I recommended the products

05/22/2017     I recommended the products

Recommended all of the products I was unable to write a review on Amazon, although I would love to write one!   You may copy and paste this one if you would like. " I do and have recommended your product to friends and family.  Your products are  amazing and everyone I recommended the products to says the same. My daughter went from 257 to 165 using the "Really thin" product and has kept it off for more than 2 years.  My Mom and I have used your Nature day breast cream, soap, and drops.  My mom used it for tightening and it worked very well on her she was 60 when she used the product and three years later she is still looking good.  I went from no breast not even an A cup to a B cup and have never lost a cup size over the 4 years of not using the product.  Thank you Nature Day, you guys are great!!"