It's very obvious to me

11-03-08     It's very obvious to me

It's me again. I've been using your products, 90 drops of liquid/day, 3 pills/day, and cream 2-3x per day since August 9th of this year. I've now had 3 "cycles" of sore nipples, breast tenderness followed by breast growth :o) that sustained up to or into my monthly menstrual period. The soreness and growth would start again about 6-12 days after the end of my period. I wrote about this to Amy, and she said that it was normal during one's period, and that of course, the breast increase would return after one's period. Because of these cycles, it's hard for me to tell if I really have had a net increase in breast size, or if I'm just back to the initial growth "spurt" that I experienced with Natureday early on in August. Overall, I'm pleased, but I just can't tell if I'm growing bigger month to month. I perceive my breasts to be bigger, heavier, and more dense during the growth cycles. It's very obvious to me. I would love to be the 34B/32C size without the padding (meaning, I'd like the padding to me, not that pad in the bra). I'm not there yet, but, like your customer Rhonda (09-08-08), I'd like to keep using your product until I gain at least another cup size. Is that realistic? Can I just keep going until I get there? I'll stay commited to using your products. Love you and Natureday! (Also, I don't know if this matters, but I was on Breast Actives for 3 months before starting Natureday, and was discouraged, so I started with your products in August, which I've attained more results with.) Thanks for reading this lengthy mail and for your help,