my bra is tighter CUP WISE the shape of my breast are rounder

04-20-09     my bra is tighter CUP WISE the shape of my breast are rounder

Hi ,I have been on your products for about five weeks or so. When I first started taking the liquid, I took about 90 drops a day, used the soap about once or twice a week, and the breast cream once or twice a day. I really did not see or feel any results, so I went through and read some of the testimonials and found out how females and males got faster results. I started still taking the 90 drops of liquid, then I used the soap every night, leaving it on for about 30 minutes or so before showering, then I used the cream two to three times a day, then using a heating pad for about 10 minutes or so. I also applied a few drops of the liquid to my breast and WOW with in about a week, my bra is tighter (CUP WISE) the shape of my breast are rounder, and I have a tingling sinsation and a fulness feeling. I now have some results, YEAH. One other thing my hubby has noticed a difference, he keeps feeling the girls more than ever now, and looking at them. So your products do work, but you have to be consistant with using it about the same time every day. I will write back in a few weeks with some mesurements. THANKS, VERY HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS