the pills, the liquid and the cream, for about a month and a half, I have grown an inch, in that time, I love the products, especially the cream, what I was wondering is there anyway to increase the size of the areola, my breasts are enlarging nicely, but my nipples and areoles , seem so small. Thanks for any information you can give, also I have some pictures of my progress, I would like to share on your website.

12-10-16     showing growth
I think the massaging and adding the cream to bottom of breast is showing growth below my nipple area. I hope to have some nice boobs after my 6 months supply runs out. :) M

12-10-16     positive
OK. We can try that in the future. So far your products are having a positive effect, especially on nipple sensitivity. I am happy.

11-18-16     the amazing results
I have used NatureDay for quite some time now and have gotten the amazing results I was hoping for, and then some. Over a period of a couple of years the soap, the cream and the liquid did the job. In short, NatureDay does work if you follow instructions. I started out at a 38B and am now a 38C/D depending on the bra. Thanks NatureDay! I love you!

11-05-16     a hand full
I noticed that after I put it on my nipples leaned over the brace and all the area around my nipple has slack in it and I could lift it up and had almost a hand full so the little bit of cream and the drops really loosened up my breast, love it very much.

11-04-16     My breasts are rounded and full.
I thank God for my discovering Natureday. I noticed several differences after taking the pills and liquid. My nipples were hard most of the time and I noticed some growth. I stopped taking the pills because I choked when swallowing them. Continuing taking the liquid two times a day, I began also using the cream. My breasts grew in spurts. I continued with my program but, sometimes I would get discouraged. Instant gratification was what I wanted. Being realistic, I came to realize patience was a quality I needed to acquire. I worked on that and have grown from a large A cup to a C. I would like to say it happened in a couple months but it took longer. Two or three years of constant use. My breasts are rounded and full. I'm a slender guy and what I have is impressive but I think I am going to work for a larger C cup and then quit. What I have done for the past 10 months or so is take the liquid three times a day and the cream once or twice. The reason I know what my cup size is I bought a B cup bra and when I overflowed it, I knew I was in C territory. I might add I have no desire to wear a bra or be a woman. I love what I have and the time involved was worth it. I love my breasts and Natureday gave them to me. I should also mention that I'm a professional and do nothing to hide what I have. Occasionally, I see someone focusing in on my chest when we've been discussing business but no one has ever treated me in a rude way. When I wear a T-shirt away from work, people do notice but no one has ever said anything to me. If you are serious about wanting a bust, take my advice and be patient. It will happen. Again, I thank Natureday for what they've done for me.

11-04-16     Thank you for the wonderful transformati
My goal achieved :) I started Natureday 3 1/2 months ago. I bought the 6 month supply and took the pills and liquid. I also bought a jar of the cream. I took the pills until they were gone per the instructions (about 2 months). And have went through almost 3 bottles of liquid and the entire jar of cream. When I started my breasts filled about half of an A bra. Now they fill the A bra and are almost stretching it. When I walk briskly I can feel them bounce a little. To say I am a satisfied customer is an understatement. I am going to finish my 4th month and stop. I am going to stop because they are becoming noticeable and I cant have them get much bigger even though I am now addicted to the results. I did buy 2 more jars of cream and have a bottle of liquid remaining from the original purchase. So If I want to go back on Natureday I can. I hope that I have done it long enough to be permanent. I love my breasts now and don't ever want to lose them. Thank you for the wonderful transformation of my breasts.

11-02-16     be rounder and fuller
My nipples are firmer when it is cold and my breasts certainly look to be rounder and fuller from the front. There is no more sensitivity in the breasts themselves apart from being able to feel the slight pressure of my clothes. I had hoped to give myself breasts for Xmas but I shall defer that target till Easter 2017. Onwards and upwards.

10-31-16     I am so happy with my two new friends
I am ordering more product and am very pleased with results. These products really work! I will continue using the cream in the morning and night time, liquid at noon along with pills. My boobs are becoming very noticeable now. It is a slow process but so worth it. I will grow my boobs some more and send more after results. You have so many positive comments you probably get tired of hearing this but, I am so happy with my two new friends boob 1 and boob 2. lol Talk to you in about 6 months. M from England

10-23-16     My boobs are developing slowly but nicel
Hi Tina, I am about to order more product and had more questions. My boobs are developing slowly but nicely. Question? My nipples are at the bottom pointing angle lower. Could I use the cream only on the underside of my breasts to promote growth below the nipple area? I am hoping to transition from large man boobs to noticeable female looking boobs with the nipples centered on the breast.

10-18-16     creases under my chest were more defined
Have been using the soap I received and have noticed fuller results and had a week of some itchiness which then noticed the creases under my chest were more defined. Wife still hasn't noticed or said anything but my shirts are getting alot tighter and i notice now in the mirror even with an undershirt my shirts hang off my chest a bit now. Its awesome!

10-13-16     significant growth
BTW, I have been on this regimen since Feb. 1 '16. There are definitely signs of significant growth. I plan on a 1 year program (ending in Jan '17) and if there is a significantly noticeable change I will continue for another 6 months. After a total of 18 months I will definitely stop. I am a big believer in staying on a plan and giving it time to work.

10-04-16     a nice tear drop like shape.
my chest has officially in my opinion taken on a big breast form, the underside is developing now and curving well and if i lift my arms you can see a nice tear drop like shape. Even when i flex my chest where it used to be hard is just mush now :D kinda scared about crossing the line indefinitely but excited as well.

09-26-16     I absolutely love these products.
Could you please put this in with the following testimonial. I am happy with my overall progress considering I have not had any drops now for the past 3 months and I still drink coffee every day. I absolutely love these products. I have been using Natureday cream for about 8 months after I began with the drops and pills as well for the first 3 - 4 months. I wanted to have slow and steady growth and now I am about halfway to where I want to be. I am hoping to get to a B cup with a more pointy profile. I want to increase the size of my nipples in particular so I hope that the next photo I submit will show this. My favorite product is the cream because it feels divine as I massage it into each breast. Thank you so very much Natureday for making these products affordable and they do work.

09-14-16     have seen growth.
I have been using the soap and cream and have seen growth.I am thinking of ordering the soap cream pills and liquid as I want to get big breasts will taking all these products do this for me I want to change to a shemale and have to wear a bra I want them to show when I don't wear one under my tight t shirt thank you

09-08-16     My chest is very noticeable
And for whatever it is worth I'd like to just say: Natureday has made my dreams such a reality. With much further that I hope to achieve. My chest has went from pecs to soft mushy small mounds. The staff has been beyond excellent, patient and gracious in my moments of personal conflict of to keep pursuing breasts or let it go due to being young (29) and other personal matters that make a male having sizable breasts difficult. But I can't deny the need, desire and urge to have larger breasts. The volume and filling in my chest is very noticeable bit the shape has yet to take and while the bounce is slight I am hoping with this next order I achieve a spurt that makes my small breasts in to undeniable breasts. Thank you sooooo much natureday for a lovely product an amazing staff and just helping oddballs like me (straight men who want breasts) have a reality they didn't think was possible. Can't wait to continue this journey and am always happy to know natureday is the company making it possible.

09-07-16     I really do love the products
I may have mentioned that I will only be in Australia a short while so if at all possible, could you please ask if the order could be processed as soon as is convenient. Much appreciated and KindRegards, and I hope that the testimonials are helpful for your promotions. Thanks again Tina, I really do love the products and the effect they are having on my body/ breasts, self esteem, and femininity. BTW, my wife also loves the effect, much to my relief.

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