07-02-12     Megan

Let me start off by saying I love this product. In just 2 week3 I gained half an inch. When I started using Fulfillment I was a 32c not too bad but they were deflated and not as much fun as they should be. I once was a 38DD but only because I was over weight, once I lost it all I came down to a C. My breasts were deflated and sad. It was very hard for me to find a bra that fit right. I could forgive every imperfection on my body, my odd thighs my stretch marks and what not but my breasts mean everything to me. They are two wonderful things a top our ribcage. Tired of the self-esteem issues I looked online and finally found my salvation. Natureday <3 As soon as I could I ordered. I take 3 pills a day one dropper and I use the cream at night and just after 2 weeks I gained half an inch and after three weeks almost a full inch. I'm still only into the first month but it's been a great month I'm already in a 32D. My breast are fuller, and bigger, you could say I have quite a bounce in my step now. Pun intended. I've already recommended this to a friend. I would be happy to tell anyone about it. It's cheaper and MUCH safer then breast implants, and best of all they are 100% real not fake. Nothing beats the real deal. Thank you Natureday. <3