my breast went an inch in breast size

08-30-09     my breast went an inch in breast size

Hello Amy, I have been using the combo of your products for five weeks, the liquid, cream, and the soap and I finally seen results!!! I'm a 34B-C and it became round, puffy, shapely tight and rigid!!! Wow!!! I think my breast went an inch in breast size, I use my measuring tape and put it under my breast by inches!!! I took fish oil, ate yogurt, and the women's multivitamin, it did the trick!!! I will start to drink special k protein shake drink next so my breast can grow fast even though I eat yogurt!! I will let you know in five or next year about the increase!!! (P.S. Please don't use my name and email) Thanks You!!! Hello, I'm the same person who wrote about my update on my breast! I'm a 34B-C!! My desire my breast to increase up to a 36DD, so i'll let you know in six to next years, Thanks!!!