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Male Testimonials

Male Testimonials
3017 Testimonials and Growing!
07-08-15     Cathy (my gal-name)
All I can say about my results is "Wow, this really works!" I have been spending more and more time out in public as a woman the last few years and the 3 things that have made it better and easier are having my own long hair (no more wigs), dieting-exercise-slimming down my waistline, and growing my own breasts (no more bra inserts). Well my hair is now just past shoulder length and in very feminine style with bangs. I have lost 16lbs so I'm now 6'3" and 174lbs. And with your product my measurements went from 36 1/2-33-36 to now a wonderful 39-30-35 and a very full B-cup. My breasts are very soft, jiggly, and nice round shape that are still sitting up high (like a teenage gal, not drooping like a middle-age woman). And my nipples are fuller longer and always erect and hard which is a wonderful feeling to have in my soft padded bras. They feel amazing and look so wonderful because they are 100% natural. I also included twice daily deep tissue massage with progesterone cream, and the prolactin plus your product have allowed me to get small amounts of cloudy-milky liquid when I use a maternity breast pump about 10 minutes on each side. It started as just small droplets on the nipple, but now 9+ months into it I get consistent squirts after just 30 seconds or so of the pump on highest suction setting and end up with about 2-3 oz in the little bottle. Thank you so much - all I want to do is stay with this for another year or so and see how big I can get.

07-03-15     they scared me a little due to their size
It seems strange to me to be writing you a testimonial at this time, as I have been using your products for only approximately 1 month. I had not planned on purchasing your products to grow my own breasts, as I have never really thought about it prior to stumbling upon your website. I became fascinated reading the testimonials and seeing the photos, some of which were what had me thinking about having breasts. I was not sure if I was going purchase, but for the next several days I kept coming back to your website. I found myself fascinated by maybe I could have breasts of my own, so I thought I would give it a try. After a screw up by the USPS placing the key to the parcel box in the wrong mailbox, someone at the senior housing unit took my order and never returned it. I messaged you and did not expect you to replace the order, which you did, but also reordered, which I also received, the second order I passed on to my niece, who had complained about being only a A cup and wanted to be larger. Of course I did not tell her about the other complete package I was going to use. I started on the faster method, with some modifications for the first week, then tried to drop down to the better results the following weeks, but kept backsliding by taking more liquid or pills. This past week, I found myself on the better results, with an additional 3 pills in the afternoon. I am now going to follow the slow results until I see my doctor next week. I need to slow the growth of my breasts down, as it would be hard to explain why I have breasts in less than 3 months. Where I live, I will probably be ostracized for growing breasts and this would probably be more true at my place of employment, as I can not afford to have issues due to this and finding myself out of work. I definitely know my ex-wife will not accept, nor my family for that matter, but as I am approaching 65 I find that I do want to grow my own breasts, I plan on going for a B cup and maybe later for a C cup. As per some of the testimonials, I have found my first growth has been on the tails of my breasts, though my breasts did show some growth probably because I am overweight due to type diabetes. My tails extend almost 2 inches from my arm pit down to my rib cage and about 1/2 inch in depth, if not more. This has made me aware of just how the tails effect your arms, as they hit the tails and push out my arms a little. I must admit they scared me a little due to their size, but maybe it won't be so noticeable if the rest of my breasts catch up. I find myself having to wear low impact sports bras from Hanes (Genie is out of most of their bras, including their sports bras in 2X, as I wear a 44A cup). I find myself laying in bed and when I turn on my sides, the breasts almost touch and I message them. I find I like using the liquid best and shall be ordering a couple more bottles later this month. Yes folks, this stuff does work and if what I have read from others my growth should be permanent, if I go for at least 6 months. If you want to grow breasts go ahead and order products from Natureday. I will not be able to send you a before picture, as I forgot to do so, but later this month I shall send up and update with photo. Please do not use my name or email address. For ID just list me as Bean.

06-29-15     I think the creme is the best
I used your products for 6 months, First just the liquid, then liquid and pills, and for the last 2 month all three. I think the creme is the best, It stays silky smooth of a nice 15 minute massage, and I believe I the most growth from the massage.

06-24-15     It is WOW
I am D My girlfriend is bi She wanted me to grow breast I bought your product It is WOW I have 40 b breast and she is so happy to play with them.I am getting bigger because she is always massage cream into them. My girlfriend want me to grow them bigger can we?????

06-20-15     did feel growth
I purchased the liquid a few months ago. At first I didn't take it every day. I missed a lot of days, but I still felt some growth. A few weeks ago I decided to take two droppers a day until it ran out. I did feel growth and a lot of tingling or itching right inside my chest. It's hard to describe. The feeling continued even after I ran out of the liquid. I became more aware of my breasts/nipples and more aware of any clothing that came in contact with them during the day. I could feel them filling out. I took a recent picture of my chest and compared it to a picture I took before NatureDay. I can really see a difference now! Your product really works! Please do not use my real name or email address.

06-08-15     courtney
hi ihave been takeing your liquid for a couple weeks and i already feel a tightness/ fullness in my chest. but i was wondering would my nipples get bigger if i put the liquid directly on them any help would be apreciated. oh and if you post this you may call me courtney

06-05-15     breasts are bigger and sensivite
hello . i received you 3 month free package , and now used it over 20 days, i look in mirriow and see nice man or nice woman, its posible to liquid are change me. i use it over 7 month, my skin are more womenized, breasts are bigger and sensivite

06-03-15     Keep up the GREAT WORK
Natureday staff, I just want you to know that your product is great! I have tried other products in the past, but it was a waste of time. I've been using your product for awhile, (when I have the money) and will continue to do so. I'm not where I want to be yet, but when I'm out of your product, I don't lose what I have already started! Thanks for bringing your product to market! Keep up the GREAT WORK! I'll keep in touch. Don't use e-mail address please! UL from India.

06-02-15     Thanks!!!
I will def be ordering again soon. Had a nice growth spurt last week and want to keep going and soap is getting thin. Thanks!!!

05-29-15     Still Growing
In early May, I submitted my first testimonial about the effect of Fulfillment on my chest. I had wanted breasts for ages, but hadn't been ready to take the step of doing something about it. I posted under the name "Growing" about what happened after only a week and one bottle of Fulfillment. Since then, I have received my second order of the liquid, and wanted to send an update. I noticed definite growth within a day of starting to take the supplement. At the end of my first bottle, I could feel and see a difference. I am now taking 1-2 droppers in water about once a week. This is maintaining my breasts' fullness, and is actually stimulating slow ongoing growth. My nipples remain erect most of the time, and are much more sensitive. When I cup my breasts and then drop them, I feel and see the movement. I probably only barely fill an A cup at this point, but I have also started wearing tight undershirts to minimize the visibility of my new wonderful chest at work. At least one co-worker seems to have noticed something different about me, but hasn't said anything. I've just seen her looking at my chest quizzically. Bottom line, I love my new breasts but am not in a position to be out about them. I will continue to take the supplement to maintain what I have, and may increase the dosage in the future to see what more I can accomplish. I have great fullness and roundness on the bottom, plus some growth on the top. What I would still like is for the outer sides to develop the roundness that girls get. I'm just cautious about creating too much overall size. As before, please keep my contact information confidential. For any skeptics out there, understand that I went from essentially nothing to breasts that are indubitably feminine in about 6 weeks, and that my growth restarts each time I take more of it.

05-27-15     flygal46
THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING!!!!!!! I am in the early stage of transitioning from male to female. I have not yet started hormones so the only thing causing my chest to grow is nature day! I was very skeptical at first, I did a lot of research, talked to different people, and finally said, why not just try the one month and if it does nothing I can move on. I AM NOT MOVING ON. I started using it and I immediately started feeling growth pains in my chest. Over the course of the next few months (I spread out my usage of the cream) my boobs (I can say that now(: ) have been growing at a noticeable rate. I find it absolutely amazing that I can start to grow boobs before I even begin blockers. I can't imagine how this will work once my testosterone levels are reduced. If you are on the fence on whether to use the product or not, just do it, you won't be upset, trust me! Thank you sooooooo much for everything you guys have done, it truly is magical. love you guys<3333 (please hide my email and name, if you need a nickname to fill in flygal46 would work?) Measurements: Beginning: 36A 1 month: 36B

05-20-15     getting bigger
Hope you have a great day. My top keeps getting bigger week by week. I notice NatureDay's formula makes them look very feminine and shapely. The center part of the nipple is always hard, and the size of that is as big as the tip of your little finger (at least). If I play with them, it makes me super horny, so I try to keep my hands to myself when I am not home. Blessings upon you, my dear. Smile.

05-17-15     drink Fulfillment
So your liquid drops taste just like Motherlove: More Milk Special Blend Breastfeeding Supplement and apparently the same kind of reaction to my breasts. After a day, my bust has gotten a half inch larger and I suspect that by the end of the month it will be up to an inch. I didn't take the Motherlove product too long due to the taste but will follow advice to drink Fulfillment with orange juice. See you in about a month :)

05-15-15     Very satisfied with the progress so far
Tina, thanks for the reply. I have growth, but it is about an inch. I would say I am a very small A as I can see the curvature of the breast and they are starting to fill out and also have protruding nipples! Before, my nipples were inverted and my chest flat as a washer board. I have to wear a tee shirt to see curvature and protruding pokies. Also, have direct connection to my penis when I fondle my new breasts, which I love to do! Goodbye Viagra! I will continue for a while. Very satisfied with the progress so far. You may use as a testimonial! Regards, R PS: You can use all the above - Lol!

05-13-15     Houston
It's me once again, After 11 years being on and off your product I would never have guessed I would still be ordering more products. Very cool thing about your products is that anybody can go at there own pace. For me, I didn't want my breast to grow in three months, I like them growing slowly so I can keep up with the changes. Today they are very comfortable and feeling so dawn good, one looking at them couldn't tell that they were a mans chest, really the only thing that is very noticeable is the small nipples like a mans and not as a woman's. Anyhow I just want them to grow a little larger, not to much more maybe another inch will do! Thank you, Houston Another Order placed 9920150513140025

05-12-15     I've grown almost a full inch
Hi Tina, let me describe my regimen to you. Before though, I am a 62 year old white male. It has been about 17 days now. I started the process by taking a dropper full of the liquid, three pills each day, and breast enlargement cream and soap twice a day. My measurements when I started were 40 below the breast and a quarter inch, if that, across the nipples. So I've grown almost a full inch. Based on your breast size chart, I am now a B size bra or an A size bra based on Alan's system. Which is more accurate? I am a heterosexual male but just wanted breasts. I will continue for a while longer until I'm a C size. I do enjoy the cream and the soap the best. My face skin is so much softer since I started and the wrinkles and bags under my eyes are disappearing. Let me ask another question. I have ordered the penis enhancement system from your sister company, Is taking both at the same time contra-indicted? Please let me know. Anyways, I am happy with the results so far.

05-11-15     GREAT WORK!
Natureday staff, I just want you to know that your product is great! I have tried other products in the past, but it was a waste of time. I've been using your product for awhile, (when I have the money) and will continue to do so. I'm not where I want to be yet, but when I'm out of your product, I don't lose what I have already started! Thanks for bringing your product to market! Keep up the GREAT WORK! I'll keep in touch. Don't use e-mail address please! UL from India.

05-11-15     growing
I started using NatureDay after years of cruising the site, just recently. In fact, I ordered one bottle of the Fulfillment liquid. I must have misunderstood the directions, because I finished the 30 ml bottle in a week, taking 2-3 droppers, twice a day. In thinking about it, maybe I should have been taking 2-3 drops, twice a day. Regardless, I saw and felt a change almost immediately. My breasts are more sensitive, my nipples are erect almost all the time, and I have a new curvature on the sides and across the bottom of both breasts. I have ordered two more bottles of Fulfillment, and am looking forward to what happens next. The two pictures I have included are before and after a week on the liquid. Several days after running out, while waiting for my next delivery, I still feel them growing, and know that they are larger yet. I will continue to update with additional pictures as I continue to grow. Please don't include contact information with this testimonial.

05-10-15     It does work...
I have been on the cream,soap, pills and liquid for fourteen days now. It does work... My left breast is spreading to the side, my right breast is slower, but both my nipples are turgid. Thank you NatureDay! Sent from my iPad=

05-08-15     Voice
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05-08-15     Voice
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05-08-15     Voice
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05-08-15     Voice
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05-08-15     Voice
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05-08-15     Voice
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05-06-15     I gained 2 inches across my chest
I was a little skeptical at first but I gave this a shot using just the cream, soap, and dropper. It's been almost a month and I gained 2 inches across my chest. even when I flex my chest I no longer see rigid features but soft form. This is just a start, thank you for making me a believer that your product works.

05-05-15     starting to bounce
Tina Thank you I am looking forward to more growth. It is so exciting when I walk that I notice them starting to bounce. that I can start to see them through my shirts. and the thought of having my own bra with no in fills. Again thank you for everything.

05-05-15     great improvement.
I have been using NatureDay liquid for 30 days and have seen, and felt, great improvement. I originally measured 38in. across my chest and now measure 40 in. This alone is more than I was expecting after just 30 days. I am very happy with the results and am very interested in continuing to use NatureDay products. I was also very happy that there were no negative side effects and I even noticed an increase in my libido instead of a drop that I was expecting. Overall I would definitely recommend this product.

05-01-15     I am happy
I am glad to be chatting with you again. I am happy to let you know that I have really started to see a lot of growth. I can feel my breast bounce when I walk and I am thinking of going and getting measured for my first real bra. Have had bras with breast forms but this would be all me. I will be ordering more when this supply is about to run out. Thank you again.

04-30-15     hey are now sooo arousing to play with
Here's two after photos I thought I'd share. After about 4 months I am definitely adding more fullnessa and growth. When pinching above and below my nipples I've noticed almost a doubling in mass. The biggest thing I've noticed is how insanely sensitive my nipples have gotten. They are now sooo arousing to play with. When alone I can barely keep my hands off them. I love my huge boobs. Thank you so much.

04-28-15     They are looking GREAT in a bikini
After just two months of use, my breasts have filled in beautifully! Using the product was my little secret and I was SO excited when my boyfriend noticed my growth without me hinting at it or anything! They are looking GREAT in a bikini and I am so excited for summer and to see my further results!! Loving my ladies more than ever thanks to!! XOXO *please do not share my name or email [...]

04-24-15     heavy full
Been using your product for awhile is it normal for my breasts to feel heavy full and more noticeable. And feel like they are filling up and out ie filling my 42 c cup bra very nicely.

04-24-15     Amazing.
i now use your products pils and liguid over 6 month here are photos. Hello there are picture, and my testimonal. I started use your product pill, liquid and cream from October 2014, i started with 90 drops 2 weeks, than i go to 60 drops of liguid and cream, than use pills 3 pilss in breast grow very nice and i am very happy, i want to continue, now my breast under are 95 cm and over 108cm, Amazing. Thank you.

04-22-15     wonderful product!
I ordered the 3 month supply of nature day. When I received my order the directions gave three ways to use the product. It gave a good results, better results, and a faster results set of directions. I chose the slow and stead method wich was "Take one dropper of the liquid a day: after the liquid runs out, take three pills per day." I also ordered the enlargement cream wich I used on average of 4-5 times per week. I can definitely feel the difference. When I walk especially with just a t-shirt on I can now feel a little bounce in my chest. I do believe it made a change and I am very happy so far with the results. I am hopping with my next order and continued use it will get me to my first goal of filling an A cup all the way. Now I known that it takes time for anything to work to the full potential. As I said before I chose the slow and stead method. I do like this product and I will continue to use until I am satisfied with my end result. Thank you nature day for providing this wonderful product!

04-18-15     seeing growth
Its been 19 days and I'm already seeing growth. I've been taking 2 droppers full of the liquid before I go to bed. How long till I start to fell out on the sides and the bottom.

04-16-15     I am pleased with the progresses
Please no name and e mail address. Second month of use- my nipples changed colors to a lighter shade of pink and nipples increased in length and area. Experienced a gradual increase in sensitivity. Loss of muscle density I can now feel ribs through muscle. increase of an inch overall from 34 inches to 35 inches. two months of taking everything as directed ran out of drops. 1 supplement 3 times a day. I am pleased with the progresses, Thank you for the great product and success up to this point.

04-16-15     I love these products
I've been taking the liquid and cream for 3 months it's amazing from flat to this!! at the rate I'm going I don't see any reason I can get to a d or larger I love these products even my areola are forming

04-08-15     increase of an inch overall
Please no name and e mail address. Third week of use my nipples changed colors to a lighter shade of pink. Experienced a gradual increase in sensitivity. Loss of muscle density I can now feel ribs through muscle. increase of an inch overall from 34 inches to 35 inches. one month of taking everything as directed ran out of drops. 1 supplement 3 times a day. My reasons for taking them are my own. I am pleased with the progresses, I do feel a slight upset stomach when taking the pills on an empty stomach as directed. Thank you for the great product and success up to this point.

03-26-15     getting larger
Hi Ladies and gents! Just wanted to add my 2 cents...I've just finished my first 2 month supply and have reordered them and this time included your cream. Before I ordered I had been trying for a few years to grow my breasts but only at a leisurely rate. Wanting to marry I was afraid what any woman would think the first time I was shirtless. I was blessed to find a wonderful lady who had no problem with what little amount I already had. I asked what she would think if I continued to grow and she said "As long as they don't get bigger than mine it's fine". Well, since she has D cup beauties no problem there. With all that said I still didn't tell her I ordered your products. In the past 2 months I've seen definite growth and sensitivity to my nipples. When pinching above and below my nipples at the chest wall I can easily see a 3 inch gap between fingers. And my nipples?...well, the slightest thing gets them super hard and I've noticed my areolas getting larger. They are definitely NOT little buds but fast becoming female looking. And my wife can't stop herself from fondling them and sucking them. I am sooo lucky to be able to try to fulfill my fantasy of growing bigger breasts and have a wife who doesn't mind . Pictures to come soon. Please keep name and address private :-)

03-18-15     things are getting quite large.
I have been using your product for about 5 mo now and things are getting quite large. What i would like to know is at what point should I start using a bra. I think i could fill a B cup and what is the best kind of bra for someone that is just starting to use bras

03-13-15     changes are profound
Hello Natureday, Just a short testimonial for you. I have only taken one bottle of liquid yet the changes are profound. I have filled out under my arms and for the first time in my life I have sensitive nipples. Certainly not twin peaks yet but I have grown two small mounds. They show a bit with tight shirts. I keep brushing them with my arms and this brings a smile to my face. My wife has squeezed my right breast so she has noticed but says nothing. I took one dropper a day in water for a month. I hope to try to grow a little more in the future. Please do not disclose my details.

03-12-15     manboobs
For over 65 years, I paid no attention to my breasts other than noticing I was developing smallish manboobs in my early 60's. Then I discovered your products quite by accident while surfing the net. I'm happily married and very much all man but something appealed to me about enlarging my breasts. After reading all the testimonials, yet being a bit skeptical, I ordered some product just to see what would happen. Well, my chest is alive! It's now three weeks since I started using your products. I've been taking three full droppers of liquid and I use the cream 2X daily. After about two days, I began to feel a tingling in my breasts, my nipples are super sensitive and appear to be larger as I'm seeing some budding behind them making them protrude through my shirt when erect. The best part is, they are erect almost all the time and feel SO good to the touch while my breasts seem more full when I cup them in my hands. I now have no doubt that your products work so now I must decide how far I want to take this. I'm certainly enjoying it so far. Thank you (you may use my email). An

03-10-15     THEY ARE THERE!
Dear Tina, this isn't exactly a testimonial, but more of an update on my progress to you and your teams. today marks day 25 using the whole spectrum of your products. I have been following your programs RELIGIOUSLY, starting with week 1 on faster results, and then changing to better results ever since. I've been keeping up to date with my personal doctor since day 1 to keep track of progress, and she is very curious since she’s helped guys with gynecomastia before but never ran across a man who didn’t have gynecomastia but wanted to grow breasts, naturally. over the course of less than a month with your products, I've reported fat buildup, aches and pains, slight emotional changes(which have stabilized), but today, I got the best news yet from my doctor. I have mammary development! in both breasts, I have breast tissue growth a little smaller than a dime behind each nipple. nothing spectacular yet, but THEY ARE THERE! as far as the shape of what are quickly becoming full fledged breasts, if I hold my hand under them to cup them, they fall over 2 and a half fingers from ribs to nipple(about 1 and 3/4 inches from rib cage). my inframary folds are coming along nicely(no added tricks to get it to form, just a genie bra and your product). to be completely candid, I had serious doubts about your claims that 1. any product could make breasts larger(in women) and 2. had nearly no faith that they would make them develop in me(a man) all I can say is how pleased I am to say I was 100% wrong! as a side note, my doctor is even more shocked that it is working than I am. and for the record, my doubts ended after day 6 on your program when I started to have VERY noticeable fat redistribution to the chest. so even though I can never say it enough, thank you for a product that actually works as intended when taken as directed. deepest regards.

03-08-15     results have just been amazing
My before picture's were taken with a laptop cam, so I changed to a better camera for better pictures. I started Nature Day 1/12/15 it is now 3/4/15,it hasn't even been 2 months yet, and I can see and feel the difference but the pictures don't seem to show the difference I see and feel. Took measurements this morning old 1/7/15 under 42 over 43 now they are 3/04/15 39 under 42 over I can see and feel them in my hands, they are perky and stand out but they are not full and round yet, this is just amazing. I would like to say, just a few words that explain how I feel about Nature Day products fantastic, stupendous, astounding, astonishing, extraordinary, remarkable, phenomenal, staggering, breathtaking, mind-boggling, awesome, wondrous and last but not least WOW I am a male who wanted to be a female since I was a child. I wanted to have a set of breasts for a real long time, to any guys out there that are serious about having breasts Nature Day is the product for you, if your not sure you want real breasts, DO NOT take Nature Day, because this product really works and works great!!! also this product is very well priced, compared to others out there. When I started this regiment I was really over weight like 240lb,I started the protein like you suggested to help the building blocks for growing mammary glands, and It seemed to be two fold, because now I'm 182lb,It's kind of funny I'm loosing breast's at the same time I'm growing them LOL but the growing is out weighting the loosing thanks to Nature Day!! My daily schedule is 6:30am 2 fulfillment pills 6:45am 3 drops liquid both breasts 7:00am breast cream 11:00am 2 fulfillment pills 4:30pm shower fulfillment soap breasts 5:00pm breast cream 2 fulfillment pills 10:00pm 3 drops liquid both breasts breast cream 10:30pm 2 liquid droppers in water (60 drops).Thank you Nature Day for such a great product I only wish I had found it sooner, I will be patient, as growth is not instant and I"m sure my breasts will get round and full in time. After all It hasn't been two months yet, and I'M filling out on top and under the arm pits. I also use a massage'er after I put on the breast cream,I believe this helps the breasts grow because of increasing blood flow. The size I'm trying to get to is a Bcup I will Recommend this product to anyone and everyone. Thanks Again Nature Day. Special thanks to Tina G. at Nature, for her quick response to emails and answers to questions.User: results have just been amazing

03-08-15     jiggle
Please let me start by saying that I have only just started the natureday products, taking 2 dropper of liquid at night and the cream on my breasts 3 times a day. After just a couple of weeks, I have noticed a lot of tingling in my breasts and even some jiggle. I am currently about a small, well very small A cup trying for a modest B cup. Any advise or alteration in the regiment would be appreciated. A little about me ... I am a 40+ male and have always felt that my chest was never the right size. I fought with my onown nature for over 20 years until I found your site. I don't want to do the hormone replacement stuff, just want a larger chest. When I fou d out that your product could give me that, my battle with nature was over. Please do not give out my email and call me huraiva. Thanks again [...]

03-01-15     I have gained over a half inch
I thought I would give an up date. Since my last post I have taken a little over 2 bottles of liquid slowly to not have to much growth to quick. I have gained over a half inch to almost 3/4 of a inch and lovin every bit. Awesome products! Thanks [email protected]

02-28-15     NEW BREAST

02-28-15     wonderful dream
Got the soap in today so took the pictures today with the soap. If writing would be better i can do that also. I owe you guys so much. Not just for the breast growth. But for putting up with me. Thank you so much. I cant wait to grow more. Im sure as i do i will question and fret but once i adjust ill def be going for bigger fuller breasts. I am a 28 straight male who for no known reason has always wanted breasts and because of natureday i am able to fulfill this dream and fantasy. It is absolutely wonderful to feel the weight and movement at this stage of growth finally. My gf isnt supportive of bras but understands if they keep growing ill need one. Even though shes unaware of the cause for growth. Thank you so much natureday for being amazing and helping oddities like myself fulfill such a wonderful dream. Thank you!

02-26-15     thank you NatureDay for bringing a long
hi Tina! I've now finished day 12 of my 8 month supply of NatureDay. but have amazing news! I've been going to a doctor and physical therapist twice a week for 2 months now for a back injury I sustained at work. today when they asked me to take my shirt off to check my back, the doctor stopped, stared then asked me if I had ever been checked for gynecomastia! TWELVE days since I started using NatureDay. I had to explain to her that it was intentional, how I was doing it and why, she listened and gave me a breast exam right there on the spot. I have lots of fatty tissue building up on the sides and above the breast area, a little under them and about a 2 inch diameter firm lump of fat behind each nipple, but so far, nearly no breast tissue growth other than a small knot behind each nipple! I'm floored by how fast this is going! all I can say to your other users is, if you can do the investment, use the “faster results” for the first week, then drop down to the “better results” dosages. and... protein protein protein! I drink 46 grams of protein shakes throughout the day, use the soap once a day, cream 3 times a day and take the liquid and pills right before bed as that’s when your body produces the largest bulk of growth hormone.and I cant say enough about how awesome today was when they got noticed so quickly. thank you NatureDay for bringing a long time dream into reality!

02-25-15     Sheila
How much I loved your drops soap cream and pills how much they've done for me. Ive only been using for 9 weeks and not 15 Tks Sheila

02-22-15     Sheila
Tina, Hope these will help. From flat to this in 15 weeks. Cant believe it. Wish I would have taken a pic when first started Sheila

02-20-15     results have just been amazing
I have read a lot of the testimonials here and I hate to keep asking the same questions others have already asked,how can I see the answers to all their questions? I have been on this program for only a month and a half and the results have just been amazing but I would like to wait for better before an after pictures before sending you the super great testimonial I have already written up YOUR PRODUCT ROCKS WOW I'M LOVING IT

02-20-15     enjoyed the growth
Hello I have been using your products now for approximately 6 months and have enjoyed the growth that I have seen. I just placed my next order and I was wondering if there were any exercises I could use and or other supplements that would enhance your product. Thank you for any advice.

02-19-15     “faster results”
Two weeks into the ND method using your “faster results” method first week 3 droppers, 3 pills, shower with soap(all once per day) and the cream 3 times per day method. I have noticed fat buildup mostly to each side of the nipples, from where ribcage turns towards armpits and quite a bit headed towards what could be called a cleavage line. no real growth in "protrusion" from the chest, but definitely have more to grab or cup in hand, and feels much softer than they used to. lost a LOT of measurement at the band line, not sure what that's all about, when i started i was 39 under 41 across 40 over, now sitting at 36 41 40. Entire breast area tender to the touch, especially above nipples for about 5 inches. nipples have lightened up slightly, and nipples are pronounced(not hard, just never even with the skin like they used to be). Had some nipple tingling on days 3 4 and 5, but seems to have went away for the most part. got something going on behind them as well, just a small knot a little smaller than a BB just behind each nipple, i am very leery to believe that its breast tissue growth already, but have no way to honestly judge if it is as I’ve never felt for that before i started all this. in any case, the sensitivity of them is crazy. anything rubbing across them "lights me up". at home i go topless now, if i must put on a shirt, i have to wear one of my two bras(42A) to keep them from driving me nuts.(nuts in a great way, its just very distracting while at work). today is my last day for your "faster results" regime and starting tomorrow(2/19/15) i go to your "better results" method which is 1 dropper of your liquid and 3 pills per day(still using your soap once and your cream 3 times per day). all said and done, while the investment was huge, I was very skeptical about all of this. after 2 weeks though... I am actually getting highly optimistic with the changes I’ve seen so far.

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