my husband says that he can already see a difference in my breasts

02-20-09     my husband says that he can already see a difference in my breasts

Amy, I love this stuff, my husband says that he can already see a difference in my breasts & I can tell that there is a difference. We will be sending in a before pic & 1 of the differnce but we are going to wait for about another week or so for that so if you put them on the webpage others will be able to notice the difference. Granted its just a small difference right now but it is a big difference to us. Especially after taking the bountifull & quick bust programs with no change @ all. Not only did we waste almost 2 years with that but the money as well. Anyway what we were wondering is we have been talking & some of the testimonies say that they feel the breast pump helped a lot if we went & got one would that help to speed things up a bit? Also if I just went & stood under some realy hot water for a while will that have the same pore opening effect that the hot towels do? I have been putting 2-3 droppers in juice a day, hot towels to open the pores, soap before my shower (of course none of the testimonies say that if you put the soap on for a while before you shower you need to put the towels back on to keep it from drying on you :)), massaging some liquid in on my breasts before the cream, & of course choking down the protine shakes (I havent found something to kill their tast yet). However the V8 Smoothie juices work great for the tast & smell of the liquid when you drink it. I did get my replacement bottle & it was safe & sound when I got it. I just havent had the chance to let you know, I work @ a cable company & things are getting kind of crazy with the changes on the 17th of this month. :p When we do send the pics in Ill have to put them in 2 seperate e-mails sice with my phone I can only send 1 pic @ a time. Thank You so much for having something that realy works I NEVER got even a 1/3 of this much difference with the other 2. I just wish I had foud out about you first, then I would already be wearing all the clothes I went & bought back then. Thank You, R.G.